Vein Doctor Jordan Garrison – Recovery Periods for Various Vein Treatment Options

Dr. Jordan Garrison is a vein doctor working with the Metro Vein Centers branch in Hackensack, NJ. The board-certified surgeon handles general, bariatric, and vascular surgeries. To offer his patients the best medical care, Dr. Jordan Garrison places empathy and compassion at the forefront of his practice. He appreciates the need to treat his patients just as he would like to be treated. To allay their fears and anxiety, he empowers them with knowledge about their disease and also gives them an in-depth analysis of what to expect from the prescribed therapeutic process.

As an alumnus of Lehigh University, Dr. Jordan Garrison actively participates in the university today by taking part in a Visiting Lecture series. He also mentors students interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine. To uphold diversity at the university, Dr. Jordan Garrison actively participates in the recruitment and retention of colored students. As a publisher, he recently delivered a piece on bariatric surgery. During his free time, the doctor coaches college basketball.

Varicose Veins

Varicose veins occur due to risk factors such as age, blood clots, obesity, and smoking, among many others. The condition reveals itself in the form of symptoms such as edema, leg cramps, itchy legs, pain that gets worse while standing, and heaviness in the legs, among others. Over the years, vein doctors have come up with different treatment methods to manage and treat varicose veins not only to offer medical relief but also to address the cosmetic issues that arise from the condition.

Vein Treatment Options

At Metro Vein Centers, Dr. Jordan Garrison uses various procedures for the treatment of varicose veins. These vein treatment options take different approaches and have different recovery times.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

To treat varicose veins, this minimally invasive procedure takes at most an hour to perform. After local anesthesia is administered, this vein treatment method makes use of heat emitted by radio waves from a catheter inserted into the affected vein to close it off.

This procedure treats the saphenous veins under ultrasound guidance. It can also manage several perforator veins. Given the vein doctor can accurately and safely operate the targeted area, the healing process starts immediately with a quick recovery time witnessed within a few hours. Minimal discomfort is experienced during the entire procedure and recovery period.

Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)

Following local anesthesia, this minimally invasive procedure uses a laser beam to treat saphenous varicose veins under ultrasound guidance. The procedure takes at most an hour to perform handling both the symptoms and underlying cause of the condition. The physician uses heat emitted from a tiny optic fiber inserted through the affected vein to close it off.

The healing process starts immediately with a quick recovery period. Within 24 hours, normal activity can be resumed. Slight discomfort is experienced during the procedure and recovery period with little or no pain and complications.


This procedure treats smaller varicose veins and spider veins. By injecting a medicated solution into the unhealthy veins, the blood vessels immediately close down. The procedure takes approximately ten minutes.

Depending on the number of affected veins, several sessions may be needed to achieve complete treatment and the desired cosmetic look. Recovery is experienced immediately meaning patients can resume their normal activities within a short time.

About Medical Vein Centers

Metro Vein Centers was established in 2006 to offer specialized care for patients suffering from varicose veins. The vein center specializes in treating venous insufficiency, the root cause of varicose veins, using highly qualified staff and a variety of clinical procedures. Since opening its doors to the public, the vein facility has expanded its national footprint to 15 branches across New York, Michigan, New Jersey, and Texas.

The Impact of Meditation Online : Combining Tech and Wellbeing


What to know about meditation online.

Mediation online is gaining a lot of popularity in the fitness industry and the general public. Now, the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle can be carried over to the internet. Fitness enthusiasts no longer have to worry about commutes to the gym for their daily workout.

Online exercises allow fitness enthusiasts to perform their desired workout whenever they feel like it. New parents, CEOs, managers, and anyone that has a very busy schedule can find relief in the online services.

Meditation online makes it easy to get set up with a trainer, course, or schedule to start the fitness journey. There are no gimmicks and all online enterprises go to great lengths to deliver a phenomenal experience.

Members of the online programs have access to a wide range of resources to help them reach their fitness goals. Instructors from all over the world join a growing community of fitness enthusiasts to revolutionize the fitness industry.

Meditation online may be more appealing for anyone who is on a budget as well. All programs include a free trial to help members become more acquainted with the services. Monthly subscriptions are quite affordable and can be canceled at any time.

Online courses have very flexible schedules and members do not need to feel pressured to sign up by a certain deadline. Members have more control over their schedule and can get back into a course when it is the most convenient for them.

Meditation online presents a strong online community of members from various backgrounds as well. Members can learn about the journies of others and what inspired them to pursue a lifestyle of fitness.

For many people, fitness is a way to relax and improve the quality of life. There are many online members with stories about their experiences with online services. Members can read blog posts about the experiences of others to help them learn more about the services that are offered.

How Glo changes the fitness industry.

Glo is a fitness organization that prioritizes physical health and mental well-being. Many of the instructors are trained in other fields outside of fitness. There is a wealth of knowledge that members can gain through the instructors and the provided courses.

Many of the theoretical courses go into detail about the impact that yoga and meditation can have on the body. Members can apply the knowledge they obtain from the courses to many different areas of their life.

For example, one of the key concepts taught through Glo is self-awareness. Mastery of self-awareness can reap massive rewards in a person’s life.

Strong relationships, time management, and the feeling of stability require a great deal of self-awareness. A person that practices self-awareness can understand how their presence impacts others. The ability to identify problems in life also increases with self-awareness.

A strong sense of the self can improve physical performance as well. The body can be challenged in many ways to achieve its true potential, but many of the roadblocks start in the mind. A person that can overcome mental roadblocks can take their fitness journey to the next level.

Glo offers many opportunities that allow its members to grow and achieve their potential. Members can choose how far they want to push themselves. Instructors work hard to develop the best programs that fit each member.

It is important for members to stay motivated and committed throughout the process. The benefits of Glo are as large as the effort that is put in. Members should connect with the community to discover their passion for fitness.

It’s Easy Now to Start and Practice Meditation Online with Glo Instructors

Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind and just becoming aware of your thoughts and breath. It has been practiced for centuries, and there are many benefits to it. Meditation has a way of relaxing the soul and quieting the endless conversation flowing from the brain. It can help sharpen awareness and improve your mood. Practicing meditation can have physical side effects, such as lower blood presses, easing pain, and releasing stress hormones.

Tips for Beginners

Once you start meditating and reaping the benefits, it will not be hard to stick with it, but if you are new to it, you may have a hard time quieting the dialogue inside your head. Some ways to learn to control the chatter are to follow an instructor. Glo is a company that teaches meditation online. The beginner’s courses are level one, and they last about five minutes, which is just about the right length of time to practice when you are first starting out.

How to Establish a Meditation Routine

To get the most benefits from meditating, it is helpful to practice routinely. If you can, set aside some quiet time each day just to relax and work on the state of your mind. Using Glo’s meditation online courses lets you meditate on your schedule. If the only chance you can schedule in a few quiet minutes each day is after work, you can log in to the class and listen to it on your cell phone.

Glo’s meditation programs can be used on iPhones, Android devices, tablets, and laptops. The instructor is right with you wherever you are. If you want to sit quietly in your backyard or at a park, Glo will go with you. Lunch breaks go fast, but with Glo, you can put on your headphones and take a midday meditation to refresh your mind. You can also download a class and save it to your mobile device so that you can practice even if you do not have access to the internet.

Forms of Meditation

Glo’s meditation online classes cover a wide variety of topics. One to begin your day with focuses on motivation. The instructor will help you ease your mind into a peaceful state. Once there, you can start to examine your motivation. You may find you become more purposeful with your choices and actions throughout the day. There are some specialty meditations too. Parents will enjoy the meditation geared just around the difficulties they face, and it can help them keep a balanced and stress-free family life. Women will benefit from the PMS meditation, which helps relax the body, release any discomfort, and relieve hormone tension.

Advanced meditators can enjoy Glo’s meditation online course too. Advanced courses are considered level two, and some are longer than the level one classes. The advanced instructors do not give as much guidance, so there is less talking. Many beginning students may feel comfortable using the level two courses. With Glo’s online programs, you get to choose what is best for you, and if you are not sure where to start, Glo lets you try the classes free of charge for 15 days.


Glo is a company committed to bringing meditation to the masses by creating products they can use anywhere and anytime. They produce quality content with professional instructors. Glo selects teachers who have the same goals and want to offer top-quality education to people who are seasoned meditators or for individuals who are curious about the practice. A meditation online course makes it easy to begin and develop a routine. Glo made it convenient, portable, and the classes are designed so you can continuously grow with them.

Looking For the Best Online Yoga Classes? Try Glo’s App

If you are looking for the best online yoga class, visit Glo’s website. Glo is an innovative company that produces online yoga courses. The courses are taught by a variety of professional yoga teachers, who have years of experience in practicing and teaching many different styles of yoga.

One aspect that makes Glo’s classes user-friendly is the programs are formatted so that they can be downloaded. Devices that the lessons can be downloaded to our cell phones, Android phones, iPhones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. Glo made sure that any device, whether mobile or stationary, could receive the downloads. This is important because it gives you the freedom to take practice with you and use it even when you are not connected to the internet.

Just think of the possibilities. If you are on a business trip and need to take some time out to refresh, you can take your class in the privacy of your hotel room. It is perfect for people who travel a lot and do not want to miss their workouts. If you have friends or family members who are interested in yoga too, bring your class to them. You can play it on your tablet and phone and spend some time with your mom or best friend exercising your body while you bond. If you have ever gone on vacation and gained weight, you know how hard it can be to come back to reality and start burning it off. With Glo’s portable classes, you never have to put yourself through that again. Get your yoga burn in on a sunny beach, or get a complete stretch in on a mountaintop while you watch the sunrise using some of the best online yoga courses.

Vinyasa Yoga

Glo offers 1,000s of course, and several of them are based on vinyasa yoga. This form of yoga involves steady movement coupled with an energizing breath. Vinyasa yoga is often referred to as flow yoga because of the flowing movements. The skilled instructors at Glo will take you through classes to loosen and lubricate your back, spine, and lumbar region, or if you are interested in energizing your core, legs, and chest, there is a stretch and release Vinyasa level two class just for you.

Hatha Yoga

Courses in Hatha yoga are plentiful on Glo. Hatha yoga is a method of exercise that involves poses. It can be done right before a meditation session or after a long day of sitting at a desk. Some well-known poses are the downward dog, the cobra, and the warrior. These are the perfect moves to practice in the sand, and you can do that with Glo’s help.

Specialty Yoga

The best online yoga class is the one made specifically for you. At Glo, the staff has created custom pieces, such as a prenatal yoga series to help keep mothers flexible and fit. To go along with the prenatal course, there are the postnatal yoga workouts, which offer gentle sequences to use shortly after birth to workout days with your toddler.


Glo has found that once an individual tries yoga and begins to see the benefits of it, both physically and mentally, they want to keep working at it and learn new techniques. Glo has made it easy by offering people a way to access yoga with all of their devices and allowing them the freedom to download the information, so they will have it with them when they need it, on their time, and in their chosen space. If you are not sure where to start, take Glo’s trial offer. It is free for 15 days, and it gives you access to the best online yoga courses.

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