Valana Minerals for women of color

I have tried several different brands of mineral makeup and my HG is Valana Minerals. I have dark brown and very sensitive skin. Everything I tried at first was either the wrong color or wasn’t really 100% natural and made my skin break out (one brand I bought said ‘natural’ on the label but on the ingredients it had nylon-powdered nylon). A co-worker told me about Valana and I ordered it online and I will never use anything else.

I’ve been using it for a little over a year. They have good customer service too. They are really helpful and answer all your questions. I get so many complements on how my skin looks.


Thanks Jennifer for telling us about Valana.

This mineral makeup looks like it carries some beautiful rich colors that have been created just for ethnic skin. Check out their sample program so you can try different shades.

While I did not find ingredients listed with each products I did find info on the ingredients used in their products.

From their website:
Valana Minerals™ products do not contain bismuth, talc, mineral oil, lanolin, diatomaceous earth, carmine, dyes, lakes, artificial fragrance, petroleum, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, urea, silicone, silicon, dimethicone, methylparaben, propylparaben, or any paraben preservative system.

That pretty well covers the problem ingredients that can be used in makeup. No animal testing or animal ingredients in their products.


Thanks to Valerie from Valana Minerals who submitted the comments below I now know that there is indeed an ingredient list for each product. Thanks to a low resolution setting on my computer I did not notice the other scroll bar on the page that took me to all the products and their ingredients. My apologies.

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Valana Minerals
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Great Review
by: SparklingBeautyOne

Thank you for sharing your review of Valana Minerals. I have been using Valana Minerals for more than 2 years and have never had a break out. I love the different eye shadow shades. The video tutorials on Valana Mineral’s website are very helpful. I particularly like the one that explains how to choose different colors to apply the highlights, accent, and contour colors http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1666860/valana_minerals_foundation_review.html?cat=69

Valana Minerals Ingredients & Thank You
by: Valerie Reed

Thank you so much for posting such a nice review about our company. I’m always pleased when our customers are so happy with our products that they take the time to write.

I’m sorry you were unable to find more detailed information on the ingredients used in our products so I posted the link below. That’s where you can find a general listing of all the ingredients we use, each products ingredient list, our ingredient philosophy and links to other sources for more information on safe cosmetic ingredients (scroll down with the ‘inner’ scroll bar to see it all). http://www.valanaminerals.com/ValanaIngredients.php

Thanks again, Valerie R. (Valana Minerals)


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