Useful tips for parents about TeenSafe app for iOS and Android

The all-time TeenSafe app is gaining popularity globally, as many parents are cracking the hidden mystery of their children mobile phones. The TeenSafe app is an official website service which supervises, monitors kids mobile phone activities through subscription from the parent smartphone device.  The app gathers, analyzes and tracks data from other devices by use of account creation. The data serves an essential purpose in identifying positive and negative activities from the kids’ phone. The technology has improved the parent-child relationship as parents can learn the children behaviors, thus addressing issues indirectly or directly.  The TeenSafe app can be classified as a mobile spying app useful only when launched and active in any smartphone device. It holds a lot of advantages from location tracking, healthy and toxic messaging, calling and behavior changes, etc. 

How it works 

The user-friendly application is quite simple and needs one to provide an email address, and automatically, the system will create an account. The parent or user will use the account to log in to TeenSafe dashboard. Here the parent has access to all the activities and interaction from the child’s mobile phone. They can view messages, WhatsApp and calls additionally the app retrieves deleted and past messages for viewing.

Why use the TeenSafe app?

Why bother with the kid’s conversation mobile phones are meant to be personal and remain confidential. However, supervision and monitoring is a vital growth aspect for a day today, child development and growth. Children are exposed to toxic and dangerous internet world which trains and makes monsters out of the kids. Parents are obligated to follow on what the child watch’s or is exposed to.  Note the app works for the ages 7 to 17 years as these are the crucial ages, they have the right to own and use phones, but with a bit of restriction.

How to cancel the TeenSafe account?

Parents have the choice to opt out of the service; one might log out and login if they, not wrong behavior changes. However, some parents want to leave and cancel the app from their smart devices. One needs to follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to your account 
  • Select the option of my account.
  • Proceed to the tab cancel subscription.

The account will be automatically close, not limiting you from applying again. Parents or guardians might also forget about their credential used in the login process they can enter the following:

  • Enter the first six digits and the last four digits of the credit card used; note one doesn’t enter all the figures.
  • Proceed to key in the first and last name of the cardholder.
  • The system will request for the last transaction made.
  • The pay pal user just needs to enter the email address used for the transaction.

The TeenSafe has an active support team which works round the clock helping in issues regarding the app, reinstalling, uninstalling, etc.

Does the app work all smartphones? 

The TeenSafe app is compatible with all smartphone devices providing best services to all smartphone devices. Though having different features according to the type of device taking the iPhone. However, there three types of features which are different and are used for specific families.  

In conclusion, TeenSafe has proven to be the best solution for many parents in monitoring their kids. It’s more of growth instilling app where the child can use devices without restriction but under supervision, thus bringing up healthy relationships between parents and children.


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