Underwire bra good or bad ?

Underwire bra good or bad

There are too queries when it comes to choosing the appropriate bra. Most of us have a dilemma that bra is chosen in accordance to the age. But it is nothing as such, there is no particular age for choosing a bra but it all depends upon how comfortable are you with your lingerie. There are many advantages of using an underwire bra but comes with it a lot more of disadvantages which are coupled together. So when you plan to get along with an underwire bra assure that you actually need it and you are comfortable with it. To enhance your judgement, I am going to discuss the various principles involved in an underwire bra.

Benefits of using an underwire bra-

The discussion on underwire bras is the most talked about topic in the present scenario. But eminent to the fact underwire bras are the most popularly used bra by average women. But to basically register the appropriate usage of an underwire bra it should perfectly fit your body right from your underarm to your cleavage every part should be clearly covered.

All your breast tissues should be contoured around your underwire bra. Without enforcing your breast with irrelevant pressure these bras should lie flat to your breast bone. Once these fit appropriately to your breasts you will feel the necessary support and lift for your boobs will be perfect this is the basic reason why these bras are so preferred. 

The purpose of the underwire-

The main principle behind the development of underwire bras is that they contour the natural shape of your breasts. By lifting them upwards these bring the weight of your boobs to the front. If they appropriate suit your cup size, they provide a perfect round shape to your boobs which gives the perfect look to the attire you are wearing.

The level of support-

Our main reason behind wearing a bra is to obtain the support which as a result boosts our confidence. There are many factors which are involved into providing the appropriate support required by the boobs. The support to our breasts are imparted by our rib and our back which strengthens the strap and as a result the cup is left intact and tight. But the quality of the straps holds importance it’s not that all underwire gives the same ratio of support each of them have their own designing factors which depends upon the brand you are using.  The most necessary part in choosing a bra is that it should provide you the necessary support. There are many brands in the market which are comfortable but do not provide ample support they make use of demi-cups which covers only half of your boob and as a result your boobs won’t have the required support.

Are underwire bras bad for you?

After all this discussion you can settle to your own conclusion. But the naked truth is we prefer bras which fit and provide us the necessary support we seek. So while shopping your bra you should go for the suitable brand. As for underwire bras they are designed to give you support. There are many underwire bras are designed with an elastic support which give you necessary firmness around your torso. The preference these underwire bras have over other bras it that along with the support they provide shape to your breasts which makes it different from the other non-wired bras.

If still you are not comfortable with your underwire bras you can obviously try out the other brands and if you fail to settle for the others, you can surely go with regular non-wired bras.

What are the major causes behind the comfortability issues with the underwire bras-?

There is a myth amongst most of the women that there is no underwire which won’t hurt. But it is not true. If your underwire is hurting, you that means it’s not the right size for you and you need to redo your shopping I can clear your few doubts you would be having while wearing your underwire-

Does your underwire dig into your flesh?

If your underwire digs into your flesh and hurts, you then it’s obvious that you are using a cup size smaller than your actual breast size. Your underwire should sit just below your breast and the cup should totally cover the contour of your boobs.

Does your underwire pop out?

The life cycle of a bra is 6 months but if you avoid machine wash and prefer washing them gently with your hands the life cycle of your bra can increase. So, if your underwire is popping out then it is the time for you to purchase a new one.

Do you feel poking in your armpit?

It is the most common issue women face while using bras with underwire which is prominently known as Underwire bra pain. There are different lengths for each underwire. If your armpit is hurting, then probably you should go for underwire which do not cover the whole extend of your cup. You should prefer those wires which depict the demi-cup bras or the balconette style bras.

Are you suffering from skin rashes?

Owing to the support these under wires provide they have a tendency to hurt so you should not wear them for longer period. In case if it still hurts for shorter period then checkout the length of the strip is it too tight? Else you can let loose your hook and provide a little space for breathing.

Do underwire bras cause breast cancer?

The connection between the bras and cancer came up with the launching of the book Dressed to kill: the link between breast cancer and bras. This book was released in the year 1995. Of the various research studies which were conducted to find the authentication behind the cause the study came to a conclusion that tight bras restrict the underarm areas and lymph nodes. The tightness prevents the extraction of toxins and they flush out of the body. These accumulated toxins evolve to be cancer cells which are the primary cause of cancer. So by taking up few changes in your lifestyle you can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

  1. Avoid wearing bra on bed
  2. Take off your bra when at home you should choose a bra free time for yourself
  3. Make adjustments if your bra is too tight.
  4. Avoid longer use of underwire bras

Are underwire bras bad for you

Although underwire bra gives the necessary support and lift to your breasts which gives a fulfilled look to your boobs. But there are few Side effects of wearing underwire bra. The most prominent amongst them are-

Neck Pain– if you have a heavy breast it can easily happen to you. As the support to your breasts are caused by the back and the rib cage which can strain your part and case neck pain. On regular use your underwire can be stretched out which will seek more support from your back so regulate your health accordingly and choose the underwire which are comfortable yet supportive.

Headaches- the headaches caused by underwire bras are known as cervicogenic headache. The symptom of this kind of headache is that the pain will take place in one side of your head where you will feel like the pain has initiated from your neck and will travel upward behind your eyes or may be frontal head. So prefer fitting bras neither tight nor loose.

Breast cancer- restricted bra can endanger your health and you can develop the risk of breast cancer.

After these brief discussions many of you must have concluded your choice but if still there is a point of dilemma you can clear out by using ones and if you wish to have a final say as to what is the actual scenario I have for you some questions you might need an answer to-

Underwire bra good or bad

Your choice should depend upon your comfort and your liking. It’s not that underwire bras are only bad. But still if you are not feeling comfortable in your bra than without doubt you should opt for one which makes you comfortable and suits your requirement. Non underwired bras also provide equivalent support so it’s not that these are the only options for your lingerie shopping. So what so ever be your bra choice see to it that it fits you well.

Underwire bra vs no underwire

There are many females who opt for only underwire bras. But for regular use you can choose other non-underwired bras as they will give you the necessary support and yet will be comfortable for use.

Alternative of underwire bra

There are many alternatives to underwire bra. If you are not comfortable with your present underwired bra you can get along with T- shirt bra which will be comfortable and will provide you with the necessary breathing space.

You can choose the strapless bras for parties but if you are not comfortable with the underwired ones you can get along with those which have silicone grip.

You can go with the balconette bars for lazy evening relaxing.

You can even try the sports bra while your workout time and minimizer bras in place of underwired bras for your special day.

I hope you will now be able to update your closet without queries but if still you have few unanswered questions drop your queries and we will give you the answers to your questions.



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