Transforming Files to the Portable Document Format

Portable Document Format

There are various programs and different file formats used nowadays, depending on the type of report required. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFs. Emails even have their online drives to produce such files and have been very convenient to thousands of users, including students, professionals, business people, and freelancers. 

One of the most used files is the Portable Document Format or very well known as the PDF, and this is because it is easy to print and share. It has been troublesome for some users because not all people have Adobe in the earlier years of 2000. How do we create a PDF file from scratch?

Standard “Save as” process

Whether Word, Excel or PowerPoint, it can be saved to the portable document format. The most common inquiry is how to convert word to PDF. Converting Excel and Powerpoint has the same process. How? Once you are done with your work, go to the upper left portion of your screen and click File. Then choose Save As. 

Choose your desired folder and edit the file name. You will see below the file name the Save as type dropbox, then change Word Document to PDF. You can choose how to optimize your file either Standard(publishing and online printing) or Minimum size(publishing online). The usual choice is standard. Click Save to produce a PDF file from Word format. 

PDF Bear: PDF Converter tool

Although the standard “save as” process has been widely accepted, there are still instances wherein the accuracy of the file is affected. You can do that step by step but still end up having the PDF file you did not aim to achieve, especially for PowerPoint and Excel files. Major or minor adjustments have to be made with the raw file to fix this issue.

With PDF Bear, you do not have to undergo the same dilemma. This PDF converter tool is versatile. It can convert your files with the accuracy of the data while maintaining its quality standard. Just drag your file, and it will be ready to download in a few seconds. PDF Bear has a wide selection of PDF conversions, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and JPG. 

Converting PDF to other formats

You are now aware of how to make a PDF file, how about going the other way around? Is it possible to revert files to their format after being sent as PDF? PDF Bear offers a good set of functions, including converting, compressing, merging, and splitting. The program has four steps in converting your file. 

For the user, there are only two steps. Drag the file, and download it once done converted by PDF Bear. It’s that easy! Converting PDF files is indeed tricky since it is designed to be less modifiable, but with PDF Bear, there is an easy way out. You can now modify your files without having the hassle of sending back to your sender. 

Other Functions of PDF Bear

Compress, Merge, and Split are other services offered by PDR Bear. If the size of your PDF unnecessarily large, compressing is the solution. If you are having trouble combining your PDF files, you can use the PDF merger. If you have to separate and split your individual pages online, PDF Bear can manage that too. 


Transforming files to the portable document format and vice versa is essential in today’s trend as most schools and workplaces use these in a widespread manner.  For average computer users, it is hard to deny that converting these PDFs to another format seemed quite impossible in the beginning.  

PDF converter tools such as PDF Bear has made things easier for everyone by spoonfeeding the easiest way of converting a file. Click, drag, attach, and voila. As easy as that your converted file is ready for download. As mentioned earlier, PDF Bear is not only limited to converting Word files. You can convert your PDF to Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, and JPG. 


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