Top Tips for a Great First Date: Where to Go, Do’s and Don’ts

The thought of going on a first date is in itself terrifying, and will leave most people with sweaty hands, a closed-up throat, and butterflies in the belly. If you have no idea what to do, a first date can be really scary and even stressful. Fortunately, you are not alone, as many single people have found first dates to be quite a challenging task. However, you have nothing to fear, as the date may turn out to be better than you expected, and it may even go smoothly if you keep it simple, stay relaxed, and be yourself. Here are some things to keep in mind on your first date:

Where to goChoosing the right first date location is paramount, since the location sets the mood for the meeting. You most likely have no idea what your date likes, so it is prudent to choose a neutral place with minimal pressure where you can get to know each other and possibly detect how well you connect. It is best to avoid going out for a meal, just in case you have barely any connection but have to awkwardly stay together until clearing the check. It would be better to meet over coffee, as the free environment will allow you to have ample and convenient space to engage in some great conversation. Also, such set-ups remove the hassle of having to dress fancy or pay an exorbitant amount for a meal.


Prepare yourself for an engaging conversation

You may be naturally quiet, which can give you have a hard time with maintaining a conversation with someone you do not know. Maybe you connected online on a dating site, like Happymatches, which is a great site for linking sugar daddies and sugar mommies with sugar babies, or for linking other kinds of partners. All you need to do is avoid the usual, tired pick-up lines, and instead try some conversation starters that have been proven to work. For example, you could start with something like: What is your most cherished memory? Ensure that you observe reciprocity, or share a story in return for each of your date’s anecdotes. This is polite and keeps the conversation flowing.

Be in the right frame of mind

You must ensure that you are mentally prepared so that you can have a good time and not doubt yourself or feel inadequate. Having a bad mindset will make you unresponsive or  unappreciative of the other person, no matter how positively they express their feelings.

Listen to your date

For effective communication, you must listen to your partner and do so attentively, not just nodding in silence. This will ensure that you remember things that are important to them. For instance, if your date says they are vegetarian, it would be awkward for you to later order non-vegetarian food for them.

Don’ts Here are some things you need to avoid on your first date:

·             Using your phone for something like texting

·             Talking the whole time without allowing your date a chance to join the conversation

·             Lying about yourself or presenting a false you

·             Putting on uncomfortable shoes or clothes just to impress


The key to having a great first date is being yourself, being confident, and having fun as you get to know the other person.


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