Top Successful Women in the Gambling Industry in Poland

How many casino women have you spotted lately in your nearest casino venue? Probably several. However, that was not the case several decades ago. Women were only known to accompany their husbands to the casinos but not to participate in the casinos. 

Some countries viewed women’s gambling as taboo. That, for a long time, made the casino owners eliminate a significant percentage of the potential customers. Although after some years, the casinos in Las Vegas began to put slot machines at the entrance to keep the women busy as they waited for their husbands. 

It’s at that point that they began to develop a passion for gaming. Through gaming evolutions, many women have now featured as the top gamblers in Poland and other countries. We linked up with our gaming expert Jacek Michalski (view profile), to enlighten you about some famous female gamblers in the casino scenes. Read on.

Here are the top Successful Women in the Polish gambling industry

Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa is among the top poker gamers who amazed many by turning the walls street and ranking top on the global poker index. She is not only a gamer but also a graduate with a law degree. 

That makes her a unique character and amazing to other gamblers. She is among the top gamers whose passion for gaming and courage for taking risks in maszyny hazardowe online za pieniadze allowed to win up to $12 Million. That’s incredible for a casino woman. 

Not even some men would reach her gaming level. Besides, she managed to make other remarkable achievements, such as winning up to 3 three world series Bracelets. Vanessa appears on many lists. If you are looking for rich women gamblers, you won’t miss her. 

She is a legend in the gambling space. Even though she has retired now and is not in the gambling limelight, she gets people often to gamble with.

Annette Obrestad

Annette is an upcoming casino gamer who is looking forward to winning big. In fact, before reaching 19 years, she had bagged millions by playing Poker. She has made her name in the Poker scenes by winning a world series of Poker Europe bracelets. 

What shocked the majority of the people is that she won it at a younger age. An achievement that only a few poker gamers have made in the past. Through her story, it’s evident that you don’t need much experience to engage in successful gambling . You only have to be dedicated to what you do to succeed.

Annie Duke

If you think the names are over, then you will be shocked. Annie Duke is among the casino women that the gambling enthusiasts remember. She has experience playing Poker for more than 20 years hence making her one of the poker legends. 

She amazed many Poker fans when she won her first World Series of Poker in 2004. She won great awards and achieved many milestones in gambling because she was also a graduate of Pennsylvania, having studied Psychology. 

She is among the few gamblers who authored a book, “Thinking in Bets: Making smarter decisions when you don’t have all the facts” It’s with no doubt that she was among the top poker gamers.

Denise Coates

If you have been following casino gaming, you are probably hearing the name for the 100th time. Some people call her the ‘Boss of poker’, while others know her as a legend. She was not only a gambler but also had quality skills in steering a company.

She is a businesswoman and Co-CEO of a successful gambling company called Bet 365 which doubled up as her foundation. She is also among the women who studied econometrics to become an accountant. Her knowledge and management skills are the greatest contributors to the success of the company. Her determination saw her achieve excellence at Sheffield University.


The above names justify that gambling is not only for men as it has always been believed but for women too. Many of them join the casinos to prove to the world that women gambling has great gaming potential. Do you know other women who are doing great in the gambling industry, either in Poland or other countries? Please share with us.

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