Top Diamond Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

With the world coming to an unexpected halt last year, many weddings stalled. However, love blossomed even with many locked in their homes, turning 2021 a big year for proposals.

If you are one of those wishing to make your special occasion more memorable, you need to look for new ideas for your diamond engagement ring. Top ring advisers offering detailed Jared reviews and information about similar brands give you insights into these famous brands and the latest trends.

Here are some of the expert-recommended diamond engagement ring trends for 2021 that can help you find your perfect style.

Sticking to the Classic Choice with Diamond Solitaire

Though the last few years were more about the dramatic cushion cuts, the classic, single-solitaire is one trend that indeed never went out of style.

Experts suggest brands featuring well-crafted diamond solitaire engagement rings, which your bride will surely love, thanks to their feel-good and no-fuss appeal. You may look for such old-fashioned rings with stylish yellow bands for a chic edge. On the other hand, top dealers present pieces with a brilliant oval-cut diamond in the center, making them a prized possession for your loved one.

Choosing A Pear-shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

The pear-cut diamonds epitomize the very image of style and grace. Their delicate curves make the stone sparkle brighter, whether it is a halo or solitaire setting. The unique diamond shape can make your bride’s fingers appear long and slender.

While providing their opinions, such as Jared reviews, professionals showcase branded pear-cut diamond rings. While some have more round diamonds, dazzling all around the band, making the piece more stylish, others have a platinum band with natural sapphires for a contrasting accent.


Split and Twisted Shank Diamond Engagement Rings Are In

Whether it’s a split or twisted shank diamond engagement ring, this style is quite distinctive and a raging trend in 2021. You will find reputed companies featuring these ring patterns with unique breathtaking designs.

The split style consists of a band that expands as it reaches the center diamond while framing it gracefully.

On the other hand, top online stores feature elegant twisted shank-styled diamond rings from leading companies. Small round diamonds form the twisted shank of the band, which increases the style quotient of the ring manifolds.

You may also have a bold diamond center with a hidden birthstone set in the shank, a surprise element that can impress your loved one.

Going for The Dark Mode

Reputed online dealers recommend choosing a top brand, round-cut black diamond at the center, an enigmatic gem with a unique appeal. It can genuinely make your bride glow all the more.

And if you wish to go for an all-dark mode, you may look for rings with gothic motifs that can make your loved one stand apart. On the other hand, experts also advise checking out options with blackened metal, such as titanium, which gives an edge to the ring while making the center diamond pop out.

Consult A Specialist

When looking for a diamond engagement ring from a top brand, talk to an experienced consultant to find more about the latest trends of this engagement season. While the ring you select will genuinely look fresh and bold, it will take you and your partner one step close to your dream wedding.


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