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Top 3 Casio Watches You Must Have

casio watch

Down in the memory lane, watches are worn because it is the only way to keep track of time. Back in the days carrying a watch was a crucial part of living; cellphones are not available to keep track of time. It is a vital part of life to have a watch for you to show up to your work on time or to meet people in your agreed time.

Some individuals are passionate about watches or buy watches for them to look expensive. Some view watches as a sign of an individual’s wealth. But to tell you frankly, watches in the first place aren’t that expensive. If you don’t have a budget to buy a costly watch, some brands offer mid-range to premium types of watches without compromising the quality.


When people hear about the Casio Brand, watches are not the first thing in their minds. Casio is a Japanese consumer electronics company that has been serving its consumer since 1946. It is mostly known for its products like calculators, digital cameras, analogs, electronic musical instruments, and mobile phones. 

When Casio entered the watches market, it gave the market a more diverse option of watches for every consumer. Its mid-range to the premium type of watch has the most budget-friendly price point in today’s market without compromising its product quality. Watches are not just about telling time nowadays; it is also used to complete any outfit.

As the world evolves into a different kind of fashion in every era, Casio tends to keep up with the fast pace of how the world works. Hence, Casio’s impotence to release new products to correspond with the need for today’s fashion. If you’re planning to buy a watch, these are the most recommended watches that are available for you.

Casio G-Shock GW-9400J-1JF

G-shock Rangeman Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping Digital Dial Men’s Watch series has a bold and robust back design, which is best if you want to show strong first impressions. This is also great for people who have hobbies like scuba diving, surfing, or merely swimming because this is a water-resistant watch for about 200 meters deep.

This watch has features that can tell time, dates, and the day of the week. It has a scratch-resistant mineral crystal, which is best used in heavy activities. It also has a shockproof feather, which is best used by individuals who usually use heavy jobs. If you intend to buy a gift for your loved ones, you should check this watch out and put it on your list.

Casio Edifice EQB-800BR-1AJF

Casio Edifice is a masterpiece for sports activities. This watch has an intense black and silver color with a lime accent, an excellent pair for sporty individuals. It is also water-resistant, which is best for rainy day seasons. This watch can last up to a decade with a proper handle.

Keeping up in time can never go wrong with Casio Edifice; it tells you the time and date in the most fashionable way. If you plan to buy a sporty looking watch, Casio Edifice should be on top of your list.

Casio Protrek PRX-8000YT-1JF

Casio Pro Trek Manaslu PRX-8000YT-1JF is the leading choice of most individuals all over the world. It has a charcoal grey finish, which is best for complementing most of the outfit these days. Its band material type is an alloy to add an expensive-looking vibe to its overall design. This watch should be on the list of every individual who is planning to buy a watch.


Back in the days carrying a watch was one of the essential parts of a man’s life to track time. But today, having a cellphone that pretty much does everything. Watches these days are used to express luxury or as a fashion statement. 

Thanks to Casio for offering a diverse option of mid-range watches for its consumers and making watches more affordable for everyone.

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