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Who doesn’t like a new pair of shoes every once in a while? Shoes are the one thing that completes the look of your wardrobe. I mean shoes are a Must… A nice pair of shoe is like a wave of fresh air. Fashionable and stylized footwear adds a unique look to your outfit and accentuates your style. It is time to make space for new designs in your closet. Fashion trends are going on a roll and you need to know the latest trends going around who has set the fashion industry on fire. Footwear with bold and eccentric look is taking over and you need to be updated on all of those trends that will make you the queen of your own runway. Add all those colourful and playful fashion pieces to your wardrobe that are ground-breaking with new cut lines and different silhouettes. A new twist and take on old school shoes are taking the trends to another level. Not only has the silhouette, but the texture itself also has a lot of varieties and there is so much to choose from. Walk on the street with the power whether it is going to work or a walk in the park or a hangout or maybe chilling around.  So, you need to shop right away and add those exciting pieces in your shoe collection. Right here is your guide who will tell you the latest top 10 trends in heels that you can choose from and be a fashion diva in your own way.

Kitten Heels:

When you want to be part of the heel team and you still want to be comfortable then kitten heels are the best solution for you. These heels are tiny and they have a strong base which makes them far more comfortable than the high heels. These short and cute kitten heels are in and the colour you should choose for them is white as it is the trendiest colour of the year. You can also add a pop of colour to your outfit by wearing it in pastel shades. These can easily be worn with jeans or trench coats etc. It doesn’t matter how you wear them. They are still a must in your wardrobe. They provide a very innocent, cute and sweet edge to the entire look.


Boots are something that keeps coming back each year. Another twist rounded up this year in terms of the lengths of the boots is that different texture and prints are introduced, along with various colours and style-oriented minor details that add on to the classic silhouette. Different lengths can easily be worn over jeans and crop tops. They can also be worn with dresses. All sorts of colours are in for these boots. A pop of bold colours is present along with pastel shades. Bold and colourful prints are also part of the design. Details such as laces are added in to make it more extravagant.


Loafers always have an upgrade every season. Loafers look stylish and stiff with a lot of pattern going around. An elevated twist to the loafers is an added heel and sling back variation. They will rock your outfit and make you look trendy and updated with fashion. Loafer pumps are also part of the upgraded version. They are out of the box and super cool.


Marry-Jane has been in fashion for as long as we remember. These have become part of the latest trends this summer. A fashion twist is added by adding prints and textures to the already existing silhouette. They have the essence of sophistication along with a playful touch. They can be paired up with nice summer dresses or could also be worn to workplaces.

Ornate Heels:

Ornate heels can never go wrong when you want to make a statement. Let your feet do the talking with style-oriented details. Whether it is gold or silver, they are perfect heels to make a statement. For making statements you just need a touch of embellishment and you are good to go.

Square Toe:

Square toe boots are another twist on classic footwear. It is a blend of both symmetrical and asymmetrical cutline. A perfect square in the front in a slightly angled manner makes it unique and striking both at the same time. It can be perfect with an ensemble and help you stand can be easily worn beneath a skirt in various lengths.

Strappy Heels:

Straps are a very high trend this summer and you are going to see it everywhere. Whether you see some symmetrical straps on your feet, or some tied up around the ankle or maybe a few going up till the knees. Various ways of tying have been seen in fashion shows. If you want to be experimental you can even tie those around your pants and make a statement. This is a popping trend that is going to last for a long time.

Asymmetric Straps:

Since straps have always been in the fashion world so designers wanted to bring a new take to the strapping concept. So the straps are now shifted diagonally, roaming around and joining a focal point. The thickness and thinness are varied for each designer which gives us a lot of options to choose from.

Sling Back Heels:

Sling backs are coming back this summer with full force. The tiny heels with straps have a definite edge and they bring back the exact late 90’s nostalgia. Now, of course, they are upgraded in a wonderful manner by adding details to the straps such as ruffles and playing with the height of the heels. 


This is something that is around every year. Hence mentioning it is a must. Floral patterns are around in any and every heel and shoe available. The colourful patterns and striking prints are a must in your wardrobe. They strike the viewer’s attention and are very catchy and help in making a statement.


Fashion, each day is growing and developing and upgrading itself. Every designer is bringing out a new twist in one thing or another. Designers are focusing on details and very much oriented towards making a statement. Each day, you want to look good, you want to feel good and to do that you need to upgrade yourself as well as your existing wardrobe. Designers help you by providing a lot of options and you choose and decide what you want to wear and have so, keeping yourself updated towards the fashion trends and styles helps you in making a statement that is bold, unique and just YOU.

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