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Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

I’ve tried everything, but does back pain still give you a nightmare? Well, don’t worry, Dr. Health Expert. Norman Marcus has come to save your back pain. Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

Marcus, director of muscle sore research at New York University School of Medicine, said at the “Early Show” that people are seeking medical advice on back pain above all else. VISIT THIS SITE: conflict-news

The National Institutes of Health also revealed that four in five Americans suffer from lifelong back pain disorders, CBS News reports.

However, Marcus made a suggestion to prevent back pain. Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

1. Your bed is important: the doctor advised you to throw at night, look back and remove the loose mattress.

2. What you do in bed is important. If you raise your head and look at the screen, your muscles may contract and your neck may hurt, so lie down and watch or read TV. avoid. Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

3. Don’t just sit there: Staying in a particular position for long periods of time will probably strain your posture muscles. Therefore, the situation needs to change frequently.

Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain
Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

4. Cross your legs: If you are sitting in a certain position for a long time, such as when you are in the theater, your doctor advised you to alternate your legs to move your back muscles and sit down.

5. Around the house: Household items that you use regularly should be stored on easily accessible shelves as they help avoid bending and stretching movements.

6. Monitor where to put the wallet: Marcus advised the man to stop sitting altogether with the wallet in his back pocket as it can cause chronic pain.Top 10 Tips for Avoiding Back Pain

7. Say “no”. Do not lift heavyweights. Marcus added, “Ask for help, wait for help, get help, or leave.”

8. If you need to lift heavy objects, bend with your knees and hips-
When lifting heavy objects, you need to be close to your body so that your leg muscles can withstand maximum pressure.

9. Snow shoveling: It is recommended to walk a little to warm up before starting thawing. Also, the snow is quite heavy, so making the blades smaller will help limit all loads.

10. Women Only: A woman should strive to strengthen her main posture and abs as she loses weight and weakens and stretches after pregnancy.

Apart from all the advice above, Marcus also suggested not to put the computer keyboard on the office desk for the convenience of office workers.

He states: “To use the keyboard to avoid tension in the neck, shoulders, and back muscles, you need to position your arms to reach out, so there is a keyboard tray under your desktop.”


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