Top 10 iPhone Apps For Stay-At-Home Moms

Top 10 iPhone Apps For Stay At Home Moms

Our top 10 apps for iPhone users.

Being a housewife, working from home, or simply the period where women get pregnant and have to stay at home can be a very depressing time. 

What are stay-at-home mom apps

You might have a lot of questions regarding this phrase.

 We are here to tell you what are stay-at-home mom apps and what they exactly do. 

The stay-at-home mom apps are apps designed for iPhone-using mothers who are spending time at home. 

There are several apps you can choose from in the apple store. 

However, because there are tons of stay-at-home mom apps that have come up in recent times, it can be a little overwhelming to understand which ones you must pick for optimal benefit.  

Moreover, all these apps are accessible to mom iPhone users.

Top 10 apps for stay-at-home moms. Simplified. 

Finance Management

  1. Mint-   This amazing stay-at-home app for moms has you taking care of the bills and finance of your household. 

          The Mint app is a savior during crises like these. 

After downloading the app on your Apple phones, you can,

  • Pay off your bills online. 
  • Create a personalized budget for all your transactions.
  • Skillfully track your spending every month.
  • And manage the financial prospects of the inflowing cash. 
  1. Ebates-   This app retouches an interesting note on the financial management of household money. 

Do you ever wish to save up on more money than you spend? Always, right? 

With this app,you can:-

  • Pay online from stores where the Ebates app applies. 
  • You will get a 40% cashback on your savings. (terms and conditions applied)

Fitness Apps for Moms

  1. Fitbit-  This app is well-recognized by all iPhone users who are all about that healthy fit lifestyle. 

Fitbit is applicable across all genders and is not confined only to women. 

However, they do have customized workouts for women who have a very strict goal to reach. 

This is what the app does:-

  • It keeps track of the number of calories you intake per meal. 
  • It keeps a definitive track of your food intake. 
  • It provides you with customized workouts. 
  • It counts your steps daily. 
  1. Fitmama– For all you moms who want to get fit while handling chores at home, fitmama is the correct app for you.

Fitmama performs the following functions:-

  • It has special workouts which lasts 5-10 minutes a session. This is very important for recovery postpartum because of physical restrictions and the need to be with your babies at all times.
  • It is perfect for  squeezing in a short effective workout at any time of the day. 
  • It thoroughly creates programs to deal with postpartum weight loss which I am sure most of you moms are looking out for. 
Top 10 iPhone Apps For Stay At Home Moms

Best Parenting Apps for Planning and Organisation:-

  1. Picniic: Are-  Tired of not being able to complete all your tasks and chores and at the same time deal with children? 

The Picniic app has got you stay-at-home moms covered. 

This is what the app does:-

  • If there is an important event coming up, or an invitation that you have to attend to, you can store it in this app as a reminder.
  • It has a special section for meal planning which makes your work 10 times easier. 
  • There is an extra section for family photo storage. 
  • Plan and organize your activities carefully. 
  1. Carzone- This app is perfect for taking care of the medical needs of your family members.

Carzone helps with:-

  • Monitor your child’s reactions to certain medicines.
  • Managing the medicines and prescriptions of the members of the family. 

New Mom apps for looking after their kids:- 

  1. TeamSnap:- Having your kid go to school and groom him or her the correct way in today’s society is a huge task for a mother. 

TeamSnap is equipped with:-

  • If your kid is attending a gathering, you can easily communicate with other parents through this app and even share photos. 
  • MaKe payments via the app for your child’s expenses. 
  • Keeping track of the practices and games that your child is participating in 
  1. Bambino:-  If you are new to motherhood, or you are working from home and have no time to spare for your baby, you can search for a babysitter.

The Bambino app fulfills your necessity for an appropriate babysitter. 

You can-  

  • View the rating of the babysitters and offer payment modes through the app. 
  • You can definitely count on the app for finding you trustworthy babysitters. 

Motherhood Apps for Pregnant Women

1)Kegel Trainer-  It is very important for a pregnant woman or a new mom to stick to a healthy lifestyle for self- recovery. 

The Kegel Trainer app aids in-

  • Effective exercises to help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles preparing you for smooth delivery. 
  • This app prepares you for the labour procedure physically as well as the post labour recovery phase. 

2) Sprout Pregnancy:-  Knowing what to do and tracking your pregnancy will be the last thing on your mind during these 9 months. 

So, why not let an expert iOS app take care of that for you? 

The Sprout pregnancy app definitely makes an effort to switch things up and maintain your pregnancy tracking game on point. 

It helps with:-

  • Tracking the development of the baby in your womb. 
  • Tracking your pregnancy progress. 
  • It has a special contraction time which is very essential. 
  • You can maintain a pregnancy journal which will definitely be fun to read later on. 

Be sure to try these apps on because they are game-changers.

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