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Tips to Improve Water Intake (So You Can Lose Weight)

Tips to Improve Water Intake (So You Can Lose Weight)

Tips to Improve Water Intake (So You Can Lose Weight)

The benefits of drinking water are almost endless. Why drinking water is important for weight loss is a popular topic. If you eat and exercise right but still can not lose weight, it’s probably because you don’t drink enough water to support your efforts. According to several surveys and university studies, many people admit that they do not remember to drink water through a day if they don’t feel like thirsty so they don’t achieve the ideal amount of water they should be consuming daily. Do you recognize yourself in this?Chocobo Names

Water is the best supplement ever known to mankind. You already know that it’s important to drink enough water. Topics such as what amount of water is considered enough, how much water you should drink in a day, why drinking water is important to your health and beauty are all explained in a previous article. Please read 7 Reasons To Why Drinking Water, click here. In 7 Reasons To Why Drinking Water article, you will also get answers to these popular questions:

Why you will get fat if you resist to consume water

How top celebrities use this powerful weapon called water to stay fit and hot

In this article, I will try to make it easier for you and give you quick tips to help you improve your daily water intake.

Water aids in digestion of food. A stomach filled with water needs less food to feel satisfied.

Remember that a minimum of eight glasses of water in a day is recommended. You should aim for more if it is really hot, or you are physically active -e.g. working out- and sweating a lot.

Here are some of the early signs of dehydration:

Increased thirst

Dry mouth

Sticky saliva

Reduced urine output

Dark yellow urine

Lack of energy and a very common problem: Headache

None of these sound very fun, right? If you get dehydrated, you’ll feel like you are in hell and you will get fat also (like explained in the 7 Reasons To Why Drinking Waterarticle).

I understand it is hard sometimes to drink that much -eight glasses per day- water, especially when sodas and coffee tempt you. However, for a healthier and fitter you, to feel better and enjoy your ‘sexy’ self, you should strive to drink those glasses of water a day.

Here are a few tips to help you remember to drink the water you need, and to make it a little more interesting or pleasant.

Always carry a bottle of water with you at all times. It is absolutely much easier to drink water when you have it readily available. In the car, at work, while running errands, in the yard, and even while you are working around the house… You’ll be sipping away the water without even noticing it.

If the taste of water doesn’t appeal to you, add a teaspoon or less of lemon to it. Try some other fruit juices, too. Just make sure you are still drinking mainly water. Just a splash of juice should be enough to make things interesting and give the water some flavor without adding a lot of sugar and calories.

You will probably get bored with drinking just water after a few days. Then change things up a bit. Or you’ll end up drinking ‘bad’ liquids just out of boredom. Try flavored water, they taste awesome most of the times.

Drinking flavored water instead of a soda can save you 200 calories. You may sometimes may be craving the fizz of a soda. Try some club sodas. Most brands have a little too much fizz for your taste and you’ll end up watering them down with -oh well- water. Buy flavored club sodas.

You do not have to cut coffee from your diet altogether. Instead, you should be drinking two additional glasses of water for every cup of coffee you drink. Take advantage of this little trick!

Unfortunately many of us have gotten so out of tune with our bodies that we feel hungry when we are actually thirsty. If you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water first. You may just be thirsty. This way you will not end up eating extra calories when a glass of water is really all you need.

Buy and use a water filter at home. This will improve the quality and taste of your tap water, and lower the bills if you usually consume bottled water.

Drinking water just before each meal will make you feel more full, which means you won’t eat quite as much at meals.

Try drinking 3 glasses of water at each meal. Drinking water will encourage you to eat less.

Keep a log! Really, try it. This can be as simple as a little piece of paper on the fridge, or a page in your day planner. Just make a little checkmark, or dash on the piece of paper every time you drink a glass of water. The log will help you keep track of how much water you have had in any given day. You’ll also be surprised how motivating it is to try to get those eight little checkmarks on there every day. Another idea would be to use little stickers instead.

Make sure you drink a few extra glasses of water if you work out, or if you spend some time outside while it’s hot. Your body uses and needs more water when it sweats a lot. So don’t forget to fill back up on water during and after your exercise.

Implement some of these ideas if you don’t get the recommended eight glasses of water a day. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

Most people are so used to being dehydrated that they mistake signs of thirst with hunger pangs. Instead of getting something to drink, they grab a muffin or a candy bar instead. Drinking water will cut down on snacking.

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