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Tints of Nature : Safer More Natural Hair Color

This time I tried Tints Of Nature Permanent Hair Color.

I last reviewed EcoColors and it is a product that works well for me but I know from past experience that it is only a matter of time before I start experiencing problems. When itching and burning start upon application I know it is time to move on. I don’t quite understand it but I can use some products for quite a while before I have any problems.

This time I am preparing myself in advance. I want to find something to use when my present product becomes a problem. Possibly for me alternating products will make a difference too.

It’s not easy finding products with my requirements:

  • Low chemicals especially ppd’s.
  • No ammonia.
  • No parabens.
  • No animal testing

I discovered Tints of Nature and it fits my needs plus it uses a mild form of hydrogen peroxide and even contains some certified organic ingredients.

With 24 colors to choose from it was easy enough to find a color I thought would work. Unfortunately unlike EcoColors which offers sample packs to test their product I have to order a full box of Tints Of Nature. I ordered it from Natural Solutions. They are fast and easy to order from and they offer so much information about their products.

Everything I needed for application was in the box along with a small packet of shampoo and conditioner. After a successful patch test (testing a product behind my ear seems to be the most effective for me) I was ready for a full application. For better gray coverage I left it on for a longer time, about 40 minutes.

Having had so many problems with burning and itching I was glad to find another product that would work for me and I didn’t have any problems with the fragrance which is more pleasant and milder than other products I have tried.

I didn’t change the color very much and chose a similar light blonde shade. I did have new growth to cover and plenty of gray so I started the color on the roots first and left it on for about 20 minutes before working it through the rest of my hair. The color turned out very nice and my hair was soft and shiny there is a very slight difference in the color betweem my new growth and the rest of my hair. Possibly I needed to apply it to the roots for a longer time and I will try that next time.

Now, down to the nitty gritty. How well did my color with Tints of Nature hold up?

One month later the color has faded but I can go a few more weeks. This is one of the concerns with using more natural products. Gentler products with low ppd sometimes don’t seem to last. Some of it really depends on your hair type. Hair that is more porous will tend to pick up and hold more color but coarse or grey hair will tend to resist color. When you have more resistant hair it is important to follow package instructions and consider using heat. Also I think it is particularly important to protect the color by using products safe for color treated hair and shading the hair from the sun whenever possible.

John Masters has a line of hair care products that contains healthy natural ingredients. They also have a strong policy against animal testing which puts them at the top of my list. Their Organics Honey & Hibiscus Reconstructing Shampoo is just one of their hair care products which is great to use for color treated hair. This and other John Masters products can be found on Amazon.


Bottom line. For a permanent hair color with safer ingredients this was great. It worked for me maybe it will work for you. You are only a patch test away from finding out.

You can learn more about Tints of Nature at Natural Solutions.


I mentioned above that I had experienced a slight difference in color between new growth and my previously colored hair. I do tend to wait a long time between colorings and resistant gray hair doesn’t help so I wanted to try and see if I could get a more even look.

A little checking in the product FAQ section of Natural Solutions for this product gave me some different options for application that would help achieve better coverage. By the way the FAQ contains so much info and answers about any question or problems you might encounter it’s well worth checking out.

I ended up by leaving Tints of Nature on my new growth for about 35 minutes and then applied it to the rest of my hair for the last 25 minutes. It was suggested that product could remain on hair for up to an hour. This worked well for me but it was only one of several suggestions.

For more info on choosing safer hair dyes check out natural hair color.


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