These are the online marketing trends for 2021

These are the online marketing trends for 2021

The corona pandemic has pushed trade too much to its limits. Above all, however, the search and purchase behavior of customers has changed permanently this year as well. Where there used to be personal advice on-site, the subject of online marketing is now in many places. It is important to adjust to this and integrate the corresponding online marketing trends in 2021 into your own strategy.

The sub-discipline of online marketing offers an extremely wide range of opportunities: On the one hand, it allows new target groups to be developed, and on the other hand, your own expertise – but above all your own service – can be scaled through the online channels. Last but not least, communication with customers can be sustainably improved. So there are many reasons that speak for a well-designed online marketing strategy in 2021!

The shopping feature of Facebook-Instagram

You can think what you want from Facebook and Instagram. Nevertheless, the fact remains that social media platforms have meanwhile become firmly integrated into our everyday lives. Just a look at the current user numbers in the EU or the USA clearly shows this! In the future, the user experience on the platform should be even better. This is why the platform operators want to enable the purchase to be made via the platforms themselves in the future.

As a company, it can make sense at an early stage to set up a shop on Facebook (and you need a certain amount of likes on your Facebook page) and Instagram – even if it is currently not possible to conclude a purchase directly via the platforms: On the one hand, it increases your own reach. On the other hand, your own products can be linked to Instagram posts in the image itself. In this way, the channels can become an effective source when it comes to attracting new target groups to your own website.

Communication with (potential) customers via social media

It was only through the corona crisis that many retailers realized what positive side effects the use of social media can have. By using it, you create another way through which you can communicate effectively with your own target group. In this context, especially after the first lockdown, it was more than practical to let people know that your own shop has reopened and can be visited under certain conditions.

This customer communication via social media will increase even more in 2021! Existing and potential customers have got used to communicating with “their” companies in this way, which is quite easy for them. And why not? After all, social media usage is increasing across all age groups. As a company, you should be available here and offer the same service on social media channels as on-site. That means delivering quick and competent answers – even on weekends! All in the hope, of course, that the satisfaction of the (potential) customer will increase and the sales process can be advanced.


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