The Ultimate Mattress Guide: Which Type Will Suit You Best

When you are out to the store to pick up your new mattress, there are different types and brands of mattresses that can be overwhelming and confusing to choose between them. Then you have a pushy salesperson following you around, and it can be challenging to choose your new mattress if you do not know what you are looking from

So before heading to the store to buy yourself a new mattress to rest and sleep on, make sure to know what type of mattress will best fit your sleeping needs. And this guide will help you find the perfect mattress that will match your sleeping habits and preferences.

Do You Like Bouncier Beds?

Do you like your bed springy and bouncy? Then, what is the best mattress for you? It is an innerspring mattress. This mattress has coils in them that get compressed when you lie down on the bed. Every innerspring mattress has different coils, measurements, and amounts, depending on the manufacturing company.

Here is a secret tip: albeit bouncy, innerspring mattresses can be a little squeaky. So if you are particular with the springy noise, pick an innerspring bed with offset coils. It has a sandglass shaped coil with flat edges for a folding effect that will not only be quieter but also mold up your body’s form.

Do You Love Sinking Into the Bed?

Perhaps, you prefer the pleasurable feeling of sinking into the mattress and getting cradled by it. But, memory foams are on the rage now for the very same reason. The feeling of being cushioned is not only a placebo effect; indeed, memory foam mattresses can relieve painful pressure points in your body.

Now, you do not have to dread getting warm when sleeping on a memory foam mattress. Yes, it is necessarily dense to carry your body, and this thickness can trap heat that might warm you up in the wee hours of the night. However, memory foam mattresses have gel substances imbued in them to absorb heat and keep you cool.

Do You Want a Combination of the Two?

What if you want the fusion of the innerspring bed’s bounce, and you also want the memory foam’s cushioning effect? Well, you are in luck! Hybrid mattresses are a blend of steel coils and layers of memory foam. Thus, making it springy enough to support your body but will also not retain that much heat.

Another Bouncy and Soft Combo: The Latex

Now, latex mattresses are comparable to memory foam when it comes to softness. Although, as far as the submerging goes, latex mattresses have a more bounce to them. Latex material absorbs less heat too. So if you prefer a bouncier and cooling bed, getting a latex mattress can also be your option aside from the hybrid mattresses.

Do You Want to Float on Water in Your Sleep?

You have probably heard about the waterbeds. Yes, you can float on water while you sleep. And no, you do not have to be at the beach. If you decide to purchase a waterbed, you can modify it to how you want the water to respond to the weight of your body. In most waterbeds, you can customize the settings on its side.

A little advice, though: getting a waterbed can be a little inconvenient. Waterbeds tend to be heavier than the other mattresses, so moving them around can be difficult. And to set up one of these can take a long time. So bear this in mind when you are considering getting a waterbed as your new mattress

Do You Read While You Are in Bed?

Adjustable beds are great for people who read books or watch their favorite show while lying down on their bed. You can adjust your mattress to find the appropriate position for you to enjoy these without moving away from your bed. As a result, you can now make your bedtime even more convenient.

If you also suffer back pains or struggle and snore in your sleep, investing in an adjustable bed may soothe your problems. However, with adjustable beds having electronic and motor parts, maintaining it can be a little expensive. As beneficial as it is, it may cost quite a fortune to pay maintenance fes.

How About a Bed That Will Never Flop Over Time?

Some of the previously mentioned mattresses will eventually wear out over time as they are either steel coils or foam. Another thing is most airbeds are not bulky, and you can easily adjust on the side based on how you like your mattress.

Airbeds still look like a standard mattress, and a high-quality airbed will still have several layers of foam to protect it. You can pump some air into the bed, and et voila, you have a mattress that will not sag as you use it for a long time.


There are various types of mattresses that you can choose from, and hopefully, this guide was able to aid you in deciding which one will suit you best. So now, get your perfect match mattress and enjoy your bedtime.

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