The Top MLM Companies Will Increase Your Income

The Top MLM Companies Will Increase Your Income

The top MLM companies provide you with the products, commissions, and support to help you succeed. Why waste your time with a company that only offers hype and empty dreams? The Home Base Business Advisor has created a list of criteria and has recommended a list of our Top MLM Company and our Runner-Up company.

To decide which is the best work at home opportunity, we judged each network marketing company on nine criteria. Here they are:

1. Long Term Stability

What good is building a business that earns you $10,000 a month if next week the company ends up broke? All your time, money, and future earnings get washed down the drain with nothing to show for it.

Our top MLM companies must exhibit either current financial stability or the potential to become financially stable in the future. A good sign is a business that has been around for 5 years or more.

An added bonus is that the top MLM companies will allow you to pass your business on to your children. With each network marketing company, not only are you creating financial freedom for yourself, but for your children as well?

2. Exceptional Products

And Services

If an MLM company does not provide solid products, you are going to be spending a large amount of time trying to get customers to buy. The following is VERY important: DO NOT join a company unless you think the products are exceptional.

If the products are not easy to sell and a joy to use, you and your organization will be severely limited in your profit potential. This is a must for the corporation to become one of our Top MLM Companies.

The Top 8 MLM Companies Will Increase Your Income
The Top 8 MLM Companies Will Increase Your Income

3. An International Market

And Services

This is most important if you sell a product that may not have a very large demand in the U.S. By increasing the potential customer base through international exposure, you will have an easier time selling the product.

Quite frankly, the larger your potential customer base, the better your chance of long-term success. Each of our three top MLM companies understands this point and has made a success as simple as possible.

Let’s put it this way, would you rather market to left-handed males between the ages of 45-50 who own a dog, or everyone who owns a telephone? Remember, a bigger market equals bigger profits and the Top MLM Companies have kept this in mind.

Do the products have a high demand in your country?

All of our Top MLM Companies either have a very high domestic demand for their products or they have a large international presence.

4. A Highly Automated Company

For your own sanity, you will want your company to take care of the dull tasks. Every top MLM company will automate the sales presentations, the training, and the delivery of the product. You should only be responsible for customer service and marketing of the products and business.

Think about it. If you have to take orders and deliver products to every one of your customers, EVERY MONTH, once your business starts to grow, you will run out of time to promote.

If you would like to read more on the importance of the internet and automation, I highly recommend a book written by Richard Poe called Wave 4: Network Marketing in the 21st Century. You can find it at and learn additional information about what is expected of the top MLM companies.

5. An Affordable Opportunity

Be sure that every expense required by the work at home opportunity adds value to your business. If you spend your whole advertising budget on start-up expenses, you will not have the capital to get your home-based business off the ground! The top MLM companies have created products and services that you can afford and very low fees (or none at all), so you don’t have to waste your money.

Our Top 3 MLM Companies generally do NOT charge anything for their online marketing tools once you have become a business affiliate.

6. Company Sponsored

Training And Support

To shorten the learning curve for starting a network marketing business, the top MLM companies provide exceptional training and support! This gives you the ability to support your downline and build your business just as well as a seasoned veteran who knows the company training by heart.

Even worse, a network marketing company with no (or very limited) in-house training will begin to watch as many sub-organizations develop and compete against each other for representatives. This is NOT a healthy sign!

The Top MLM Companies Will Increase Your Income
The Top MLM Companies Will Increase Your Income

7. Professional Services

On top of the training, the top MLM companies will provide you with professional tools that will allow you to build your business much faster. For example, would you rather write a 50-page thesis with a crayon or a word processor?

Some things to look for:

1. Business Education

2. Automated Sales Systems

3. Low-Cost Leads, Customers, or Prospects

4. Cooperative Advertising

These will get your business running faster and more efficiently, which leads to less frustration, more free time, and most importantly, more profit!! Look for these tools and services in the descriptions of the Best MLM Companies

8. An Effective

Compensation Plan

Considering that you, as the representative, are responsible for a large portion of the marketing budget, you, in turn, should earn a large portion of the commission.

However, if you are earning a ridiculously large commission, either the network marketing company has overpriced products or an unsound financial strategy. It might be hard to sell a $10 box of cereal, so watch out!

The best situation is a balance between you earning a proper commission AND a well-priced product. Our top MLM companies offer very generous compensation for the particular service, but we will let you know if we see a problem with any of the others.

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