The Top 7 Health Benefits of Houseplants

Over the past year, many people have started to focus on improving their mental health. Something about a global pandemic really puts life in perspective for the average person. Turning your home into a relaxing oasis is much easier with the help of appealing houseplants.

The power of the Internet makes it easy for people to fill their homes with quality plants. If you feel like the inside of your home needs more natural appeal, then you should order plants online.  Are you on the fence about whether indoor plants are right for your residence? If so, check out the health benefits associated with having houseplants.

1. Improve Your Well-Being With the Help of Houseplants

Over 33 million Americans currently have plants on the inside of their homes. Most people are surprised to learn just how refreshing a house full of plants can be. For years, healthcare professionals and scientists have touted the benefits offered by fresh plants. In fact, a study conducted of hospital patients found that people who were in rooms with garden views had better chances of making a full recovery.

Houseplant enthusiasts claim that the natural beauty in their surroundings helps to promote feelings of optimism and happiness. If you feel like you need a boost to your overall mental well-being, now is the time to invest in indoor plants. With all of the houseplant options on the market, you are sure to find options that you love.

2. Purify the Air In Your Home

Having beautiful flowers and plants in your home can help with a variety of issues. If indoor air quality is one of your top concerns, then you can’t deny the benefits offered by some houseplants. Many plants have the ability to remove harmful chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. These harmful substances are generally found in common items like cleaning solvents, cigarettes and interior paint.

Continuously breathing in these harmful substances can cause serious respiratory issues. This is why you need to invest in houseplants that can purify the air in your home. Some of the best air-purifying houseplant options are:

·        Bamboo palm

·        Peace lily

·        Spider plant

·        Chrysanthemum

·        Aloe vera

Ideally, you want to place your houseplants around vent returns so they can purify the air coming out of them.

3. Houseplants Can Help You Combat Colds

If you have the sniffles throughout certain parts of the year, finding a solution to this common problem is probably a priority. One of the main things you need to do to combat the common cold is to add humidity to your air supply. Breathing in humid air can result in irritation to your sinuses, which leads to the development of the common cold.

Luckily, there are a number of plants that can help to add humidity to your indoor air supply. These plants include:

·        English ivy

·        Peperomia

·        Lilac

·        Golden Pothos

·        Purple waffle flower

With the addition of these flowers, you can decrease the occurrence of common colds, sore throats and headaches. Not only can these plants add humidity to your indoor air supply, they will also provide natural beauty.

4. Lower Your Stress Levels

The average adult has a lot of stress on their plate. Allowing stress to remain in your life can be damaging to your mind and body. Rather than allowing stress to rob you of joy and your good health, you need to do all you can to get rid of it. Most people fail to realize that the right houseplants can help them lower the amount of stress and anxiety in their lives.

Multiple studies have found that having plants in the home or office can make a person feel soothed and comfortable. Indoor gardening also provides you with an escape from the stress in your life. Being able to focus solely on caring for your plants can help you forget about stress at work or at home.

Some of the best plants for stress relief are:

·        Jasmine

·        Basil

·        Peppermint

·        Chamomile

·        Areca palm

If you want to enhance the level of calm and peace in your home, then adding one or more of the plants mentioned here is a good idea.

5. Keep Your Home Quite

Do you find yourself getting overstimulated by noises? If so, you need to consider doing something about this problem. One of the most effective ways to make your home a bit quieter is by adding more indoor plants. On average, indoor plants can absorb around 50% of the sounds in your home. This is especially good news if you live in a home with children or pets. Rather than allowing the sounds of your kids and pets to break your calm, you need to invest in high-quality houseplants.

6. Maintain a Positive Mindset

With all of the craziness going on the modern world, it is easy to turn into a negative person. Being negative will only make you and the people around you miserable. If you’ve noticed that your mind instantly goes to negative thoughts, it is time to start changing your thought process.

Becoming a more positive person will require you to surround yourself with natural beauty. If you spend your free time caring for and admiring beautiful houseplants, you will probably stop focusing on the negative aspects of life. Filling your free time with these positive pursuits will make you feel much better mentally. This is why investing in beautiful houseplants is something you should view as a priority.

7. Houseplants Help You Breathe Easier

When you take oxygen into your body, you will exhale carbon dioxide. When a plant is in photosynthesis, it will absorb the carbon dioxide in the air around it and release oxygen. Filling your home with more oxygen can help you breathe better.

It’s Time To Find The Right Plants For Your Home

As you can see, there are a number of benefits associated with having houseplants. If you are ready to reap the full benefits offered by houseplants, it is time to do some research. The more you know about the various houseplants on the market, the easier it will be to choose the best ones to fit your needs.

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