The Meaning Behind Citrine Stone

Citrine is a beautiful yellow-gold crystal that represents manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Like the sun on a warm spring afternoon, Citrine will awaken a warmth inside of you.

There are various types of Citrine, including:

  • Golden Citrine
  • Madeira Citrine
  • Fire Citrine
  • Palmeira Citrine

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your life and enhance your creativity and imagination and stimulate your chakras, look no further than the beautiful Citrine Stone. You won’t regret adding one to your collection. But how will you benefit from this sunray of a stone? And how should you incorporate it into your daily routine?

Citrine Associations and Symbolism

Citrine Stones were worn as rings in ancient civilizations to show status. High-ranking parties only wore them as a show of one’s wealth. More recently, it has been worn by celebrities at red carpet events for the same reason. It’s often present alongside extravagant costuming as a statement piece.

As for associations, Citrine is the birthstone of Cancers. Cancers are known for their joy, warmth, and loyalty. However, they are also known to be vindictive, overly sensitive, and moody. A Citrine Stone could greatly assist a Cancer, helping them become more positive.

Uses and Purposes of Citrine

Like most stones, Citrine has various uses. However, its overall purposes stem from its core representations, imaginations, manifestation, and personal will. These can be broken up into categories to show what Citrine can affect.

When it comes to manifestation, the color of Citrine doesn’t only reflect the rays of the sun, but the shimmer of gold—money. Citrine can assist you in acquiring wealth while helping you maintain your income. It’s known to be great assistance to those who work in sales, banking, and any other money-forward jobs.

Citrine is also an excellent crystal if you’re looking for help with interpersonal relationships and becoming more connective. It promotes problem solving and cohesiveness, bringing people together after arguments or disagreements.

Carrying a citrine on your person may help to attract love, happiness, and money. However, they are also known to exacerbate aggressive behavior in some. Citrine is to be avoided by the quick-tempered. Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, should stay away from Citrine to prevent their fiery personalities from becoming too much.

Healing Properties of Citrine

Your bright and sunny Citrine Stone will always help to keep you in a good mood mentally. It radiates good vibes and positive energy. When worn or carried, you can expect to feel these effects. Make sure to keep your Citrine out of the sunlight, as it will fade and lose its sunshine.

Bringing a Citrine Stone into your life can also help you physically. Much like standing in the sun helps your body, Citrine can do the same. Sluggish moods? Not with a Citrine Stone on your person. Citrine will help balance you, giving you the energy that your body needs without making you feel overwhelmed.

Your Solar Plexus Chakra will also thank you for using Citrine. We hold our power in our Solar Plexus Chakra, and keeping a Citrine nearby will help keep negative energy away from this power.

Citrine can also help to align your Sacral Chakra. If you’re feeling detached, bummed out, or generally unmotivated, your Sacral Chakra may need some TLC.

Using and Charging Your Citrine Stone

If you’ve used your Citrine for a powerful reason, you may want to cleanse it. You can do this by submerging the crystals in sea salt and water. Other crystals should be washed in direct sunlight. Citrine should be cleansed in water only.

To charge your Citrine, you should use a charging plate of Selenite. Leave them on this plate overnight after they’ve been exposed to negative energy or before first use.

If you’re feeling down, overwhelmed by negative thoughts, or in need of some monetary luck, Citrine just might be the crystal for you.

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