The Long-Lasting Makeup Look | 6 Easy Steps

Everybody wants to wear long-lasting makeup and look fresh for the entire day during special events. But sadly, makeup starts looking cakey after a few hours, eyeshadow smudges, and the whole face gets a tired look. There are several expert secrets to avoiding such mishaps and making the makeup last long for several hours.

Prep your skin well

Prepping your skin well with a good skincare routine is the first secret to long-lasting makeup. A daily skincare routine involving cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day is a must. It cleans the pores, keeps them small, and provides good hydration to the skin, retaining an attractive glow. Such healthy skin secretes less sebum, controlling pimples, acne, and the discoloration caused by scars. There is no necessity to use heavy concealers or color correctors when your skin has an even natural tone. Using fewer makeup products helps you invest in quality brands that provide extended coverage.

Expert tips for mascara application

Smudging eye makeup is the greatest problem most women face, and it is hard to fix in the middle of the day. Apply a coat of eye primer or cream on the eyelids before wearing eye shadow to make it last for a long time. Set your eyes with high-quality and waterproof false lashes and wear a thin coat of regular mascara. Relayer it with thick waterproof mascara to make your lashes look thick and lustrous. Lilac St, Eylure, Ardell, and Sweed are the top brands for buying DIY home lashes. The mascara won’t smudge for a long time, and occasional touch-ups will make it last for an entire day.

Moisturizer and primer to extend makeup

Blotting, using a setting powder and a cream underneath for the eye makeup to hold on for a long time will prevent your makeup from smearing quickly. Apply a quality moisturizer and go for tinted ones to avoid foundation or use moisturizers that double as primers. Avoiding too much product usage is a great way to prevent cakey-looking makeup after a few hours. The moisturizer and the primer give a good base for other powder-based products used on the face to stick. A setting powder or foundation applied directly on the face will wear off in an hour or two, while the one applied upon primer and moisturizer will last double the time.

Concealer and thin foundation

Apply the concealer first on all problematic areas of the face, like under the eye, to cover the blackness and acne scars to get an even skin tone. Use cream-based concealers to cover up hyperpigmentation as the powdered ones are a bit dry and might flake after a few hours. Apply a thin foundation coat above the concealer to cover the patches. It is called foundation because it makes your face an even-toned canvas for further makeup and is the base of the remaining makeup, like blush, powdering, and highlighting. Choose a quality foundation based on the season and your skin type to make the makeup last longer.

Layering cream-based products

Use cream-based products for blush, lip tint, highlighting, and a setting powder at the end because too many powdery products will wear off quickly. Layering cream-based products will help make the base makeup strong and maintain a fresh-looking face for a long time. Be careful to apply very thin layers of cream products using the right brushes and blend them well to get the perfect natural look. Apply primers on the eyelids and lip balm over lipstick to make eyeshadow and lipstick last longer without frequent touch-ups.

Use a setting spray

Use a quality makeup setting spray at the end of makeup to hold all the particles in place for a long time. Use a tissue or a blotting paper to suck out excess oil if you are in a warm party hall or club. The professional setting spray helps a lot in holding the makeup together when dancing or making merry. Use a mild and natural spray like jasmine water or lavender spray for office wear makeup daily. Cucumber spray, rice water, and Vitamin E toner are also perfect for your skin as they help balance the pH level on your skin when you use it every day.

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