The Best Wedding Dress Styles for Plus Size Women

A woman’s wedding is one of the most important days of her life. It is a day where family, friends, and loved ones witness the union of two people in love. Every woman’s dream is to have a perfect wedding. 

To have the ideal wedding entails having every detail flawlessly planned and executed. From the wedding venue down to the invitation card and guest list. On top of this, the bride herself has to be perfect for her special day. After all, she is the star of the show.

For brides all over the world, finding the perfect wedding dress takes a lot of time. It might even take months of scouring online shops and retail stores to find the dress that screams perfection.
For those sporting a bit more curves, finding the best plus size wedding dress can be harder than others.

Although the apparel market today shows that plus-size is the new average, especially with the industry generating billions of dollars in sales, the struggle of finding stylish plus size clothes is still apparent. Luckily, there are lots of online shops that cater to the plus-size industry.

Now, in terms of wedding dresses, the problem comes when you have to choose the perfect style that will flatter your body. To help you find the best plus size wedding dress style, here are some of the most flattering dress styles

Ball Gowns

You are about to have the most magical day of your life, so why not go with a timeless ball gown dress that will make you feel like a real princess.

Wearing a ball gown will nip you right at your waist, with your lower half covered in lots of ballooned fabric. This style will help make your upper half look much smaller while leaving a ton of room for imagination for the waist down.

A-Line Dress

Much like ball gowns, A-line dresses will fit your waist perfectly and flows to the ground naturally.

This type of look is super flattering, especially with an empire waist. It’ll also leave you more comfortable while walking down the aisle.

Mermaid Dress

If you’re looking for a plus size wedding dress style, consider going for a mermaid-style dress.

Look for ones that flare out an inch above your knee to give you the illusion of longer legs. This look will make you look like you’ve got legs for days! 

Corset Gowns

If you’re up for accentuating your curves, go for gowns that have a built-in corset.

These types of dresses are perfect for women on the plus size side as it makes the waist look smaller while giving a fuller bust and hips.

Sheath Gown

To have a more slim and lengthy illusion, look for a sheath gown that suits your taste.

Wearing a sheath gown will make you appear taller because of its straight-line cut. On top of this, it is comfortable to wear and will make your wedding day a breeze.

Off-Shoulder Dresses

Give your look a more sophisticated and eye-catching effect by exposing your shoulders.

On top of having a bit of skin to show, off-shoulder dresses turn the audience’s attention to your upper half. Plus, it’s flattering for everyone!

Now that you’ve got an idea of what styles are the best for a plus size wedding dress, the trick to buying clothes is getting one that’s a size bigger if you’re not 100 percent sure on the size. That way, you can have it adjusted later on.

Nonetheless, whatever dress you choose to wear, the important thing is that you’re happy with the way you look and you enjoy your wedding the best way you can.


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