The best Christmas nail ideas and tips

When Chritmastime starts, everything takes on a festive flavor full of love and sweetness.

We slowly get ready for the holidays by celebrating traditions, chasing away our daily routines, and everyday life frenzy.

Along with all the preparations, we also start to think about Christmas outfits, makeup and manicures we should have during this special time of the year.

Let’s look at the best Christmas nail ideas and tips.

Colors of Christmas nails

Classic red 

In most cases, red turns out to be the most popular choice of color when it comes to Christmas manicures. Red Christmas nails are a classic choice and can be reinterpreted in a million different ways.

With red nails in mind, you have endless possibilities to try out. You can go for long and shiny nails with semi-permanent gel polish that guarantees durability and beautiful shine. Nevertheless, you can also opt for traditional nail polish if you like to change often a shade or decorations. Finally, if you need your Christmas manicure to be full of color, durable and easy to decorate, gel nail polish is the best solution.

Nevertheless, in order for a red shade to be truly glowing, red must be mirror-like glossy. Therefore, when nail polish is perfectly dry, you should apply a glossy top layer that will protect the color and guarantee brightness for days.

Green and white Christmas nails

Although red shade is the most popular Christmas nail idea, green and white are also a perfect fit for Christmas time.

If you opt for green color, it is worthwhile to decorate it with gold tones. The same goes for white, but white will also come along with silver tones that will perfectly fit into the cold-color Christmas theme.

Christmas nails decoration

Christmas nail art can free the imagination and prove endless possibilities for nail enthusiasts and artists who come up with fancy design ideas including Christmas trees, gift packages, Santa Claus, snowflakes, or reindeers.

Although nails with Christmas icons are beautiful, this type of nail art is a difficult one. It requires not only certain dexterity and knowledge, but also advanced skills when it comes to nail decoration techniques.

Luckily, there is an alternative that can also turn out useful if you want to frequently change the look of your nails. These are stickers.

You can easily attach and remove stickers from nails and they don’t require any advanced nail art techniques. Consequently, decorating your nails with reindeers or snowflakes on top of your glossy nail polish, is no longer a problem.

Length of Christmas nails

While planning color and decorations for your Christmas nails, don’t forget to take into consideration also shape and length. Currently, shorter and slightly squared nails are trendy, but you can go against the tide and also opt for long and rounded ones. Both of them will look glamorous with Christmas manicure, but longer ones are easier to decorate.

Summing up, you have a lot of options when it comes to Christmas nail ideas. The best way to choose is to check out Christmas manicure inspirations, choose the ones you fancy the most, and opt for the one that will go with your Christmas outfit.

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