The Benefits of E-shopping Versus Shopping from Stores


Since the beginning of the emergence of large online shopping websites that are based on cyberspace, the growth of online shopping has been overwhelming, with a significant increase in the number of consumers choosing to buy online rather than traditional purchases. This huge success of e-shopping sites, which has been accompanied by a large demand for online shopping by consumers around the world has pushed traditional stores to create their websites on the Internet, where most stores now have a website dedicated to e-commerce through which customers can make Online purchases, from premium brands to charities. Even brands that are no longer present on Main Street are often available online.

Also, the global invasion of the Coronavirus has created a number of advantages that are unique to e-shopping from the traditional style of shopping.

Here are some reasons why shopping online is better than buying in the store.

More product availability

It’s no secret that most stores have a greater amount of online inventory than in traditional stores and points of sale on the ground, due to the limited capacity of warehouses and space restrictions in local stores, you can often access a much greater range of products online, and search engines make it easier to find On the products that the consumer wants in the shortest time possible.

The ability to access more products from certain brands online is especially important if you live in a small town or an area that does not have a large commercial shopping area. Not only that, but many stores offer exclusive online items that are not available in stores, which encourages you to purchase special and limited edition items from the internet.

Getting more promotions and discount coupons

Although it is often rare to find a coupon in the store unless the store hosts a special event, many retailers offer a plethora of discounts and coupon codes to use online as part of their marketing promotions. Many third-party websites, most notably Al-Mowafir, offer exclusive coupon codes that can be used online instead of in-store. In addition, websites often enjoy more exclusive sales and discounts than physical stores, and you may be able to find non-discounted products in the store available online at a much cheaper price. You will then be able to pick up these products from your local store or deliver them to your home. Especially since one of the great features offered by Al-Mowafir site is the provision of free shipping services to many areas where the e-store imposes a messenger for shipping. These features would attract more customers who complain about the high costs of shipping products to them.

The internet is also home to many discounted websites and third-party retailers offering discounted goods, which means you can find the same product for a fraction of its net worth. This gives consumers wider access and the ability to find the latest deals and promotions – especially if they use the Al-Mowafir website, which includes a group of the largest e-retail stores in the Middle East and the world.

Home delivery services

If you order products from physical stores or decide to shop in the store, you will have to take an additional trip to the store in question when the product arrives in stock or arrives at the store of your choice. However, one of the best elements of online shopping is that you are able to deliver products directly to your home or mailbox, which is a good option for those who do not have home addresses like military personnel. This makes online shopping more comfortable since you can simply find the product you want from anywhere – with options like delivery on the same day or the next day – you can deliver to your door. This is very useful for individuals who struggle to walk away or have a disability that prevents them from going to the stores regularly as they want.

Even most companies on the Internet now offer free delivery to addresses within their regional regions, or offer a significant reduction in shipping costs, especially if the purchase is made through the Al-Mowafir website, which offers its customers that advantage, and that would reduce Significant cost of purchase compared to traditional purchases.

Also, home delivery makes the process of recovering money from returned products easier than ever before, as many electronic shopping sites offer a financial portfolio service, which the customer can use to save his money and use it in purchases or depositing money in it when it returns Products he had already paid for.

Avoiding malls

Shopping centers are crowded because they include a lot of entertainment in addition to shops, so shopping centers are rarely empty of people.

And in times of holidays, holidays and shopping festivals, congestion increases, and consumers scramble to buy, which sometimes involves making unnecessary purchases, or buying products other than the consumer needs. It can also face a deficit in products, in the event of high demand for a product.

All of this can be avoided when we shop online. We avoid the crowding that we face in shopping centers, especially in the emergency conditions the world is experiencing from the outbreak of the Coronavirus, with which it prefers to avoid crowding and not being in closed places with a large number of people.

Avoiding shopping malls increases consumer control and spending money on purchases. He will not have to buy unnecessary products, and there are no distracting factors that drive him to hurry up. In addition, he will not face the problem of running out of products.

If the shopper uses the Al-Mowafir app to complete purchases, he will get the latest offers and the best discount coupons from the brands he wants, without the hassle of moving to himself, and he can also use the Al-Mowafir app that allows He has the ability to know the latest and most exciting discounts without having to track these offers in all shopping sites separately.

Al-Mowafir app alerts the consumer via text messages or audible alerts of the latest discount coupons announced by different shopping platforms.

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