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Surya Cream Henna Review

Surya Cream Henna

I have an allergy to hair dye–ppd. The reaction involves burning, itching, intense rash, swollen glands etc. In my quest to find a natural hair dye that covers grey (35-40%) I tried Surya Henna.

Overall it’s great for the hair, my hair was richer, fuller, shinier than it’s ever been and grey coverage was complete. It was also easy to use.

The only problem was that my greys would turn weird colors — purple or a neon/metallic red. I used the natural black and the dark brown and neither worked for me (actually embarrassing). In sunlight you were able to really notice how ‘off’ the color was.

However, I think with little to no grey this could be a very good hair dye. I just had too much grey for it to work (and hovering around 40, I’m too old to pull off the weird colors). I do want to note that they do use azo dyes which aren’t the greatest, but the other ingredients do a wonderful job at conditioning the scalp and hair.


Below are the ingredients for Surya Cream Henna (I randomly chose Ash Blonde just as an example):

Water/Aqua, Ethoxydiglcol(and)Methylpyrrolidone, Tall Oil Acid(and)Ethylene Glycol(and)Cocamide Dea (and) Diethanolamine (and) Monoethanolamine (and) Oleamide Mipa, Acrylates Copolymer(and) PPG-1 Trideceth-6 (and) Mineral Oil,Lawsonia Inermis(Henna)Leaves Extract, Arnica Montana Extract, Phyllanthus
Emblica(Amla),Fruit Extract, Paullinia Cupana(Guarana), Fruit Extract, Honey Extract, Chamomilla Recutita(Matricaria)Extract, Achillea Millefollum(Yarrow)Extract, Malva Sylvestris (Mallow)Extract, Coryhis Rostrata (Hazel), Seed Extract, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Root Extract, Euterpe Oleracea(Acal) Fruit Extract, Ziziphus joaseiro (jua) Bark Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Malpighia Punicifolia (Acerola) Fruit Extract, Berttholletia Excelsa (Brazil Nut) Seed Extract

May contain: HC Yellow 2, HC Yellow 4, HC Yellow 5, Disperse Blue 3, Disperse Blue 7 HC Red 1, HC Red 3, Disperse Black 9, Disperse Violet 1, HC Blue 2

While this product does contain many good for your hair natural ingredients that henna is known for it also contains synthetic ingredients. As you know ingredients are listed in descending order with the first ingredients making up more of the product than the last ingredients. Very different than the all natural ingredients used in other henna products mentioned on this site.

Also as the reviewer mentioned azo dyes (HC Yellow, Disperse Blue etc.) are used. These are synthetic dyes and are used in the Surya Cream Henna which is the product you would use for coloring gray. Surya does make a Powder Henna with all natural ingredients.

Comments for Surya Cream Henna Review

ash blonde NEW
by: Anonymous 

I haven’t seen any comments on ASH BLOND or blonds at all.
Does anyone have information as to whether those will cover gray or cause odd colors

ash blonde NEW
by: Anonymous 

I haven’t seen any comments on ASH BLOND or blonds at all.
Does anyone have information as to whether those will cover gray or cause odd colors
by: Case Study Help 

Choosing cosmetic products, for hair care, in particular, one should remember that the choice of the product is highly individual. If it is good for one, it can be bad for another one.

Surya Henna cream allergic reaction NEW
by: Anonymous 

I have been using Surya cream hair color for about 5 years now. I loved it, but the last time I used it I got a allergic reaction. I did change colors this last time, I use black instead of the dark brown. I am sick at the thought that I may not be able to use this product anymore. I can not use chemical products do to the allergic reaction that I get. Any ideas or would the powder be better??

Hayden NEW
by: Tunbridge 

This Surya Cream Henna seems like a design product. I guess products like this are more effective because they are chemical free and have no disadvantage if they suit you. You know custom essay writing service reviews are having hair and care as a separate topic of discussion. In which nature of hair and hair products are discussed in detail. Also, people share their experiences.

please help NEW
by: cathy 

I have been using dark brown surya henna for years. But, like some have said, it I not covering my grey anymore. I have to do it once a week to keep color. And then, after using it this time , a couple days later i got a big bump on my forehead and the right side of my face is very sore. Does it sound like it’s from the henna? My scalp has been itchy and breaking out the last few months also. I am interested in learning how y’all mix the colors. Maybe that will cover better. Also, someone said they leave it on for 4 hours??? Is that safe for old hair? I’m 60 and hair is fragile.

Love all of this range NEW
by: Anonymous 

Great article! Like yourself, Surya Brasil products will be staying put on my bathroom shelf! Well impressed with them. I have tried most of their products, from shampoos, conditioners, colours, treatments and can’t fault them. I found them hard to find where to buy them but finally found them on this website

Yes, I have used chemical color after Surya henna – NEW
by: Anonymous 

After using copper-colored henna for 18-19 years, I switched to chemical copper-colored hair dye for probably the last 2 years. Just this morning I tried to lighten my hair using a blonde chemical hair colorant. The blonde didn’t “take” very well except on my roots – the small middle crown some gray and some white are lighter! I’m trying to transition to natural coloration gradually; however, after I did this I recalled, unlike chemical treatments, henna coats hair. And I don’t think peroxide is for me, really. I started out using strawberry blonde henna but wanted more striking color, so switched to copper all those years ago. I can’t wait to pick up some strawberry blonde henna and let the copper color stay, just trying to take care of the new roots – transition that way. In between henna applications, I just use blonde hair powder: I prefer a darker area fading in rather than the stark contrast of the white/gray roots.
I love henna. It won’t hurt your hair, ever. (Gives hair extra body, too!)
And once years ago I tried chemical and went to my hairdresser and told him–he said I was lucky my hair didn’t turn to mush!! It’s nothing to worry about as long as you use a really good quality henna with NO metallic ingredients. Seems most people don’t realize that point.

Surya NEW

Was wondering if anyone has dyed there hair with coventional dyes after using this product?

Purplish hair NEW
by: Anonymous Yogini 

I have been using this product for a few years now but I find it gives my hair a purplish tint. My boyfriend is the one who pointed it out to me and in the right lighting I notice it much more. I am very sad because it’s been so easy to apply. My hair is light brown and that is the cream color I use. It does was out quickly it seems and I reapply every 2 weeks. I am now in search of something different to avoid having purple hair.

Purplish hair NEW
by: Anonymous Yogini 

I have been using this product for a few years now but I find it gives my hair a purplish tint. My boyfriend is the one who pointed it out to me and in the right lighting I notice it much more. I am very sad because it’s been so easy to apply. My hair is light brown and that is the cream color I use. It does was out quickly it seems and I reapply every 2 weeks. I am now in search of something different to avoid having purple hair.

surya NEW
by: Anonymous 

Hi I live in Oshawa Ontario, is it available in any stores here, or somewhere close.

Severe itching NEW
by: Vic M 

I tried to cover grey hair in my moustache once with Just For Men, and it gave me a severe alergic reaction with horrrible swelling that lasted several days. Then I’ve learned to use Light Mountain, although it is a little time consuming, and it only lasts 3-4 days. But at least it causes no alergic reaction. Recently I tried Surya cream twice, and both times I experienced very strong itching, fortunately no swelling. So I guess it’s not “natural” enough for me, and now I’m back with Light Mountain, as it only contains two herbs, no chemicals.

Will not buy again
by: Anonymous 

I used the Dark Strawberry Blonde and the color was awesome! I have been using Light Mountain Henna before (decades) and was ready to go for an easier application. Unfortunately Surya damaged my hair badly; split ends, breakage, and very dry. I am back to the 100% powder.

by: Anonymous 

Surya henna leaves my hair soft and shinny but the color runs every time I shampoo, and lasts only one week! Unfortunately, I’m very allergic to Naturtint, which otherwise was great.

I just had my hair colored at a salon with a semi permanent color, but they had to rinse it off early as it started itching and gave me a bad headache. The color is wonderful but my hair feels drier than normal.

Anyone know how to get the Surya henna to last longer?

Love Surya Henna
by: Anonymous 

I have been using a combo of dark brown and chocolate for about 5 years now. I’m so grateful that Whole Foods now carries the brand so I don’t have to order online. It does leave some very bright strands in the sun for the 1st few days but overall this stuff is terrific. I went to a new hairdresser 2 months ago about 7 days after I did my color and she must have gleaned from our conversation that I was in my 40’s and she commented that she couldn’t believe I had no grays. For a hairdresser not to realize that someone colors their hair is incredible. I am only about 10% gray in my late 40’s and I used to have terribly dry, frizzy hair. My hair is just shiny and manageable now. The biggest bummer about it is that it does “leak” for the 1st few days after you color so you have to use dark towels (though it does come right out of the towels in the wash). But it has a much better scent than most of the non-natural brands and no more itchy scalp like I used to get with drug store brands. I honestly can’t believe anyone that colors their own hair wouldn’t use this stuff. I have no idea what it will be like when I am completely gray…but for now I just look like I have cool highlights where there’s gray…and it just fades out over time. This stuff is great!

Good success with Surya henna cream!
by: MaryLouise 

I have very good success with the cream. Have not tried the powder. To “jc,” I’m wondering if your experience of the henna coming out after five days and leaving your hair like you never hennaed it is because of the treatment you had to have–the prednisone might be causing that. Once you’re done with that and your allergic reaction clears up, maybe your next attempt will be successful!

Regarding “To the contrary” by Anonymous, the creams I have bought by Surya have always been delightfully thick and easy to use. Have never experienced it being runny. May I suggest that you call the customer service number and ask them about it? I have called them before and found them very helpful and pleasant. Maybe they would send another one. I find it very odd that you had runny creams like that. I would make sure to not shake it or mix it. Just dump it into a bowl and apply with a brush. Both my sister and I have had great success with this brand! Best of luck to both of you…

Using Surya Henna
by: Anonymous 

I also have plenty of gray. I use the Mahogany creme and mix it with dark brown and light golden brown. (The red covers the gray very effectively. I get a beautiful auburn or reddish brown hair color with golden highlights. I am often asked by other women to tell them the secret to my beautiful hair. I recommend Surya Henna. I love it.

color the gray
by: Jennifer 

Surya cream gave me red not black. Light Mountain’s Color the gray (2 step process) only gave me red as well. I tried it 4 times so far. It’s very grainy and messy and doesn’t work. I tried mehendi (hennaforhair) and their product is very smooth and not messy at all. Their process is totally different from the Light Mountain. The Renaissance from England is another wonderful product

Colors Work for me
by: Anonymous 

Funny that your hair reacted to the colour like that. I am African American. I have been using light brown, a little golden and dark brown, and my hair comes out beautiful.

Henna/ Indigo recipe
by: Amaralice 

Two years ago I was having real problems with split ends. Following the suggestion of a friend I started using henna once or twice a month great results – my hair got stronger, less breakage. It also can give tightly curled hair a slightly “looser” curl.

Here’s my recipe:

3 parts indigo (to keep my black hair color)
1 part Karishma Herbal henna (from Lakshmi’s Cupboard online store – $2.15)
8 oz full fat yogurt
generous amount Dabur Vatika Oil
generous amount honey
generous amount rosemary oil (to mask the indigo smell)

It should look like oily yogurt.
Works like a charm. NO shedding and NO dryness.

Henna cream contains skin toxicant HC Red3
by: Anonymous 

Surya Henna cream contains synthetic color such as HC Blue 2, HC red 3 and HC yellow 4. HC red 3 is listed as human skin toxicant,causing allergic reaction. Red 3 may contain nitrosoamine(s) as contaminant(s) which are cancerogenic.
After using Sutya Henna cream I experienced strong allergic reaction although never allergic reactions to food, hair colors, medicines.

I love to experiment
by: Letha 

I have used Surya off and on for years. If it gets too heavy and dark looking or a weird color, I use a commercial chemical dye in a light shade for 5 minutes as a color lift. On blond hair, light blond Surya sometimes turns buglight greenish. So I use darker shades of Surya and mix in a little Mahabringaraj oil to help prevent hair-thinning. I rub the Surya and Ayurvedic hair oil combination into my roots and after waiting until I get the color I want I rinse it through my hair instead of shampoo. It is very soft and not as dry as the usual henna colors. It does not last long but feels very healthy.
Letha Hadady

by: sharma 

I used surya hair color some time back . and was happy with the result. but i dint dare to use it again because i could get no information about the company / or any certification expert review of the same– any one knows about the product specs as certified by any approved regulator??

To the contrary
by: Anonymous 

I have been using Surya for many years. I have naturally medium/dark brown hair, and the color was very nice. But every time I had to use it, I literally cursed these people. They call the product cream, but trust me, it’s water. I am quite handy, and still, the color was running, covering my face and coloring everything on its way. I read good reviews about this product, but nobody said anything about the consistancy of the color. As I said, I used it many times. Was I getting something especially made for me? I would like your thoughts on this.

Surya Henna Cream (black)
by: jc 

After using one brand of hair color to cover my grays for quite a few years, I develop allergies about a year ago. I tried several hair-dyes, including a couple of natural dyes and continued to have allergies.

The last treatment turned out to be the worst I have experienced – my hair stylist used a Korean henna on my hair which she said worked very well with another client of hers who used to have allergies. The allergies -blisters, secretions, and itch on the scalp, neck area and both forearms were so bad I finally went to my doctor after it continued into the 4th week.

My doctor said that I should have sought medical help immediately and prescribed prednisone (oral), triamcinolon (cream for arms, and lotion for scalp) all of which are steriods but helped immediately.

I used Surya Cream Henna a week ago but the color did not stay on and 5 days later, it looked like I did not color it at all. I tried again yesterday and after rinsing and blow-drying, again the color did not stay on.

The good thing is that my allergy reaction is only 5% of what I experienced most recently – only 1 blister in each of the neck area and crown with very mild itching. The product box claims that it is guaranteed to cover gray and white gray on the first application. What did I do wrong?

by: Anonymous 

i had been using various semi perm and rinses on my hair for years until i developed a reaction, i switch products several times and still had same reaction, so i began searching online and found out about surya cream henna which i love, my only drawback is that like some others, my gray turns a bronze color, i’ve only tried black and dark brown, so maybe i should try mixing to completely cover the gray, although i’ve been told that my bronze color looks good, almost as if i’ve gotten highlights.

i have a question
by: Anonymous 

i have never used surya so far, but i want to.before that i want to confirm tht can i use it during pregnancy? i am in 3rd month, and want to know if using Surya cream would effect my baby.somebody can please let me know at

Love Surya, but!
by: Joanna 

I do love it, but I can’t find the CREAM in light ash brown. So I used the powder which, when applying by oneself, is a little awkward to use. Is there a CREAM ash brown made by Surya?
Thank you.

Love it & keep using it
by: Anonymous 

I completely agree with the other poster, btw you can try to mix 2 cream colors together to get the color you want. That’s what I’m doing, as per my hair stylist recommendation, and the result is very natural color blended to my hair. I’ve tried mixing Mahogany with Dark Brown/Chocolate, the color is great to cover my gray.

Love It & will Repurchase
by: Anonymous 

I’ve been doing colour treatment in saloon for the last 15 years to cover my gray (70% gray), so my hair is dry & damaged, you just can’t comb through. My girlfriend told me to tryout powder henna, which I don’t like the mixing process. I’ve done some research and found out Surya Cream Henna is no mixing & cheap with reasonable shipping charge from I’ve tried Mahogany colour, but I left the plastic cap on over 2 hours with 20 min under the hair- dryer. The result is soft, shiny and the colour is just like what I got from the saloon for colour treatment. I’ve saved myself $90 by using Surya Cream Henna, so I’m a happy camper with it right now.


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