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SunCat Mineral Makeup is my holy grail!

I have VERY sensitive large pore skin and I have tried over 10 different MMU. The one that works best for me is SunCat.

SunCat is very calming to my skin and I love the coverage. Shelley uses high quality ingredients and my skin can tell it. She is very helpful and emails back in a timely manner.

The eye colors are great as is the blushes. I also love the lip products. They don’t have alot of color but the all natural ingredients make my lips stay nice and soft.

I also use the mask and other skin products she recommends and I can tell improvement in my skins conditions.


Thank you Sara for letting us know about this makeup. Great ingredients, informative site and a nice selection of colors along with good descriptions about the color and it’s use. Make sure to check out their ingredients page. There is some very good information here about the ingredients used, problematic ingredients commonly used in many mineral makeup brands and nano particles.

The ingredients for SunCat Mineral Foundation is as follows:
Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides

They carry other products other than makeup, are cruelty free and a Signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

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SunCat is THE best NEW
by: Sara Years ago I ran across a review of the best and purest mineral makeup (it might have been an EWG post), and I tried several companies out. I was really impressed with SunCat Minerals. The coverage is excellent; the colors are wonderful and well matched to their descriptions; and best of all, the makeup not only doesn’t irritate my skin at all, it’s been good for it. I’ve been using Shelly’s products for going on seven years now. I’m 66 years old, and I don’t look “made up” with SunCat makeup on, I just look rested, healthy, and just plain better.

Make up
by: Belle Hi…I just finished my order online. I am really exited about this product and hope it works for me. I am sick and tired of dealing with all the toxic stuff out there. Thanks

Very soothing, excellent coverge.
by: Anonymous I really like this makeup for the fact that it helps me to control and cover my acne problems. However, I would not suggest getting the natural dewy finish or the semi matte foundation unless you have good skin. These products have a natural sheen that can highlight uneven skin. Also, if you have oily skin, it will be accentuated by the sheen as the day wears on. Therefore if you have skin problems, order matte. other than that, I feel that this makeup has greatly helped my skin problems. I was using bare mineral’s before I started using Suncat mineral’s, and can definitely tell the difference of quality, price, a lot less acne and, believe it or not, quicker healing. I also find I don’t have to use as much makeup as I did when I used Bare Mineral’s. Hope this helps anyone who has questions about this makeup brand. Oh! I almost forgot. I really like her chapsticks, so smooth! : )

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