Strategies for Losing Weight in the Long Term

Strategies for Losing Weight in the Long Term

In this day and age, where weight gain has become so prevalent to worrying levels, it is not surprising that are numerous weight loss programs and diets that claim to be an easy and quick way to shed that unwanted fat.

However, most of them turn out to be fads, and we are well aware that losing weight calls for increased physical activity, combined with a healthy and calorie-controlled diet. To lose weight in the long term, you have to make permanent changes in your health and lifestyle habits.

But just how do you go about making these changes? Well, here are six important strategies that you may want to implement from today:

Ensure You are Ready

Long time weight loss is an endeavor that calls for time and effort as well as proper commitment. While you do not want to put off shedding weight indefinitely, you should ensure that you are ready to make permanent changes in regards to your lifestyle habits. As such, you’ll want to ask yourself these questions in order to assess your readiness:

  1. Are you motivated to shed weight?
  2. -Do you use food as a way to cope with stress?
  3. -Are you too distracted by other pressures?
  4. -Do you require additional support from friends and professionals to cope with stress?
  5. -Are you ready to implement other strategies to manage stress?
  6. -Do you have the time needed to work on these changes?
  7. -Are you willing to change physical activity and eating habits?

If you need help addressing emotions or stressors that make it hard to feel ready, then it’s best to consult your doctor. When you are ready, it will be way easier to make goals and stay committed to them.

Look for Inner Motivation

You can get support, but no one will force you to lose weight. You need to make exercise and diet changes in order to please yourself. But what will bring out the constant urge and drive to stick to your regime?

Well, you can start by creating a list of what is important to you in order to stay focused and motivated, whether it is an upcoming vacation or overall, better health. Then look for a way to ensure that you can summon your motivation factors when you feel tempted. An example is something as simple as posting an encouraging note on the refrigerator’s door.

It is important to take responsibility for your own habits in order to shed weight, but there’s no denying that having support makes it easier. Pick individuals that will support you through your journey in losing weight in a positive manner without embarrassment or shame.

Also, you may want to look for individuals that will listen to your feelings and concerns, spend time working out with you, and creating healthy menus, all geared towards helping you create a healthier lifestyle. The individuals can also offer accountability, a strong motivator for sticking to your goals.

If you decide to keep your weight-loss goals private, then be accountable for yourself by recording your exercise and diet progress, having regular weigh-ins as well as tracking your progress with the help of apps.

Strategies for Losing Weight in the Long Term
Strategies for Losing Weight in the Long Term

Have Realistic Goals

It sounds obvious to have realistic goals when it comes to shedding weight, but many people don’t know the meaning of realistic in this regard.

Over the long haul, you will want to aim at losing one to two pounds a week, meaning you need to burn between 500 and 1000 calories more than you consume on a regular basis. This is achieved by physical activity and engaging in a low-calorie diet like AI weight loss diet.

Depending on your weight, losing 5 percent of it is a realistic goal, especially when starting out. If you weigh 180 pounds, that means losing 9 pounds. Such a level of weight loss is even enough to reduce your risk of chronic health problems like type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

When setting weight loss goals, it’s important to consider both the process as well as the outcome. Walk for 30 minutes on a regular basis, or aim to lose 10 pounds as an outcome goal. Having an outcome goal is not essential, but setting goals is vital as you will be changing your lifestyle habits.

Become Active

While it is possible to lose weight without working out, regular exercise in combination with a low-calorie diet gives you a weight-loss edge. Physical activity can help eliminate the excess calories that are hard to burn off through diet alone.

Working out also comes with many health benefits such as boosting your mood, reducing blood pressure, and strengthening the cardiovascular system. It can also help with maintaining weight loss, something that research has well-established.

The number of calories you need to burn all depends on the duration, intensity, and frequency of your workout regime. Steady aerobic exercise is perhaps one of the best ways to shed body fat. This can be a simple activity, like walking for at least 30 minutes every day.

Any additional movement helps eliminate calories, so come up with ways to boost your physical activity to help you stay active. For instance, you can use the stairs rather than the elevator, or park at the farthest end of the lot when you go shopping.

Make a Habit of Eating Healthy Foods

Implementing a new eating regime that promotes weight loss is mandatory if you want to succeed. However, reducing calories does not imply giving up on taste, ease of meal preparation, or even satisfaction.

A great way to reduce calorie intake is by eating more plant-based foods such as vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Aim for variety so that you can shed off weight without sacrificing taste and nutrition.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Eat about 3 servings of fruits and 4 servings of vegetables every day.
  2. -Use modest amounts of healthy fats like avocados, vegetable oils, olive oil, nut oils, and nut butter.
  3. -Go for whole grains instead of refined ones.
  4. -Cut back on sugar and only consume the natural one found in fruits.
  5. -Choose lean meat, poultry in limited amounts, and low-fat dairy products.

Change Your Perspective

Eating healthy foods and working out for several weeks if you want to successfully shed weight in the long term. These habits need to become a way of life, and so, it is imperative to change your perspective.

After you look at your personal challenges in losing weight, create a strategy that allows you to gradually change attitudes and habits that have ruined your past efforts. Then advance to planning for how you will deal with the challenges if you want to lose weight completely.

Rather than giving up after a setback, start the next day afresh. Keep in mind that you are planning to change your life, so do not expect it to happen all at once.

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