Storing Your Christmas Decor: 6 KonMari Methods To Remember

Now that we are about to bid farewell to the holidays and return to our regular programming, it is also about the time that we pack all those glamorous Christmas decorations back. The joy of these celebrations must be indirectly proportional with the horrors of packing all those back in their proper storage. Everything is in utter chaos! At first, you might be overwhelmed with the load of stuff you need to store and organize. Good thing today, we will remind you about a few things we have learned from Marie Kondo, a well-known organizing consultant, on how to store your stuff—particularly Christmas décor! The KonMari method may have something that can help us. Check these out:

1.Store by category, instead of by room

This tip sets all our perspectives in place about where and how we are going to start. Instead of decluttering your décor according to the room where you placed them, you should declutter according to each item’s use instead. This tip is one of the storage ideas that had changed the life of many homeowners. When you need something again from those things that you have already packed, it is messy most of the time to search for them again because you mixed it all up. For easier packing and unpacking, organize your stuff by category. For Christmas decors, you can divide them all up by the kind of décor that they are.

2.Connect with your stuff

Some people often think it weird to connect or empathize with your things. The KonMari method teaches us to feel what our stuff might feel or to empathize with it. This way, we can be ready for decluttering them. It might sound funny, but some people say that it works. The next thing you know, you are already doing a good job in putting your stuff away and organizing it.

3.Keep the things that sparks joy

Marie Kondo is famous for her line about things that spark joy. It may be funny for you at first to phrase it that way but let us get real. Some stuff we own makes us happy. Connect with your Christmas décor heavily like with point number 2. This way, you can decide better if you will still keep it for the next holidays, or if it is time to say goodbye. Sometimes, we unthinkably just tuck things away without having to gauge if we need it or not still or not—or if it still “sparks joy” or not.

4.Be grateful for the things you need to get rid of

This point is also related to keeping the things that spark joy. You will find that you no longer need other things. Contrary to what we usually do, which is to dispose of our things, the KonMari method teaches us that we must be grateful for the things we are about to send away. You must feel your things and be grateful for the times that they became useful. This process will affect, too, how we acquire and use things in the future. This process of letting go also means letting go of the past and focusing on the future that we want. It speaks more about old photos and things, but the same thing may also apply to Christmas décors. You better check out if you use all your décor.

5.Forget nostalgia

Stop holding on to things just because you are sentimental about them. You may be surprised with all the space you have if only you discarded things you do not use. You can save more space for your Christmas décor if you also declutter your other drawers and storage spaces. Once you are already decluttering, veer away from going through old letters because you might think about keeping them.

6.Clear your junk drawer

Just because you have put your stuff away does not mean it will be less messy. Now, where will you put your boxes of organized Christmas décor? That is the question. The key here is to give your décor a designated storage space where people will not see it. Every home has what they call a “Komono” or a junk drawer. Usually, these drawers are just full of old, useless things such as old cables, old batteries, and more. Marie Kondo says that keeping these things that we do not need stands in the way of storing things that we need.

Invest in proper storage bins and dividers

Now that you have an idea about how to declutter and store your Christmas décor, you must be finding yourself needing storage bins and dividers with which you will organize your things. Good thing, there are now lots of reliable storage shops, especially online. You can check out storables.com and choose from the variety of their items. Another suggesstion is to find a self storage unit that won’t only store your christmas decors but also old furnitures and the likes.


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