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I have tried every mineral makeup out there and Smoky Mountain Minerals wins hands down! It is easy to match my skin tone and is easy to apply. I have lots of sun damage and freckles and theirs covers better than anyone.

It’s really inexpensive, too. They also give great coupon savings when you sign up for their newsletter. I got a whole makeup kit for $15! You can’t find that anywhere else! Their natural skin care is the bomb! I love the lift and firm. I could bathe in that stuff!

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Thanks Carol!

When a new product is listed I visit the site to get a better idea about the company. Smoky Mountain Minerals carries a variety of mineral products, foundation, shadow, blush etc along with mascara, lip sticks and skin care products.

The ingredients for their mineral foundation is listed below. (from their website)

“All minerals are made up of pure minerals. No fillers, no perfumes, no oils, no additives. Pure minerals only!! Ingredients consist of sericite, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, silica spheres (excluding Illusion Veil and Glow). In addition to the ingredients listed above, our Illusion Veil and Glow also contain zeamays, cosmetic grade cornstarch for slip.”

Often in natural products like the mineral foundation above that does not contain moisture there are no preservatives needed. Products like mascara and skin creams often contain some sort of preservative sometimes natural sometimes not. Learn about the ones to avoid by visiting nontoxic skin care.. When shopping for the safest products check out all ingredients but pay particular attention to the ingredients in products that contain moisture.

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Nice post NEW
by: Anonymous 

You have explore very well this topic which is about Smoky Mountain Minerals. I don’t find such article which i got here. I like to say thanks 

by: Anonymous 

I do remember like now how I’am writing an essayin a highschool about smoky mountain minerals.

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by: Alonzo B. Villarreal 

Very informative post. Thank you. You can learn about more minerals at my blog

essay writing NEW
by: Erica S. Harrison 

Few good things about Smoky Mountain Minerals products
– All Smoky Mountain Minerals can be easily and conveniently attained online.
– Smoky Mountain Minerals sells products for pets as well.

Great write-up NEW
by: Anonymous 

Great write-up. I have certainly enjoyed browsing your blog posts.

by: Jen 

I have been a customer for almost 10 years since they started selling their products on ebay. I have always found them helpful and super nice, even when mineral makeup was new and i had lots of questions. they always helped me with any question i had. They have now changed their name to Studio Mineral Makeup and i love the new name. There is another company out there that seems to be copying them, another smm company, so make sure you are getting THE REAL STUDIO MINERAL MAKEUP, not the other cheap imitation. Luv you girls! I am a Studio Girl / SMMBeauty for life!

Great product but. . .
by: Mineral makeup wearer! 

SMM has a great product line – have been a customer since 2009 -suggestion sign up for their news letter -you’ll be notified of sales- the most/best sale that I know of is 30% off-that is the time to buy items from their skin care line, brushes etc. but buy the mineral makeup when they have the BOGO refil baggie sale. You’ll get 2 refil baggies (only 1 color though!) but it’s the best bargain-you can just refil your sifter jar (you may have to use tweezers to get the sifter out/off)-I am overall please with SMM products but their customer service (Heather) is not very personable:(

by: jeannie 

The makeup is the best and shipping is super fast and free! i love their sales, too. i always save money. the makeup stays on even in the humidity here in La. It covers great and looks very natural. their skin care is the best, too. i like the lift-n-firm skin is heavenly. try them! you will love them!

by: Barbara 

They always send a delivery confirmation number with my order so i know exactly where my order is! They ship fast and are very, very reliable. Oh, and I love their products!!!!

love smoky mountain minerals
by: Anonymous 

i have never had an issue with them. their shipping is super fast and FREE! I guess if you try to say you didn’t get it and the p.o. says you did, they may question it, but i have never had that problem. their makeup is the best!

Product never delivered.
by: Gary Dubreuil 

Make sure you get the shipping tracking number from them otherwise you will never know if they EVEN SENT your product to you. I am dealing with that issue now and am not very happy with their response when I inquired of them as to where my items are. They told me that it is now my problem and not theirs.

Love their makeup and skin care
by: Anonymous 

SMMBeauty/Smoky Mountain Minerals has the best natural and organic beauty products, hands down! The foundation covers my acne scars and freckles. The lift-n-firm that was mentioned before is the bomb! It beats out any face cream on the market and it’s natural! I have loved every product i have tried from SMM.


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  1. Minerals are the real essense of the life and the people love to consume those but here are certain minerals which are not legal and they must nit be used.

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