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Silver to Gold

This is very easy to use temporary color and works very well for covering grey. I have medium brown hair that used to have golden highlights. I don’t have a great deal of grey yet but enough to be bothersome and the largest amount (of course) right in my bangs.

This product changes my grey hair to gold and shines up and lightens a bit, the rest of my hair very nicely, creating those long lost golden highlights of my youth. And it’s just powdered herbs and vinegar and water you mix together, so even me, being chemically sensitive, had no reaction to it. The color lasted a few months and seemed to get recharged when I sat in the sun. I highly recommend it.

Editors Note:

I looked at the website for this product and it is similar to henna hair color. All natural ingredients are used and they say that application takes 15 minutes much less than the application for henna which can take hours. For me this has always been a drawback. As with henna expect warm color tones which can last 2-3 months.

Comments for Silver to Gold Hair Coloring

re: chlorine and hard water NEW
by: Anonymous 

This is in response to Curlygirl’s questions posed a while ago. I also live in an area with chlorinated, very hard water. I have seen on some henna websites that you need to use a separate product to strip off the minerals, etc., from your hair prior to henna colouring.

I have used Silver to Gold two or three times now, and have not used any mineral stripping product prior to it’s use, and I don’t use distilled water to wash my hair. I haven’t experienced any problems with odd colours using Silver to Gold. It turned my grey temples and about 10% greys on top to gold. I did have to leave the product on much longer than the instructions said: my temples especially are resistant to colour, even the regular drugstore dyes. It lasted as long as a permanent dye in my opinion (I used to use L’Oreal Excellence, but have stopped due to its non-cruelty free status and harsh chemicals.) I wash my hair everyday to every other day, and the golden colour remained till roots forced me to colour again. My natural colour is a light mousy brown.

I did contact the company to ask if it would be ok to use this over previously chemically coloured hair and they said yes. So I went ahead and everything was fine.

This is just my experience, hope you get (had) a good result too.

In stores?? NEW
by: Anonymous 

Does anyone know where i Can find this product in stores in atlanta???

Thank you!!!!

Just used this product NEW
by: Anonymous 

I bought this product a while ago and finally tried it.I got beautiful results from it. I didn’t tell anyone I used it. My brother told me I looked pretty today. My husband told me my hair looked really shiney.LOL. Ok this stuff is messy but oh so worth it if you have chemical sensitivity ad I do. I got great results. I left it on only 4 minutes. Not red at all just gold.

Metallic Salts? NEW
by: Anonymous 

Does this product have metallic salts in it and does it completely rinse out in 3 months? Thanks!

love it! NEW
by: Anonymous 

I cannot believe how fantastic this product is. I have dark brown hair with about 30% grey. I’m allergic to chemical dyes. I used to use regular henna when I was younger to turn my hair red. I’m not interested in doing that now so was concerned about getting a reddish tone. I did a test swatch and left it on about 5 minutes. Didn’t see much difference. When I did the full application, I ended up leaving it on 10 minutes. It looks so incredibly natural! Doesn’t change your regular color, just turns all the grey into blonde highlights. My hairdresser was impressed at how soft my hair is now. Henna is a great conditioner as well as color. I can’t live without this stuff now. The greyer I get, the blonder I will become!

Silver to Gold has been a blessing for me. NEW
by: MA 

Thank-you so much for this wonderful product. I am so glad to have discovered it. God is good! Before with chemical dye, I dreaded coloring my hair. I hated the itching and exposure to the chemicals. I really like your natural product. My husband loves the results on me. I like having a more natural less fake look. Thanks again!

hoped for better results NEW
by: Lisa 

I’m with Rachel-what am I missing?? I have long-ish dark brown hair, did 2 packs and followed the advice of leaving it on longer as I have a few grays at my temple and they’re stubborn. I have henna’d my hair years ago. This was similar to that and still a giant mess. Getting it out was tough!! I could not believe how much rinse time it took. The advice to use conditioner was super helpful. I finally stood in my tub with the shower head and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. Is no one else having this experience of granules coming out foreverrrr?
I am totally into natural living so I was super bummed with the results-no coverage. I left it on 12 minutes. Nothing. I was so so hopeful and in theory would love to do it again but it’s just too much. 🙁

by: Jayne 

For years I have been using NOUR henna black and red mixed on my roots to cover the grey only. I mix the formula so it turns my roots to a nice light brown or beige hue…the rest of my hair is highlighted with bleach ONLY…who knows what color would be under there after all this time!!!
So now NOUR has discontinued the black henna. I have a bag of from silvertogold but am afraid to use it. I do not want my roots to be red or brassy, nor do I want the henna to get onto my hair and not allow me to highlight when needed…hoping anyone can help…my roots are about 1-2 inches grown out now and I am desparate…don t really even have time for patch test.

by: K 

I’ve been using Silver to Gold now for a few years and am in love with it. I’m chemically sensitive, so I will never be trying a chemical product. I have dark blonde hair with very going-white-now temples with various gray strands mixed in all over. I only bother with the front circle around my face, for the most part. This makes one bag last me a whole year, as I only do it every three months. At the right consistency, it’s not so messy and doesn’t fall in glops everywhere. I leave it on for twenty solid minutes. It can be a little strawberry/copper on me at first, but that fades quickly into nearly a perfect match for my hair. Here’s my tip for washing it out (which was a HUGE PAIN for me in the shower, as it was difficult and messy): hang your head over the side of the tub and USE A SPRAYER on high (I have that kind of shower head, removable with a pulse setting). It’s SO EASY this way. You just scrub with one hand, spray the water with the other, get all the chunky, sandy grits out, then take a normal shower after you’ve rinsed out the tub. THIS is the way to do it. SO much easier and faster! I love the ingredients, the ease (now), the smell and the look. Yay for Silver to Gold!

Didn’t work for me NEW
by: Rachel 

Well I had high hopes for this product, but unfortunatelly it didnt work for me at all. I have medium/dark brown hair with around 10% grays. I was hoping to just turn those grays to blonde, but as I said it didn’t work. I did a strand test, 3 minutes first, then additional 5 minutes, and finally 8 more minutes, so that’s total of 16 minutes and still nothing. Then I applied it to all my roots and just a bit to the rest of the hair on the end cause I ran out of the stuff. Washed it out (which was a pain, you’ll need LOADS of conditioner to get it all out) and as soon as I towel dried it and looked in the mirror I could tell the grays were not covered. 🙁 They look exactly the same as before, but they ARE quite resistant…even with regular hair dye. The rest of the color seems a bit lighter, but just slightly with a reddish tone. I am fine with it, as it’s not even that noticable, but the whole point of this was to cover the grays, so I am super dissapointed. Will not buy again. Now I gotta look for some other natural product that will cover my grays cause I don’t want to use the regular chemical stuff anymore.

Questions NEW
by: ML 

I really want to try the Silver to Gold. I’m tired of having white hair at 55 years old. I have 2 concerns.

One, my hair is quite dry. Every herb I have ever put on my hair was drying.

Two, I just want to go from white/grey/brown hair to light brown or blond. I look terrible with any red tones, even slight ones. Therefore, I would have to keep the mixture on just a few minutes. In the past, when I used Mountain Light herbal dye, I took 10 – 15 minutes to apply it. You see my dilemma.

Thanks in advance for your help. 🙂

Lots of questions
by: Curlygirl 

I bought this product but before I use it, I have several questions I hope you can help me answer:
1) I heard henna will react badly to metal & chlorine. There are metals and chlorine in my tap/shower water. Do I need to use distilled water to wash my hair?
2) Should I use a certain shampoo on my hair after this is applied? Do some shampoos work better than others?
3) I have salt&pepper; growing in but there is still 1-2 inches of dyed/processed hair at the ends that has faded (a lot) to dark blonde. I am tinking I will probably have to experiment with leaving the product on the top and bottom of the hair for possibly different lengths of time. But…what if I goof it up? How would I correct it? My hairdresser said she would not dye my hair if I put henna in it because the chemical reaction might cause my hair to burn.
If anyone wuld be so kind as to answer these questions, I would be eternally grateful. Thanks!

Silver to Gold
by: J 

I have also just made up HALF an application to put on gray spots, rather than the whole…goes twice as far!!

Silver to Gold
by: Anonymous 

An update to my earlier comment, which stated this product did not cover my resistant greys at the temple area. This time I applied the product to just the temple area and throughout the length of this area. I left it for a full 12 minutes, then did a full head application and left it for 7 minutes. Although I am fair haired naturally and the longer application times in the instructions seemed to be for dark haired people, this worked much better for me and did actually cover those pesky resistant greys in the temple area. The few greys I had at the top of my head were definitely coloured blonde. Very happy with the result. I have used this product 4 times now and am happy with the overall lasting effect, on me just as long as a permanent colour would last with almost daily shampooing. Just a note that my temple greys are resistant to conventional dyes as well.

Thanks so much for taking the time to update us on using this product.

Silver to Gold
by: Anonymous 

I have also used Silver to Gold and agree it is a good product, lasts quite a while (for me about 2 months with frequent shampooing). I am still trying to come up with correct timing for my hair as I have extremely resistant greys in the temple area. I have used this product 3 times and increased the time on the greys from 3 minutes all the way to 7, which is working better but could still improve. The other, less pesky grey on the top of my head is colouring very nicely with this product, around 5 minutes processing time. No itching or burning, however, 3rd time using it, I developed a few red marks on my hairline, probably from going too far onto my skin in an effort to cover all the new growth. I think they will go away quickly as there’s no discomfort at all. My natural colour by the way is light mousy brown.

Silver to Gold Hair Color
by: Anonymous 

I really like this product. It is very easy to use and it smells nice and makes your hair very shiny and manageable. It colors ONLY your gray hair with results ranging from gold to coppery red, depending on how long you leave it on. It is made from 13 natural herbs and you just mix it with apple cider vinegar and water and leave it on for the amount of time the directions suggest.

I feel like I have finally found the product that I want to use. I can take care of just the gray hair, without coloring my whole head with unneeded hair color. This henna based product also highlights your natural hair color to make it look like sun drenched highlights. Beautiful results. Thank you Silver to Gold.

Silver Hair
by: Anonymous 

Let’s face it, sliver/gray hair, when colored properly, looks stunning. Whether your hair is naturally gray or bleached-out-white, without the right hair care products it can turn shades of yellow that are not appealing. To help maintain the vibrant white, I’d suggest a combination of two products. The first is the Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment. This little wonder removes ALL unwanted minerals and medications that that can cause hair discoloration (for all hair colors and types, not just for gray hair). Using fresh-dried antioxidant vitamins and proteins, Malibu Crystal Gel provides a host of other hair benefits including faster color processing, preventing brassy tones – especially significant for blondes/white hair, increasing hair vibrancy, and helping to prevent breakage.

Next, alternate using a good color-depositing shampoo and conditioner with your everyday cleanse/condition. You’ll what something with a violet base…a little strange if you’ve never used a color shampoo/conditioner for white hair, but the violet cuts the brassiness/yellows and does not actually deposit the violet color… thanks goodness!

There are some great color depositing products specifically for white/silver hair. Here is a list of some of the most popular:

AG Sterling Silver Shampoo & Conditioner

American Crew Classic Gray Shampoo

Clairol Shimmer Lights Color

ClayPac Color Shampoo & Conditioner – Violet

Framesi Biogenol Violights Shampoo

J Beverly Hills Blonde Shampoo

Keune Silver Reflex Shampoo

Matrix Solutionist So Silver Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Bonacure True Silver Shampoo

Scruples Platinum Shine Brightening Shampoo

Tressa Violet Washe Watercolor Shampoo

Vitality’s Espresso Color Conditioner – Violet

Some, such as the Shimmer Lights and ClayPac offer both a shampoo and conditioner. Many offer only a shampoo. While all the above products are good, ClayPac stands out as one the best selling at our shop, with Clairol Shimmer Lights a close second. For a look at all these, plus other great hair care products, check out

Silver to Gold Hair Colouring
by: Anonymous 

OK a followup to my previous comment. I had not used the product for months, therefore, once again did an all over application, starting at my trouble spots, which are my temples. I allowed it to sit on my hair for about 7 minutes this time, and the temples were better coloured than last time at 5 minutes. Next colouring, I will go 8 minutes total on the temple area as I plan to do this more regularly (I hate colouring my hair!)and about 5 minutes for the rest of my hair. I had slight red marks where I let the product sit on my skin at my hairline to make sure I was covering all new growth, but still no burning or itching, so I’m pleased. Good job covering greys elsewhere on my head. A good product for my super sensitive skin!

Silver to Gold
by: Kalamazoo Gal 

I use silver to gold for the first time, and my hair is a light to medium brown. I too have stubborn gray at the hairline and temples, and will concentrate on longer processing. I used a clarifying shampoo just prior to application of product. Anyone know if it’s advisable to shampoo hair before applying.


Kalamazoo Gal. My suggestion comes to you as someone who is sensitive to ingredients. I do not wash my hair for a day or so before coloring so that my scalp’s natural oils will protect it during coloring. I do not use a lot of styling products though. If you do I think some products work better on clean hair. Check the product directions to be sure.

Silver to Gold Hair Coloring
by: Anonymous 

I used Silver to Gold for the first time a few days ago. It was not difficult to use, just required mixing powder, vinegar and heated water. It goes on easily, you just slop it all over your head the first time. Subsequent applications you decide whether to just do roots and resistant greys first. Then work it through.

Many different applications are suggested in the directions sheet. I am a natural light mousy brown, maybe like a dirty blonde. I have approx. 10 percent grey. This product mostly covered the few greys at the top of my head, turned them into a gold colour. However, the resistant greys I have at the temples were not covered at all. That being said, I may have missed them as I did this in the shower with no mirror (it’s messy). The instructions sheet did say sometimes resistant greys can take 2 to 3 times as long to process.

I ordered the 3-pack, so next time I’m going to do the resistant greys first and leave that process before pulling it through. Unlike regular henna, this product only took 5 minutes to process, so I will give the greys more like 10 min. next time. You are supposed to do a strand test first to determine your timing, I will do this again next time using more of my grey strands. No itch, no burning!


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