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Silver Shield Deodorant

Silver Botanicals make an awesome all-natural deodorant that uses colloidal silver and essential oils. It smells great and leaves me odor-free all day long. It even lasts a couple days if I skip a shower. It does not contain any aluminum. They sell online at


I checked the ingredient list for this product and have included it below:

True Colloidal Nanosilver – A safe & effective antimicrobial agent to keep you odor free, all day.
Proprietary Essential Oil Blend – A blend of over 10, pure and unadulterated (nothing added, nothing taken away) essential oils to help deodorize, reduce perspiration, protect and nourish your skin, and reduce odor causing bacteria.
Sodium Carbonate/ Sodium Bicarbonate – Natural minerals to help provide an optimal skin pH.
Guar Gum – A naturally-derived, starch-like compound to help keep you dry.
Grapefruit Seed Extract – A natural antimicrobial agent and moisturizer.

This product uses colloidal silver because of it’s anti microbial effects. Silver Botanicals website provides information about this and other ingredients they use. Nice website with all the info I look for.

They offer other products too that help to fight odors like foot shield, an oral disinfectant and even a dog and bedding spray all based on the use of colloidal silver as a disinfectant.


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