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Natural Deodorant: In Love With Body Care

Eight months ago at the local farmer’s market I bought a new on the market natural deodorant “In Love With Body Care”. For years I’ve been looking for a natural product that really works. Well I am so excited I found this that I thought I better pass along the information to my friends and family because it does what it says… completely eliminates odor on contact. I would like to add my own experience that it lasts all day and sometimes for two days.

This company is just getting started and I don’t even know if their shopping cart works yet. I think it doesn’t. But you could always call this number to order. 509-540-4653

Everybody needs to know about this. I think most of you know by now not to use antiperspirants or synthetic deodorants. Until now though, the natural products did an inferior job.

Here is the ingredient list of the new deodorant I’m amazed with:
Mineral salts
Castor Oil
Bees Wax
Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Grain Alcohol
Boric Acid

Best natural Deodorant.-In Love With Bodycare

Where to start…Effective natural deodorants are so hard to find, in fact I’ve never found one…until now. Even though I’ve always preferred natural products, I still just used a mainstream drugstore deodorant because natural ones never worked, and I tried so many of them.

The aluminum in deodorants freaked me out, but I still wasn’t willing to sacrifice my comfort and dignity for something that still let me smell. Then I got introduced to In Love With Bodycare’s natural deodorant and I have never used another deodorant since.

It gets rid of my body odor as soon as I put it on and it lasts all day, it’s unscented so I know the odor’s not just being covered up. I have super sensitive skin and most deodorants make my armpits break out in a rash, this deodorant is great on my sensitive skin.

There’s NO ALUMINUM and it’s 100% natural. I don’t think I’ve ever found a bodycare product I like so much. I’m super excited to see that someone else has also written a review on this deodorant and discovered how amazing it is:) If anyone is still looking for a natural deodorant that works, I definitely recommend this one.


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