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Herbatint – beautiful color

I used Loreal for years and was always happy with the color. My stylist kept telling me my hair was extremely dry. Herbatint was suggested to me. I tried it and liked the color. It made my hair very shiny and soft as well. That was 14 years ago.

I have been using Herbatint ever since. My hair had no gray when I started and now am about 30% gray. I have consulted with the Herbatint Master Colorist (phone number on the box and website) With her help, I have been adjusting the colors (I mix 2) to work better with my gray. My stylist says I have very healthy hair. I regularly get compliments on my hair. The color is shiny, rich and natural looking.


Thanks Abby.

This is one of the products mentioned on Natural Living for Women. Plant extracts and proteins are combined with minimal amounts of the safest chemicals for gentle permanent hair color.

Herbatint does not contain ammonia, resorcinal or parabens and uses minimum amounts of peroxide. No animal testing.

They offer a decent range of colors and for those wanting something dramatic and fun also comes in shades like plum, crimson and orange.

For links to this product and more information about other more natural hair color products check out the page below.

Herbatint – beautiful color

by Eileen
(Hudson, NY)

I was asked if I would be willing to have my hair colored for a sales meeting at the company I worked for. They were demonstrating a natural hair color from Italy called Herbatint. I agreed to be the model and was very happy with the results.

Herbatint is a permanent hair color based on herbs, although it is not 100% natural. It has a small amount of chemicals including 3% peroxide, so you cannot make a big change. You can only go one or two steps lighter.

You apply with a brush, which was different from other at home hair colors I had used. The color was beautiful and shiny. I had about 10% gray and it covered very well. The color lasts very well, with only a little bit of fading. I am a dark brown and by the time I need to touch up my roots the color has faded slightly.

That was 1995. I have been using Herbatint ever since and have had no allergic reactions. According to my stylist my hair is very healthy and in great condition.


Thanks Eileen. Herbatint is one of the products I recommend trying. Check out more info on this product and others by visiting Natural Hair Color

I am a licensed cosmetologist and am a big fan of Herbatint Color

by L.Wheeler

When I became pregnant with my now 6 year old, I became more conscious of not only what I ate, but what I was breathing in for the baby’s sake. I absolutely did no want chemicals on my head either, but still wanted my roots to be covered.

As a hair stylist, I did not want to walk around with roots so I discovered Herbatint at the local health food store and have become a fan ever since.

My expecting customers appreciate that I will only dye their hair if they insist while pregnant and second, that I only will use the herbal color for them. They are very pleased with the shine, lack of toxic odor, and also that in their opinion, the color may even last a bit longer than most color lines!

Herbatint Permanent #4R

I have always had a problem with wash out dyes and so I thought I would try going to the hair dresser and try a permanent dye-disaster I got scabs on my scalp.

So I thought I would go to something safer like this. My scalp had a worse reaction with this. Head is burning and extremely itchy-but no scabs.

I would like your opinion has what I can do now??



All permanent hair color products contain some chemicals even the more natural ones. Herbatint contains minimal amounts of chemicals but for a sensitive individual even that may be too much.

Many women can have a strong reaction to even the low levels of ppd (an ingredient used in permanent hair color that many women are sensitive to) found in hair color like Herbatint. Every product is different. You could try other permanent hair coloring like EcoColors which also has low levels of ppd.

If you can’t use any products with ppd your best choice may be to use temporary coloring, henna or try getting highlights or lowlights using one of the more natural products being careful not to touch the scalp.

No matter what you choose always do a patch test first as ppd is not the only ingredient that can cause a reaction.


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