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Removing Hair Dye-Color from your Skin

Remove hair color from skin
                                 Remove hair color from skin

How to Remove Hair Dye from Skin

There are several way to remove hair dye from skin, home remedies which are quick and leisurely.we must choose the right product when its about our skin. Many professional hair dye leaves their mark on our sensitive skin and we ascertain ways to remove those marks. Alcohol is one of the safest and extensively used to remove dye stains. You can also use cleaning milk, its safe and gently removes the dye as it contains creme and also hydro toner helps in removal of dye from skin.


1 Raw milk- rub raw milk on skin and wipe it with cotton.

2 Tonner- skin tonners are the best and rash free for skin.

3 cleaning milk- one of the safest way to get rid of dye.

4 baking soda! Yes, you read ir right. Banking soda removes dye instantly but it leaves skin dry so apply creme after removing baking soda.

5 vaseline- petroleum jelly gives softness and removes dye marks without hassel.

6 toothpaste- This just don’t clean your teeth but also does magic on skin, it remove dye and also acne’s.

7 Lemon- lemon is most amazing ingredient for flawless skin and helps removing dye instantly.

8 Tomato- This acts exactly like lemon, cut a piece of tomato and rub on skin gently, it gives result instantly.

9 aloe vera- it is highly recommend for sensitive skin, who get allergies from above listed ingredients can use aloe vera.

10 honey- its again for sensitive skin, takes a little more time in results but is great for sensitive skin.

How do you get hair dye off your face
              How do you get hair dye off your face

How to remove hair dye from scalp

The only and efficient way to remove dye from scalp is use hot water with shampoo and a mild massage in circular motion.  We shouldn’t try lots of products to remove from scalp as dry from will also gets dull.

Does hair dye on skin can cause rashes

yes, it can cause rashes and itching so be sure of what you use to remove dye from skin.  While  application of dym make sule that it doesn’t stay back on your skin, keep a cotton ball soaked with rose water  handy.

Never go extreme in any methods of removal, it sometimes takes time and you should leave your alone. Keep applying ice cubes or was with cold water incase of rashes.

products are made of chemicals and we all know this, without chemicals no professional products are made, lets stuck to the point of proper application of dye and careful precautions should be taken.

It is hard and all colouring methods are harmful for scalp and skin.


How to remove hair dye from hand

How to get hair dye off your hands
                 How to get hair dye off your hands

Use any soap which isn’t mild, dye leaves it maeks and sometimes cause rashes. We need to pat attention to what  is used in its removal. Apply and wash and clean your hand and take baking soda, rub gently on hands, leave it for 5-7 mins and rinse with cold water.


Why is it so hard?

All commercial coloring methods, whether they are rinses, temporary dyes, semi-permanent or permanent dyes use chemicals to achieve the desired pigment and shading. The skin is made of the same structural protein as hair, called Keratin. This is why dyeing substances react with skin and hair alike.

Rinses need to be made with the right properties to enable the effect to last until the next shampoo. They need to be resistant dissolving in the rain or with sweat. Consequently, rinses are often hard to remove from the skin and even discolor the scalp (which may appeal to persons with thin hair by concealing the natural skin on the scalp).

Semi-permanent methods are applied while the hair is wet, making it more difficult to first protect the skin with the repellents mentioned above.

Permanent applications are the most complex, giving the absorption a stubborn hold, making removal from the skin challenging.  Permanent dyes work by firstly combining an oxidizer (ie: hydrogen peroxide) and ammonia (an alkaline chemical) with a color agent.  The ammonia opens up the cuticle, enabling the developer and new color to reach the inner part of the hair. If the mixture comes into contact with skin, the ammonia being the catalyst ensures rapid if not immediate blending into the skin.

Lightening agents on the other hand usually do not leave stains on skin. Chemicals such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide are used in these


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