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Make Your Move With Recycled Moving Boxes

I really like the idea of recycled moving boxes and since I have a problem with cardboard boxes this is a good thing. Let me explain.

I don’t have some sort of cardboard phobia. My problem with cardboard boxes comes from using them…. once.

Practically everything comes in cardboard boxes – light weight, inexpensive, handy for packaging, shipping, storing or stacking which makes them great for moving.

Most of the time after a cardboard box is used it is still in perfectly good shape and still usable. It is then discarded or recycled, recycled being the better option but here is what bothers me. This perfectly good box could end up in the trash adding to our landfills or this perfectly good box is recycled and possibly made into another box? Does that even make sense?


Save Money, Save Trees Choose Recycled Moving Boxes

One of the choices you will make as you plan your move is where to get the boxes and there are several ways to go with this and be green depending on your budget:

  • First and the most obvious choice is to re-use boxes from the grocery store, discount mart or the like. They are free but it can be a hassle doing all that running around. If this is the way you choose to go just be careful and avoid boxes that were used to ship fresh or frozen foods. They can contain bacteria and odors. A better choice is boxes that contained non food items and remember to inspect all boxes carefully before packing your things into them.


The next way to go would be to choose recycled moving boxes. This can be a good, low cost option and there are several services available to help make your next move not only greener but maybe even a little easier.


This company buys used or unwanted cardboard boxes from other companies. They mention on their website that their boxes may be used once, be a misprint, overrun or a return. So you may not be getting plain brown boxes in every size imaginable and you may see logos, a little writing or some tape but the company inspects each box for quality and guarantees your satisfaction. This is important when choosing recycled moving boxes. You want a clean sturdy box to move your stuff and you don’t want to have to worry about bugs or odors getting into your stuff when you move.

They offer special moving kits sized by how many rooms you need to move. The kit contains boxes, tape, packing materials and even the markers. Here you can get your packing needs altogether in one place for a lower cost than buying new and have them quickly shipped to you for free.

Check out the video below for more information.


  • Eco Box

Here you can buy individual recycled moving boxes in specific sizes or a prepackaged moving kit of used boxes and all the necessary packing materials. You can pick up the boxes at locations in Austin and San Antonio Texas which is great to have a chance to check out the boxes yourself but outside this area boxes and moving kits can be shipped. There is some free shipping available but other than that it looks like shipping rates will vary.

  • Box Quest and Moving Boxes Mart

These companies help to connect people who have used boxes to sell with those looking to find them. They allow you to list or search locally for used boxes. You can buy or maybe even get for free recycled moving boxes of all kinds and even some packing supplies. Both of these services are free. Box Quest seems to be more widespread throughout the U.S. and I was surprised at how many listings I could find in my area. Moving Boxes Mart offers the same kind of service but they had fewer listings and areas available.

  • CareMail sells boxes made from recycled materials. They offer boxes sold individually or in packs of 12 that are very economical and most seem to be eligible for free shipping when ordering through Amazon. Check out their recycled moving boxes.
  • Home Depot offers recycled boxes for moving or storage but also look at box outlets or office supply stores in your area for boxes made from recycled materials. You might only find individual boxes for sale but you may be lucky and even find prepackaged moving kits.


How About Moving Boxes Made From Recycled Trash?

A new service that at present seems to be only available to those of you in Orange County, California is one that provides for rent recycled moving boxes made from recycled materials but in this case not cardboard but plastic.

Rent A Green Box makes moving boxes from discarded plastic which are stackable and have handles to make moving easier. They help you figure out how many boxes you will need and brings them to you. Boxes come in several sizes and are ready to pack, no assembly required. They also offer eco friendly packing materials. When you are done they come and pick them up, clean and sanitize them and they are ready to go about 400 more times. Think of all the trees that will save.

Moving is a great time to simplify your life but it can be tough on the environment. Between all the boxes needed and the disposal of unwanted items a lot of trash can be created but you can change that by taking the time to give or sell unwanted items instead of discarding them and then packing only the items that you truly want in recycled moving boxes. Make your move and save a tree. That said, now go on and provide a vehicle to move your possessions intact.

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