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The Best Eco Friendly Style Recycled Fashion

Choosing recycled fashion is a very eco friendly thing to do whether it’s a purchase from a resale shop or from a fashion designer working with recycled fabrics and materials. Whenever you choose fashions that have been recycled in one way or another over buying new resources and energy are saved.

While it’s always fun to add something from this season’s latest trends choosing recycled apparel can help you have a fashionable wardrobe and enjoy big savings over new. Are you exploring what is available today?

Urban Outfitters

Resale Clothing

No matter where you live you have someone selling resale clothing. Just take a look through any Goodwill or Salvation Army store, designer resale or consignment shops, flea market, garage or estate sale and you will find something that would make a great addition to your wardrobe. Sometimes it’s as easy as finding a perfect dress or suit that has been gently worn and is ready to go and wear. Other times a little imagination can take something you may not have considered and using it in new ways.

Clothing made today requires ever increasing amounts of crops to be grown, resources to be used, chemicals needed for processing all the while producing tremendous amounts of waste. Buying recycled fashion helps. Your purchase makes a difference. To learn more check out eco friendly fashion.

One of the big advantages to resale clothing for those of us on a tight budget or those who just appreciate good value is that often you can find well made even designer clothing at prices that are a fraction of what they were when new. Of course quality varies especially when shopping at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Here you might find a designer shirt next to a discount store brand.

Sure it takes a little looking and some careful shopping but if you don’t mind wearing clothing that has been previously worn you can enjoy a fashionable, affordable wardrobe. If it bothers you to wear used and you are trying to live more in more eco friendly ways you are missing out on one of the best ways to accomplish this.

So if you haven’t yet given recycled fashion a chance. Start locally and see what you can turn up. Let me give you a few online places to check out.

Where To Shop Resale

Junk Gypsy

  • Fun, eclectic, dramatic even fanciful. You should be able to say at least one of these about some part of your wardrobe. If not then your wardrobe needs a pick me up and that’s just what you may find when you check out Junk Gypsies. Think of their recycled clothing and accessories as a little bit Texas, a little bit Gypsy and a whole lot of fun. These ladies scour the country looking for the unusual and unique and then present them in ways that are creative and stylish. Check out The Junk Gypsy.
  • Any easy way to explore consignment shopping is here at 2Chicks Consignment. Casual and dressy fashions from about every clothing manufacturer you can think of including Abercrombie and Fitch, Ellen Tracy, Banana Republic, J.Jill, Anne Klein and more. Since shopping for recycled fashion can be a little harder than the usual retail they have tried to make it easier by sorting the clothing by manufacturer, price, style and size. Handy style and sizing guides also helps . They even rate items so you know what condition to expect. Clothing and accessories available.



Become a Swapper

A popular fun way to change up your wardrobe is to try swapping. Often called swap parties, you bring clothes, shoes or accessories you no longer want to swap with other women. Finding or hosting a swap party can be a fun way to freshen your wardrobe and not spend a penny.

  • Urban Outfitters has created a website where you post your clothing, accessories, shoes and even books and dvds to swap. It’s free to join and post. The selections are quite large and cover items for every size and need.



Designer Recycled Fashion

It is exciting to see what some fashion designers are doing with items that might have ended up in the trash like unwanted or out of style clothing, used blue jeans or fabric remnants. Today you could be wearing a dress that was once a fashion statement from the 80’s reworked and restyled for today. Or possibly a design created from leftover fabrics from clothing manufacturing. Sometimes these are one of a kind designs because of limited availabilty of materials making them all the more unique. And I am happy to say that recycled fashion is a growing niche in an industry that has been slow to adopt being green.

Finding new life for clothing and fabrics keeps them out of the landfills where a surprising amount of clothing ends up and clothing made with manmade fibers like polyester are not biodegradeable. According to the EPA at least 5% of the trash in landfills are clothing and accessories.

Take a little time to explore some of the new styles being created today and maybe add a little recycled fashion to your wardrobe.

Where To Shop Recycled

BTC Elements

  • As I mentioned this is a small but growing fashion niche so you may find it a little harder to find but BTC Elements carries a few carefully selected clothing and accessories created with recyled materials. They are commited to selecting the best sustainable, eco friendly clothing of all kinds. Some one of a kind reworked styles along with others made with recycled fabrics. Stylish, fun and affordable eco fashion at it’s best. Also see their upcycled section.


  • Recycled fashion is a perfect fit for a site like Etsy that offers small designers a place to showcase their handmade styles. Do a search for recycled clothing and find your next one of a kind item for your wardrobe.


  • One of a kind and handcrafted clothing called Urban Renewal can be purchased from Urban Outfitters.




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