RAW Minerals Makeup Review

Yes, I decided to give Mineral Makeup a try and chose RAW Minerals. (First of all, the free trial, except for shipping – will cost you $90 if you don’t send it back in a certain timeframe, plus you must CANCEL a membership you don’t realize you have, or you’ll be getting shipments every 2 months and your charge card that you used to pay for shipping will be charged.)

Decided to go ahead and ‘try it’ (then I could return it) since I opened the box, just to see what mineral makeup was like. The look was terrifically perfect, easy to apply, didn’t feel dry…felt more like having nothing on, but looked out of this world gorgeous!

But about 4-5 hours later I looked in a mirror and got the shock of a lifetime…out celebrating Valentine’s with my sweetie and my whole face was “as orange as a pumpkin” and no longer smooth or beautiful. I was so embarrassed!

Maybe there’s something to put onto skin, before applying Mineral Makeup, that would prevent this. But every company I’ve emailed says their’s doesn’t do that…but apparently that’s not true. If I could have kept the look that it was when I first did it, it would be worth $90 every 2 months.

Thank You Wanda for sharing your experience!

Below are the ingredients in RAW Minerals Foundation:

Bismuth Oxychloride, Mica, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract, Hydrated Silica, Dimethicone, Ribose, Glycine Soja (soybean) Germ Extract.
May Contain (+/-): Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides.

This company says they combine nature and science to create their line that includes both beauty and skin care products. As you can see Bismuth Oxychloride is the first ingredient which some women find they are sensitive to after they use it. One great reason to try samples but this company only offers a free trial pack that Wanda mentioned above.

Wondering about some of the other ingredients?

These ingredients are where science combines with nature.

Silica or silicone dioxide is found in abundance in nature and we know it as sand. Hydrated silica is a clear gel that when dried and turned into a powder attracts moisture from the air.

Dimethicone is the result of manipulating silicone until it forms polymers. In this instance I am assuming it is being used for emollient and skin protecting benefits.

Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer is a silicone elastomer cosmetic powder that provides a silky feel, less greasy, water repellent, easy to apply mat finish(from Dow Corning).

These ingredients are used in a variety of makeup products. They are generally considered safe by the Skin Deep Database but Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer has yet to be assessed so it leaves you wondering. One of those little quirks that makes the database confusing at times.

This company (from their website) is a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics, uses biodegradeable ingredients sourced from sustainable resources, follows fair trade practices, uses biodegradable and recycled packaging, does not test on animals.

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RAW Minerals Makeup Review

Make-up okay, customer service awful
by: Anonymous

A few years ago a friend of mine had tried Raw Minerals and given me the package after a few days of trial(dissatisfied/burned). Recently in revamping my makeup I ordered Raw Minerals and it was much more expensive than a few years ago, AND the brushes that are included are plastic and smell like machine oils. I was not impressed and the customer service line did nothing to address this along with the “hidden auto enrolling” for a new supply every 60 days. Which by the way, you pay for the shipping and and return shipping. Be very careful when ordering trial package as to the auto enrolling!

Listen to Tobinasa
by: blue

I have not tried RAW either, but Tobinasa’s comment is sound. There are two Raw Minerals companies, and this review is about the scam one.


I love Raw Minerals
by: Anonymous

I recently started using the Raw Mineral makeup. At first I ordered the trial because why spend the money if you can try the makeup for free for 30 days before you decide to by it. I love that this company does that. I havent seen any trial offers for other mineral makeups.

The $90 to keep the trial was definately worth it. It had 2 mineral foundations in 2 colors in case one of the colors are not a perfect match you can blend the two colors, a bronzer and veil with spf 18. Those 4 containers of make-up alone are worth $90. And believe me I have priced all the better quality mineral make-up out there.

The trial also came with a 3 piece brush set that has to be worth at least $50 or $60, and a cd to watch to guide you through the application process. When I called at the end of my trial to provide my feedback, they sent me another container of the light-3 foundation free of charge since that is the only color I needed.

I did a lot of research and can’t really understand why some people think this company is a scam. I always read carefully anytime I use a credit card online to order anything and actually the terms of the trial were clear and visible. you have 30 days to try. If you keep the products you pay $90 and if you dont want to keep, you call and cancel and send products back.

I kept mine and automatically you are enrolled in an autoshipment for the 2 mineral foundations and mineral veil at a discounted price. Realized after talking to the rep that the autoship program is very flexible as far as changing your next ship date and how often you get products can be as far apart as every 6 months. So far I am very happy with the products and the customer service I have received from this company.

Love the product, hate the scam
by: kim

I got the “free” trial package, and it does not tell you that it’s $90 until AFTER you’ve already agreed. It took me THREE MONTHS and approximately 180 minutes on my phone to get this stupid scam cancelled off my bank account. I thought I was going to have to close the account!

Having said that about the scam, I dumped the lightest foundation powder into another container and continued to use it as concealer. I stopped mixing the two colors and using them as foundation because my daughter told me I looked plastic (I usually don’t use foundation). But I do love the light color as concealer, and I found that all mineral powders are not the same. I tried American Beauty mineral powder in a light color, and it does not cover like the Raw Mineral powder. I would love to buy it again, but there is no way I will go on the glow.com scam site again! I guess I’ll hit ebay for it.

loved it for a while…..
by: Anonymous

The first 3 weeks if using raw minerals were amazing. my skin never looked better. super natural and with a beautiful glow. However, after a month of using it i began to break out. I figured i was stressed or had eaten badly. So i extended the trial to 60 days. I was hoping my skin would clear and it wasnt the effects of the minerals. It defiantly was. I called right before the trial was up to get a refuned and the woman that worked for them told me that sometimes using minerals and all natural solutions were worse than anything and extremely harsh on your skin. I was really hoping that it would have worked out. Immediately after discontinuing the use of this product my skin cleared up.

Forget Raw Minerals
by: Waycross48

I would just forget dealing with Raw Minerals. I’ve used Bare Minerals for about 3 years now. I find that it stays true to color and stays on ALL DAY long. I find that it does not emphasize my pores. But my favorite thing is that this product is a TRUE skin tone and stays looking flawless all day long – even in the summer heat. They are VERY easy to deal with if you wish to cancel the automatic shipments – they will offer to change them to whatever you wish. I actually told them I would call and order as I needed it and got NO pressure at all to continue with the auto ships. The Mineral Veil powder that comes with this is my favorite product. It gives an overall finished look to the makeup and blends everything into a flawless finish. Amazing. So, stay away from the $90 Raw Minerals and use Bare Minerals. You will be thrilled with the results.

Cannot not rate since have not tried product.
by: Tobinasa

I have not tried Raw Minerals Cosmetics but there seem to be two distinct companies. One seems to be for real and the other is a scam. The real one appears to be RawMineralsCosmetics.com. It does not give a free trial.

The one with the ‘free’ trials claims to be affiliated with the BBB. It is not. It also claims to be Verisign safe. It is not. Try clicking on the link. You get nothing. Watch out for this site is all I can say. Do your homework. The BBB gave it an ‘F’.

I love Raw Minerals !
by: Anonymous

Hi – I think we all get deluded when we sign up for something and it ends up being ninety dollars! However, I called to cancel and the lady on the line worked out a great deal for me. Also, I can manage my account so that I don’t have to have it shipped every two months. In fact, I can wait up to six months! I love this foundation! I got this in the lightest shade, no. 1 and no. 3. light. I did not do the warmth. I wanted to see how the color of the basic foundation worked. I am an older lady, and you should see my skin with this makeup on! I love it!

Lets Be adults now!
by: Maria

People, before signing up for ANYTHING free you need to read the NOT SO fine print. It very clearly states that if you do not return the product within 30 days you will be charged $90.00. It states this very precisely on your online receipt AND in a small paragraph on a letter you receive in the box with the product. Very simple. Very cut to the chase. If you didn’t read the TWO clear statements. Its your fault. Be responsible and know what you’re getting into BEFORE signing up for ANYTHING. Raw minerals has been working wonderfully for me. I’ve been using it for one week and i am amazed! My skin looks incredibly healthy and natural. I have not tried bare minerals, yet. One last note,

by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh! What a scam! I filled out the information on their site, then decided to go check out other peoples opinions on the product. Before submitting my data, I cancelled out of the web-site, not even submitting the information. They have it encoded in their site. Don’t enter anything! They charged me $90.00 anyway and sent the product additionally continuing to charge my account for other products unbeknownst to me! I had to call them and cancel my account and make “inactive” so they would not continually draft my account. The next draft was for 66.45 for who knows what! I did not try the product due to everyones comments on allergic reactions. I’ll stick with my Essentials Bare Minerals Always and forever! Much better product and WAY less cost. Don’t try this!

Possible problems for having the ‘Orange look’
by: Anjelica

Hi Wanda, I am a makeup artist who’s worked with many different mineral makeups. I have used Bare Escentuals (Bare Minerals) for 8 years. I’ve tried others here and there but alays go back to that brand. You should always moisturize your face, especially before using mineral akeup because it makes it disperse more evenly without looking flaky or dying the skin. Also, try using a foundation primer after moisturing to get better, longer lasting, coverage from your makeup. One reason why it may have looked orange is because it was too dark for your complextion. It may have had too much pink in it. I too am light, not fair. But if something has too much pink base, it can make you look that way. Try something with more of a yellow base like the “light” from Bare Minerals. Even ‘Fairly Light’ may be a better choice for you. It’s a yellow base just a bit darker than the fair. But not as strong in yellow as the light. You can get a Fair kit online for $60 and it’s about a 3 month supply. It also comes with the brushes (which are great quality) and a fair foundation which you can use as a concealer, DVD, and ‘warmth’ which is a bronzing-type color. You’d want to use that VERY sparingly because it’s rich in color. I hope this helps you in finding a great mineral makeup.

Raw Minerals
by: Anonymous

They are a scam, very deceitful and dishonest. Be careful with them if you must try their product or you’ll lose $100. They are very tricky and loads and loads of ppl have fell for it. Some have allergic reactions could be due to soy and not bismuth.

Love Raw Minerals
by: Jamie

I’m 47, and I had been using Lancome liquid foundation for years. Just recently, though, it started to feel like it was “too much” on my skin. I don’t like the “made-up” look, and I felt like I was beginning to get that. So I found Raw Minerals through a web ad and decided to try it.

I am fair-skinned, so I ordered the lightest color combo. I have to say that I LOVE it. I’ve never worn any kind of powder, but this is just silky on my skin. And it blends so well that it looks like I’m not wearing anything, but my skin looks great and even-toned. After 3 months, I’m sold!

Now they do have that automatic shipping thing, but you can cancel that (I just did, because I still have lots of product left and don’t need more every two months). You can manage your account online and basically tell them when to ship to you.

This is one of my best new discoveries in a long time and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Raw Minerals (to Anonymous)
by: Anonymous

Yes, I must’ve had some kind of reaction. My problem with ordering any kind of minerals makeup is I have no idea what color to try. I’m not the fairest but I am light, with light-medium brown hair and blue eyes, and at 55 I’m not a real sun person like I was when I was younger. I typically wear a soft beige shade – fresco in Estee Lauder liquid. Went to 2 stores just to see what color they thought…one said light and the other said medium. (I don’t have a clue about tones…red, pink, yellow, olive etc.) 25 years ago a beauty consultant said I was “cool” – Estee consultant says I’m “cool to neutral. Based on my description do you think Light, Fairly Light, Medium, or Medium Beige…or perhaps mix 2 colors. Sure would appreciate any advise. Many thanks…

Hi Wanda
by: Anonymous

I’ve been using mineral make-up for years (not Raw minerals). I read your review. It sounds like you had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. Soy, unknown to a lot of women, is a very common allergy. I’m so allergic to soy, I have in engraved on my medic bracelet. It turns my face bright orange/red. Sometimes the more simple the product, the better it is. I used Bare Minerals for 6 years (32yrs-38yrs), then had to switch because of my now “maturing” skin. The Bismuth Oxychloride is nasty on fine lines and wrinkles. I’m going to try Bisous minerals because of its super pure and limited ingredients. The reviews are outstanding and I plan to leave one in a few months after trying it.


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