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Potassium And Foods That Pack More Potassium

Potassium And Foods That Pack More Potassium

What Is Potassium

It is an important mineral and electrolyte for your body. It helps maintain the healthy vital sign, transfers nutrients to cells, and supports healthy nerve and muscle function. Healthy people have an adequate amount of potassium at 4,700 mg, but unfortunately, most people don’t get enough potassium in their diet.

What Is Potassium Good For

Potassium represents 5% percent of the entire mineral content of a person’s body, albeit only about one liter appears within the body at a time. it’s found in our bodies both inside and out of doors cells and is an important mineral required a day to remain healthy. quite 98% of the body’s potassium is intracellular. The body quickly absorbs potassium, but nearly 90% of it excretes through the kidneys and bowels. Thus, it’s a natural diuretic and is important for the elimination of body wastes, like water and sodium.

Banana Potassium

Bananas are one of the foremost admired fruits globally. Some people address bananas, as they’re known for his or her high potassium content. the typical size of banana has 422 mg or 9% AI (adequate intake). It maintains a liquid level within the body and directs the association of nutrients and waste products in and out of cells. Potassium also assists in contraction and nerve cells responding.

It keeps the guts beating repeatedly and may reduce the effect of sodium on the vital signs. Potassium can reduce the danger of developing kidney stones as people grow old. A healthy kidney ensures that the proper amount of potassium is present within the body. it’s better to undertake to urge potassium from food sources like bananas. Otherwise, potassium supplements are available to shop for online.

Health Benefits of Banana for You

Bananas contain essential nutrients which will have a protective effect on health. The potassium benefits that doctors have linked to bananas are as under:

Blood Pressure

The American Heart Association (AHA) encourages the general public to lower their intake of salt, or sodium, and increase their utilization of foods that contain potassium. It can help handle vital sign and ease the strain on the circulatory system. consistent with the nutritional information stated above, a medium banana provides almost 9% of an individual’s daily potassium needs.


Eating bananas might help in preventing wheezing in children with asthma, a 2007 study suggested. one among the explanations could also be the antioxidant and potassium content of bananas. However, more research is desirable to verify these findings.

Heart Health

Bananas have fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants, all of which promote heart health. people that follow a high fiber diet have a coffee er risk of heart condition than those on a low fiber diet, a 2017 review. those that ate more fiber also had lower levels of LDL (LDL) or “bad” cholesterol.


The ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommends eating bananas and other fruits due to fiber. They observed that eating fiber can assist lower blood glucose levels. Eating a high fiber diet could decrease the danger of type 2 diabetes and should lessen blood glucose in those that have already got the disease, 2018 review conclusion.

Digestive Health

Bananas contain water and fiber, which promote consistency and sustain digestive health. One medium banana provides about 10% of an individual’s fiber requirements for each day . Bananas also are a component of an approach referred to as the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast), which doctors recommend for Diarrhea treatment.

Diarrhea may result within the failure of water and electrolytes, like potassium. Bananas help in replacing these nutrients. consistent with a 2012 study, high fiber foods can activate bloating, gas, and stomach cramps in people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD. Though bananas may recover symptoms, the authors concluded.

Preserve Memory And Boost Mood

Bananas contain an aminoalkanoic acid which will help safeguard memory, improve a person’s capability to get and remember thing and adjust the mood.

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Avocados have end up to be very fashionable and stylish — and with excellent grounds. Full with good fats, avocados are mainly an excellent source of vitamin K and folate.

If you eat a full avocado, you’ll get 20% of your everyday potassium requirements without a moment’s delay. Additionally, avocados may help individuals with hypertension, which increases their potassium and reduce their salt (sodium) intake. this recommendation is from a study called Dietary Approaches to prevent Hypertension (DASH).

Avocados are low in sodium, like most fruit. an outsized portion of avocado gives 7 mg or only 0.5% of your recommended dietary admission (RDI) of sodium. Avocados are jam-full with supplements — just an outsized portion of an organic product gets you 10% of your every day potassium needs. They’re likewise plentiful in nutrient K and folate and should help bring down your circulatory strain.

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Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes became an ever more accessible substitute for potatoes. They’re mainly nutritious ways of sustaining your potassium ingestion — one medium-sized sweet potato contains 541 mg or 12% of your Potassium AI. What else, sweet potatoes are low in fat and are an honest source of complex carbohydrates and fiber. They’re also a superb means of vitamin A, together sweet potato provides over 400% of your RDI.


Decisively, spinach is one of the foremost supplements of exceptional vegetables around. One cup of solidified spinach contains 540 mg of potassium or generally 12% of the AI. It additionally sneaks up all of a sudden with different supplements.

The comparable serving size contains 366% of your RDI for nutrient A, 725% for nutrient K, 57% for folate, and 29% for magnesium. In like manner, around three cups (100 grams) of raw spinach contain 558 mg of potassium, likewise about 12% of the AI. Recall that visually 100 grams of fresh spinach is significantly more on your plate than an identical sum solidified.

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