Planning a Family: What You Should Know About Stress

If you have decided to plan a family but are concerned with fertility issues, you need to find out the exact cause of the problem. One of the reasons why couples can have difficulties with conception is due to stress. Indeed, stress can make it difficult to conceive as it gets in the way of “the moment.”

When people are in their late 20s or early 30s, they experience stress more. Not only are they concerned with their careers but they are also worried about family planning. Maybe your friends all have children and you have not yet gotten pregnant. If so, this factor can send out a wave of emotions that can impact your ability to conceive.

What Research Reveals

In fact, researchers emphasize that stress plays a big part, especially for women, in conception. According to scientists, stress increases the formation of the enzyme that is known as alpha-amylase. Alpha-amylase directly increases infertility risks. One study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) verified this to be the case. Enhanced levels of alpha-amylase reportedly caused 12% more women to experience problems with infertility. If you visit a fertility clinic in Bangkok, you may find this to be your problem.

When a woman feels anxious or stressed, it affects the functionality of the pituitary gland. The gland, which is located on the lower side of the brain, is exceptionally small. However, just because it is small does not mean that it does not cause problems. This primary gland transports hormones to the ovaries through blood flow. The hormones are used to support ovulation and develop eggs.

If a woman is stressed, it triggers the release of a problematic hormone known as cortisol. Cortisol affects ovulation and also causes weight gain. Therefore, a woman not only feel poorly about her figure but she will also have a hard time getting pregnant. Cortisol can make it difficult for a woman to release an egg so it can be fertilized. In some cases,    ovulation can stop altogether.

How Stress Affects Men’s Fertility

When stress is present, men can experience problems with infertility as well. If a man feels anxious, it can degrade the quality of his semen. One study revealed that a man’s health or age does not affect semen quality. However, stress plays a part in this regard.

If both couples are stressed, infertility can keep them from planning a family. That is why it is important to note this condition if it is affecting you as a couple. If you wish to start a family, you need to both relax if you want to realize success in this respect.

Address the Stress in Your Life First

Couples need to face stress head-on and find out ways to relax so they can make it possible to have children. If you do not take these measures, you may be making more of an infertility issue than is needed. Address any stress in your life first to make sure that you can make family planning easier on yourselves.

For example, to make sure that you minimize stress in your life, you need to adopt a new eating plan. If you primarily eat sugar or junk food, you need to make a change now. Many younger people enjoy snacks such as chips. However, these kinds of products do not offer the needed nutrition to reduce stress.

Also, you want to avoid consuming too much caffeine or energy drinks. Caffeine, when consumed in large quantities, can make you feel stressed out and jittery. If you combine this consumption with sugar, you will experience spikes and lows in blood sugar that will only lend to your anxiety. Therefore, take time to assess your needs diet-wise and make some substantial changes.

Eat a Nutrition-Rich Diet

The idea is to eat a diet that is nutrition-rich. Doing so will make you feel healthier and calmer. When you consume too much processed sugar or caffeine, you usually end up feeling nervous or anxious instead of energized.

Develop a healthy eating plan that both of you can follow. Never make potato chips your preferred snack. Instead, the focus should be centered on eating foods that are organic and natural. Besides eating healthier, you need to adopt lifestyle changes that will make you feel calmer overall. This can easily be done if you take up a practice such as yoga or meditation. By taking this stance, you will feel more at peace and adopt a new perspective.

When you can see things from a calmer point of view, the stress will ultimately be released. When this happens, you will notice an improvement in your demeanor and how you view life overall. How you are thinking can also prevent you from conceiving and having a baby. Therefore, you need to adapt yourself to a whole new way of thinking.

Learn to Prioritize

This means that you should not try to do everything for everyone. You need to delegate tasks and make choices. If you are not good to yourself, how can you be supportive to others? Make up your mind to prioritize and reflect on what is the most important in your life. When you take on this type of demeanor, everything in your life will begin to fall more logically into place. Do not allow stress to overcome you. Work at overcoming your anxiety instead.

You Need to Be Calm and Centered

After all, you do not want to take on the responsibility of having children and not focus on getting rid of stress. Having children is a major undertaking where you need to be calm and centered. If you are constantly worried or stressed, how can you be a good parent to a newborn? Conquer stress now so you can make the most of your life and situation. If you want to conceive, you need to conceive things differently with your mind.

Now is the time to do things that matter. Do not, as they say, “sweat the small stuff.” Make a decision now to overcome stress one day at a time.


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