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Did You Know Organic Underwear Could Look This Good?

What is your first thought when you hear organic underwear?

Those oldies with no bright colors, no sexy fit with elastic on the top and bottom, unbleached cotton, boring, no style, granny panties maybe? Well, you would have been right a while back but not anymore. Now, we are talking about thongs, colors and even sexy lingerie, for which you will fall in love at first sight, they are better organic panties.

Fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp are so soft and comfortable that they are perfect for underwear and what’s the better way to add organic fabrics to your wardrobe than by starting with organic underwear? Your purchases can and do make a difference even the small ones. Every time you purchase organic materials, you keep more harmful chemicals out of our environment and help to support organic growers. Also, it is a better care for yourself as these panties are safe and also keeps you neat and peachy.


organic underwear from Faeries Dance

Shopping For Organic Undies

Keep in mind as you are shopping for organic underwear or any organic clothing, that it is important to look for those that not only contain organically grown fibers but also are dyed and processed in ways that are most gentle to the environment. The chemical processes used on cotton to bleach, dye or finish are often very harmful.


organic cotton underwear women’s

It is very soft and 100% organic cotton underwear for your whole family. I found a nice selection of Ecoland items including bras, panties, camisole, baby and kids and men’s tees at Amazon. They are available in natural or pure white. Good for everyday wear. They are made in a sweatshop-free environment and they use recycled packaging. Reviews on this brand are mostly positive but some women found the sizing ran small.


Their lingerie is available in three styles made from organic fabrics and from bamboo. It is designed simply and for comfort without the use of wires or heavy elastic and is best for everyday or light athletic wear. They took advantage of the natural, strength and elasticity that are found in cotton that has been grown organically to provide shape, comfort and cooling to their organic underwear. This small company manufactures their clothing here in the U.S.


Organically grown cotton is mostly grown and manufactured right here in the United States. Nice, soft and comfortable styling that is great for everyday wear. A great site for those sensitive to chemicals many items also are latex free.  They are green and sweatshop-free.

Couture Cottons organic panties

  • Couture Cottons

    Cute and sexy organic cotton/bamboo panties with little extras like lace and a fun little peek-a-boo hole near the waistband on the back. Light pink is shown here but other colors including black, red and brown in styles of French cut, bikini, boy cut and thong are also available.

  • Gracie Girl 

    organic cotton underwear womens

    If you are looking for panties, bras and pretty nightwear in a good range of price, then you have come to the right place. You’ll find thongs to boy shorts and sports bras to lacy camisoles available in organic cotton and some bamboo blends and if you know  about bamboo then you can get a idea from it that how soft these organic panties and bra will be.

  • PACT

Tees, tanks, socks, bikini and thongs all are made from organic cotton. Their designs are cute and colorful but what impresses me the most is the care that is taken at every phase of their business to be eco friendly and socially responsible. They are working on creating a business where nothing ends up in a landfill but is reused or recycled. To help achieve this they offer a special mailer to return no longer needed underwear which they will recycle and in return you will receive a discount code.


As always a big selection of organic underwear all in one place from a variety of different brands like Ecoland, Only Hearts (shown left), Hanky Panky, American Apparel, Pact, Gaiam and Patagonia. Many styles offer free super saver shipping and free returns.

So why don’t you make organic underwear a part of your wardrobe? And live a safe and hygienic lifestyle. Eco friendly underwear is the most comfortable and hygienic, so switch to better organic underwear.


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