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2020 has been a great year for internet slots, with around 300 games having been issued already. And that is not the last number as we are just part of the way through the year. Anyway, it is not uncommon to get this number of games at being launched (although, by the conclusion of 2020, there could be a much bigger number than you’d expect to see just because, well, what else have creators had to do other than create games in this strange, coronavirus time?). So what will you spend real cash on when you play? Below are a few suggestions.

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II is actually a game by Microgaming, and is actually – as you may have thought from the title – a sequel to a different incredibly popular game Thunderstruck. Thunderstruck has long been cited as one of the many preferred web slots ever produced, which means that Thunderstruck II has a great deal to follow up to – and it does.

With 5 reels, there are 243 distinct prospective winning combinations, so that is a great start. You will also have a number of gods to have fun with, like Thor and his hammer, referred to as Mjolnir (which functions as the scatter). Should you find 3 or more of these hammers, you will be moved to the bonus round, and there are actually 4 unique levels to cope with there. This is the primary explanation why Thunderstruck II is very popular; it is like taking part in an arcade game, but with the possibility to gain lots of money. 

A Night Out

A Night Out is actually a game by Playtech, and is ideal for people who love to party. The name does explain the game and it is an apt design since the partying accomplished here is a large amount of fun. Different ways to play feature the barman bonus, the dancing ladies scatter, as well as the frothy beer wild, and those all make the experience amazing. In the event that you would like to trigger the extra round (and this is highly recommended) you have to discover the barman on just reels just one and five. 

When you are playing the multiplier, you are able to earn multipliers and free spins, so it is certainly well worth looking out for. But as well as this, you are able to get some amazing prizes in the primary game too including a fifty times of your initial stake when you find 5 dancing ladies scatters. Five frothy beer wilds is much more effective, offering up a 10,000 situations jackpot. 

Don’t forget about the progressive jackpot which is connected to A Night Out too – this particular game definitely does have everything.

Desert Treasure

If you have ever liked the concept of looking for buried treasure but you are not cut out to become a pirate, digging in the desert may be a good alternative. If the heat is not something you like, a slot with this desert excavating theme might be much more fun that real life, and that is what Playtech’s Desert Treasure is about. 

In addition to the primary game, there’s a progressive jackpot which operates like a side/bonus game. It’s the same as the lottery wherein you are able to choose 5 balls numbered one to forty nine. When you match you can win the huge jackpot which grows each time someone misses out.

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