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Naturtint and Herbatint

I loved how these products made my hair feel – much softer than with regular salon coloring. I am not having allergic reactions to products, just hate all the chemicals.

There wasn’t the nasty chemical smell with these, and I just felt so much better using a natural product that didn’t fry my hair. However, I was so bummed because my light brown/dark blond hair pulled brassy/orangey with these. I’m not sure if they just weren’t strong enough or what. I was hoping for about an 8n blond. I tried a few different colors and even tried ash blonde and it was the same result.

My hair has been pulling much warmer at the salon also, but this was a terrible color. I don’t know if it is my water, or medications I’m taking, but I didn’t use to have the problem of pulling warm. I hope I can find a more natural answer to a good hair color. If anyone has tips on why my hair is coloring more warm or why the Herbatint or Naturtint went wrong, please let me know.

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Naturtint has ppd! NEW
by: Anonymous 

Hello, I love your blog! Thank you so much for the effort you are making to help us find safer alternatives to what’s out there! I used Naturtint for a year or so with wonderful results. My hair felt better, it didn’t burn my scalp and I thought I’d found the answer! Needless to say, my friend suddenly had a horrible reaction to her hair color because of the ppd. She is Asian and has very black beautiful hair so she uses a very dark dye, not Naturtint. Her dermatologist told her about pods in hair dyes and the problems they cause. I felt I was safe, after all, I used a natural color, Naturtint. I called the company Naturtint, just to be recassured that all was well. I actually spoke to the owner and she informed me that Nsturtint DOES contain PPD! It’s less than standard drug store products, but in fact it’s in there, I really felt duped! Marketing! The box makes it look like it’s good for your hair! I am a breast cancer survivor and wonder if applying chemicals to my head every three weeks might not contribute to cancer, I don’t have the gene! I am now using Ion permanent color, ppd free, but I am sure that has junk in it to, just no ppd! I don’t want to go Salt and pepper, so I keep searching………

Right Color NEW
by: Anonymous 

You can mix your own color. I buy 6N, 7N & 8A, and mix them in different amounts (not much 8A) to get a great color. My hair stylist told me they do that all the time. Have had many compliments; it’s a nice dark blonde – light brown.

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Herbatint and Naturtint
by: Anonymous 

Herbatint and Naturtint will dye darker than what you expect. For me the color was just right but you may want to try a shade lighter than what you think you actually want and/or a cooler color of tint.


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