Need Some Good Reasons For Buying Natural Lipstick?

Need some good reasons for buying Natural Lipstick?

Chemical lipsticks may give you the most darkest lip shades and even knowing it is chemical we easily afford to get it without being scared of what is next. Once you read the blog you will get to know why it is the best to go with Natural Lipsticks.

Natural lipstick

Ingredients So Good You Could Eat Them

We can’t help it but you and I ingest our lipstick. Rough estimates have been made that we consume at least 4 lbs of lipstick in a lifetime. I don’t know about you but I would rather that was natural ingredients.

It’s one beauty product most of us can’t be without. We might leave the house without makeup but draw the line at lipstick. We use it almost everyday making it one of our most frequently used makeup items.

Lately there has been quite a bit of debate over the safety of some of the ingredients used to create regular lipstick. One issue that has caused concern is lead in lipstick.

Lipstick Ingredients

beautiful lips

Most of the lipsticks we use contain petroleum by products like mineral oil, synthetic chemicals, dyes and fragrances. In some cases we really don’t know exactly what is lipsticks. The “trade secret loophole” allows product manufacturers to use a generic term like fragrance and not say what that means. (see nontoxic skin care)

Lipsticks can be made quite simply. There are three main ingredients, wax, oil and coloring. Natural lipstick usually contains beeswax or plant wax like carnauba or candellila, which give it body, oils like jojoba, sunflower or chamomile for spreadability and natural pigments or coloring.

Pigments can be organic or natural herbs(turmeric), vegetables (beets), insect (carmine or cochineal, a pigment from crushed beetles) or mineral based (titanium dioxide or iron oxide). FDA approved colors like D&C; Red or FD&C; Yellow, though approved are not usually used.

Don’t waste time worrying about the ingredients in your lipstick. Choose natural lipsticks that are made with real natural ingredients. Ingredients that if they were put in front of you you could eat them and not worry. Natural lipsticks do more than make you look pretty. Moisturizing and nourishing ingredients give you healthy, beautiful color.

What About Iron Oxide?

Sometimes when I am researching I’ll find myself wondering about some bit of information that I come across. This was the case with iron oxide.

The wording on some products made me wonder if the iron oxide being used in lipstick was a natural product but after checking I found that there are two forms of iron oxide, a natural and a synthetic variety.

Iron oxides in nature combine with toxic metals like lead, arsenic and mercury. It is very difficult to remove these metals from the iron oxides.

Some companies that make natural lipsticks choose to use synthetic iron oxides which is not a truly natural product mined from the earth but it is a safe one with no toxic metals.

Benefits of Natural lipsticks

1) Natural colors
Well, I love the color of cherry and have thought multiple times if I can apply it as an lipstick once it will be processed as a finite liquid. There are too many different natural ingredient which will make your lips shine like the way it did for me.

2)  Hydration would be easy
The natural lipsticks are now easily created through the DIY ideas and it has made my lips more glossy day by day. After several days my lips got naturally moisturized and the skin over my lips were regenerating over time.  My lips had no tears and bleeds during winters either.

3) Suits the best for lips
Lips are the outer covering of everyone’s mouth and every time we swallow the lipstick without being intentional but eating up the natural lipsticks will cause no allergies or harms to you. But the time when I kept swallowing the chemical lipsticks I have had vomiting several times and I got to know the reason quite later when I surfed about natural lipsticks and then I knew the defects of chemical lipsticks.

4) Apply even throughout the day safely
As once the color of the lips get dull we make the initiative to apply to again. But the lips lose its lipstick once we slowly swallow it without knowing it. But this will lead to a great harm in future but the natural lipsticks can be applied multiple times again and again as they are more moisturizing.

Defects of Chemical Lipsticks
* Increase the dryness of lips if applied consequently
* Swallowing it for a long period may affect your IQ level.
*  Heavy metals are composed in it.
* Cadmium and Chromium are being mixed which causes     cancer according to Food and Drug Administration US.
* And these lipsticks must not be applied daily, then can only be used once in two days.
* they mainly cause breast cancer

List of Ten lipsticks brands which are completely natural

1) Brut’s Bee
2) Evxo
3) Skin2spirit
4) V.Sachar MD
5) Ecco Bella
6) Clove+hallow
7) Luscious Cosmetics
8) Honeybee gardens
9) Yulip
10) Inika

Where To Shop


  • Peacekeeper Lipstick is a highly rated lipstick in colors that go from soft and flattering to vibrant and they use great ingredients. This is a company with a desire to make a difference and gives back a portion of their profits to organizations that support women’s and humanitarian causes.


  • Aubrey Organics has a line of shear natural lip tints that come in a tube and are applied with a sponge applicator. These vegan lip colors offer shine and color and have been found to be safe for people with sensitivity to ingredients in regular lipstick. See the selections available at Aubrey Organics
  • Lip-Ink is natural lipstick that guarantees to be smear proof. This is not your traditional lipstick. It is a lip color system that is applied in a couple of easy steps. The kit contains three products. Off, Color and Shine.1.Cleanse and exfoliate with Off.
    2.Apply Lip Color.
    3.Apply Shine

    The lip color is actually a liquid that is colored with safe, botanical ingredients and feels quite tingly when applied. The color actually lasted all day, deeper color attained if more than one coat is applied. To remove the color just use Off again. It worked very well for me. I chose Blush which was like a deeper version of my own lip color. They do offer quite a color range for all needs. A little pricey but well worth it especially for those special occasions where you want to put on your lipstick and forget it. Lip ink at amazon

  • Perfect Organics Lip and Cheek Shimmer lets you add shimmery color to your lips and a glow to your cheeks with one product. Organic oils, shea butter and vitamin E moisturize lips and skin while essential oils of vanilla and peppermint provide a light scent. Amazon has a good selection of colors from Perfect Organics Products like the Perfect Organics Vegan Lip and Cheek Shimmer Cairo Inspired – Sunkissed Spring Rose pictured left.
  • All Natural Cosmetics carries several different brands of lipstick with lists of ingredients included for each brand. They provide icons so it is easy to see at a glance if a product is vegan, fragrance free, organic etc. Samples are available which is a real plus when ordering online.

applying lipstick

  • I have been using lipstick made by Primitive Makeup. They come in a collection of beautiful flattering colors with a creamy non sticky texture and mild vanilla scent. This lipstick is a two time Editor’s Pick lipstick for Natural Solutions Magazine. Ingredients like wheat germ oil, shea butter and jojoba oil make it soothing and healing and will make you lips feel soft and supple. This has become one of my favorite lipsticks and I think once you try them you will agree. Check out Primitive Lipstick
  • Natural Solutions carries many different brands of natural lipsticks. They include all ingredients, offer affordable samples, tell you if a product is vegan, even include some suggestions to using their products. Great site that carries a wide assortment of natural products. Primitive can be purchased here too. See the selections at Natural Solutions.

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