Natural healing remedies for after cosmetic surgery

Stay hydrated and eat well

As with any surgery, you might be asked not to eat or drink for a while beforehand. Therefore, when you wake up you’ll need to replenish your water levels and keep yourself hydrated. Try to encourage drinks, fruits, and vegetables with vitamin C into your diet. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant and helps to strengthen the tissues in your skin, making for a quicker recovery time and contributing to the formation of collagen.

Foods that are high in vitamin C include brussels sprouts, kiwis, oranges, and grapefruits. If you’re struggling with appetite after surgery try to get all natural juices and keep sipping on them to keep your energy levels up.


Whether you’ve had a tummy tuck  or rhinoplasty, you need to be able to let your body rest. The trauma from surgery means that your energy levels will be depleted, and your body will be trying to repair itself. Even if you don’t feel particularly tired the days following surgery, it’s important not to overdo it and to allow your body time to heal.

For example, if you have a breast augmentation it’s important that you don’t lift anything or raise your arms above your head for the first few days as it can cause unnecessary additional pain and tugging against the area which could prolong the healing process.

Be kind to your skin

You’ll want to treat your skin like you would a new-born baby. Be sure to keep it moisturised and treat any scars with a healing oil to help reduce their appearance. Be aware of the weather around you and be extra careful in sunlight as your skin will be more sensitive to this. It’s recommended that you use a sunscreen with at least SPF30 or 40 and you wash with mild, sensitive products, ideally fragrance-free and non-soap containing to avoid aggravation your wounds.

Be patient

After surgery, it’s natural to want to get out there and show off your new body to the world. But you need to be realistic and patient. Don’t get frustrated with yourself if the healing process is taking longer than you had hoped – it will all be worth it in the end!

Whatever you do, don’t pick your wounds or peel away any scabs as this can increase chances of infection and scarring. If you do fear that your surgery wounds have become infected, or the healing process is taking much longer than expected and you’re worried about it, get in touch with your surgeon and they should be able to help put your mind at ease.

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