Morning Back Pain-causes and solution

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The morning back pain. If you know what I am talking about, the grimace on your face appears every time you hear about it. If not, you are fortunate, but you should still follow up and read to the very end so that you will never have such a problem.

Why do you feel pain in your back in the morning?

The causes of back pain are usually multifactorial, which often makes it difficult to make the right diagnosis. Most often, back pain is the result of. Back pain can also be caused by numerous diseases, not just the spine. Check where spine pain comes from and how to solve this problem.

There are many possible causes of back pain. Often they are multifactorial what makes the pain difficult to diagnose and overcome. Usually, the morning back pain is a combination of the various causes. They can be a sedentary lifestyle, bad posture habits, and lack of regular physical exercises. We all know it. However, there is another reason why you may struggle with morning back pain. Have you ever thought about the way how you sleep, or rather on what you sleep? The root of your problems with back can be an inappropriate fitted mattress. Let’s have a look at some solutions on how you can get rid of your pain once and for all.  

Choose the appropriate position

The first thing that you can do to overcome your pain is quite simple. All you need to change is your position during sleep. Now, we are going to tell you how you should fall asleep in your bed.

When the time comes, lie on your side and slightly bend your knees. Keep the hips in a straight line (if you let the upper hip fall forward, the lumbar spine will rotate, which will intensify the discomfort). Put one or two thick cushions between the knees so that the legs are parallel to each other.

Most often, you can complain about back pain after sleeping on your stomach. When you sleep in this position, the spine is loaded to the greatest extent. However, sometimes, it is not a sufficient solution to morning back pain.

Wake up slowly

It is also important how you wake up. The basic rule is not to hurry and drag. It serves, among others, the initial mobilization of muscles for work and prepares your body for vertical position.

Getting rapidly out of the bed sleep, when the whole muscle apparatus is relaxed and unstrained, can result in, for example, falling out of the disk.

Why the mattress is so important?

Remember that it can not be too soft, because it makes the body to collapse and take the wrong position, or too hard – the blood must circulate freely in places of pressure. Besides, it should maintain the physiological curvature of the body and have a properly adjusted frame. It is worth to test the mattress in the store – lie on it in the position where you usually sleep, turn from one side to the other and make sure that you do not fall in it. The best solution can be a Memory Foam Mattress that ensures your comfort.

Memory Foam Mattress- the miracle solution?

Thanks to its unusual features, Memory Foam Mattress has become indispensable in the production of mattresses and pillows. No other material can match it. Why is it so great?  Memory Foam Mattress has an open, airy structure that allows for moisture evaporation and temperature regulation, durable, flexible construction that allows the mattress to last longer without losing its properties, resistance to pressure. However, the most significant advantage over standard mattresses is unusual flexibility – Memory Foam Mattress adapts to the body shapes.

The foam is additionally an unfriendly environment for the development of mites and bacteria, optimally supports the body and gives the impression of floating in the air, does not put pressure on the body contact points, but adapts to them. Memory Foam Mattress is also lightweight and easy to use.

Memory foam shape significantly affects the quality of sleep and life. People differ from each other, and each of us would like to have a mattress perfectly fitted to our body. Changing your casual mattress on the Memory Foam Mattress and adapting above mentioned techniques will help you wake up without any unpleasure feeling.

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