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Meow Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Review

I am 42 with very oily skin so I look younger than my years. But it also means I still get the occasional bout of acne and with traditional makeup a lot of acne.

I stumbled accross mineral makeup as a whole with ads from Bare Minerals but they were SO expensive I tried Neutrogena and Physicians Formula from the drugstore and while they felt comfortable, the color matches weren’t exact and the eye shadows all looked like tones of sand.

I went on the internet and did a whole bunch of research on ingredients and looked for the exciting vibrant colors of regular makeup.

I finally stumbled upon Meow Cosmetics which had very simple formulas with no filers, a wide range of foundation colors, super cheap, yet large samples. And a large range of eye shadow and blush colors to rival the traditional makeup counters. So I ordered a huge number of samples.

The foundation coverage was beautiful, light and sheer but with three formulations and a full range of concealers you can mix concealer and foundation formulas in the same shade and get completely custom coverage. I mix a small ammount of concealer with Pampered Puss for a slightly heavier coverage.

I have some acne scaring but the Meow foundation provides very soft coverage which looks natural. Yes the scaring is still visible but barely. My husband is not fond of a “madeup” look and he complements me all the time with the new makeup.
He also says I don’t have that heavy “makeup smell” common with traditional makeups.

Meow’s foundation Primer powder for oily skin contains Kaolin clay and keeps my face fresh for most of the day. It also keeps my eyeshadow in place.

Meow’s finishing veil called Topcat contains silk powder and feels light and silky. It helps keep any breakthrough shine (always on my nose) down and keeps all of your makeup in place beautifully.

While the primer and foundation both have a drying effect my skin never feels dry except during the winter when a spritz of facial hydration spray (Like Evian) after makeup application but before mascara takes care of any dry feeling and sets everything perfectly.

Meow’s greatest achievement though is its eye shadows. They have a TON of colors from matte (cat eyes) to slight shimmer (modern eyes)to pearlized(ideal eyes) to very glittery(scandal eyes)to heavily pigmented and glittery(vandal eyes).

Again most of their formulas are simple, the colors amazing in their variety, they all hold up well when wearing and are easy to apply wet or dry. I very seldom have trouble with them ending up in weird places on my face so they tend to stick to the brush when applying.

I wear soft contact lenses and am prone to allergies in the summer and their eye shadows are so gentle I have never had any itching or irritation from their product.

I am just starting to use their eyeliners but with their sealant it goes on smooth and lasts all day with no smudges and comes in the widest number of shades I have ever seen.

They have both matte and shimmery blushes. All look natural but a few are so intense I recommend using a fiber optic brush to apply their blushes.

I have been so pleased with Meow’s products that I have been a faithful customer for a year and a half. Their prices are excellent with their munchkin size foundation lasting me 3-4 months. I have yet to purchase their full size foundation which is a whopping 3 full ounces. They also have samples that are double the usual sample size. Meow gives and 1/8 tsp. sample size most other 1/16th tsp. Needless to say many of my eye shadow samples I have yet to run out of. They are an excellent value for the money.

The only products they don’t have are lipstick, lip gloss and mascara so I have had to find these at other companies. If Meow made these products I would never have to shop anywhere else for my mineral makeup.

Some women find the cat theme silly, or hoaky but I think its fun and lets face it as a cat lover I would definitely prefer to be a frisky chartreux foundation shade than a light bisque 02, or a medium light.

Overall, I have Meow cosmetics my highest recommendation and a five star rating!


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