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Meditating Your Way To Better Sleep


If you’re finding yourself struggling to sleep at night, you’re not the only one. Research indicates anywhere between 35 to 50 percent of adults across the world deal with sleep deprivation. 

Those who find difficulty sleeping at night can usually trace it back to stress. Whether you have the best mattress for your sleep position or not, even.The reason a pressure-relieving mattress can help with your meditation practice is that it can provide the right amount of support and pressure relief.

Meditation is a great way to help cope and provides stress relief. Since meditating is about teaching yourself to keep a calm and restful mind, it stands to reason it can also help with those who struggle to achieve a good night’s sleep. 

Getting the right tools for the job

If you’ve decided to try giving meditation a go, you may have already thought of some purchases you may want to make to help, such as a yoga mat or a mindfulness app. Memory foam mattresses and adjustable bed frames very rarely make this list, but they should. 

The reason a memory foam mattress can help with your meditation practice is that it can provide the right amount of support and pressure relief. This is particularly useful if you use yoga as a form of meditation, and need sufficient comfort to relieve your muscles.

Pressure-relieving mattress are also useful because they can help advance the soothing and comforting feelings that meditation can evoke. The best mattresses have motion isolation capabilities that mean you can sleep uninterrupted through the night, even if you may have a restless partner or pooch as a co-sleeper. 

If yoga is less your style and you prefer to set aside some time in the day to be mindful, an adjustable base for your bed is another tool that can actually provide a lot of help. Adjustable bed frames work by allowing you to control the exact angle and position you need your mattress so that you gain better rest. 

Having the option to prop your bed up and spend ten to twenty minutes on a memory foam mattress to meditate provides you with a short cut to make the habit easier to practice. It is also an opportunity to fully utilize your bedroom and space as a place you can value to rest and restore your body.  

How meditation can help with sleep

While meditation and memory foam mattresses aren’t typically words you see used together a whole lot, the two share more similarities than you might think. 

Meditation causes a chain of physiological reactions in the body. These reactions can actually prime your body for sleep, signaling to it that it’s time to get ready for bed. The best mattresses provide levels of comfort that in theory do the same thing. Your body instinctively knows how to handle the sleeping part if it is placed in an environment that helps it do this.

Meditation also helps with sleep in other ways. Since most sleep deprivation related issues tend to stem from stress, having a practice that is dedicated to the management of that stress can be a really effective way to train yourself for rest. 

If you’re curious about getting started with meditation but you just don’t know where to begin, apps like Headspace or Calm provide a great jumping-off point. At its essence, meditation is about practiced and controlled breathing, which in turn leads to the management of overwhelming thoughts. 

Whether you want to invest big and get the best mattress possible for support, or you want to look at something more simple and start doing research on the meditation practice that works best for you, trying out meditation as a way to manage sleep deprivation might just take you by surprise. Here’s to better sleep, one deep breath at a time. 

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