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Logona Color Creme

I have tried Logona Color Creme, which is totally Natural, and comes from Germany. I have been burned at the salon a few times before. My scalp usually feels like it is on fire after having my hair colored and without going totally gray (I am too young for that!) I decided to look into alternatives.

Naturtint has too many chemicals, it is better than some, but still has PPD in it and other things that I do not want to have touching my scalp and entering my blood stream, which I have heard that the chemicals do…

Check out Logona’s line of all natural cream hair colors with henna. I was kind of wary of using it, because of the henna, but I find if you go a bit darker and stay away from the redder shades, it comes out very nice. I have medium blonde but my natural color is 80% gray with dark brown strands.

It is safe so that you can use it just on your parting if you like and around the hair line for a touch up in between. I have even found a kind hair stylist who will apply it for me, and I can save money at the same time!

They included Green Clay in the formula, which has a gentle stripping effect that enables the color particles to adhere to the hair strands. You do have to leave it on for about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes, and put a shower cap on, just like Henna powders, but it is a lot less messy and all you do is open the cap, squeeze out to a bowl and apply with a brush and voila! You can save the rest of the tube by putting the cap back on the tube until you’re ready for a touch-up… It does come out of the tube sort of fast, which I found out when I tried to apply direct to my scalp from the tube!

I got my supply from Natural Europe (www.naturaleurope.com). You can also purchase other hair coloring supplies to go along with it, which include the hair preparation shampoo, and even a conditioning treatment with color (they have blond and a brown version) that you can use to retain the color in your hair. I haven’t used that yet but have it on order.


Thank you Izzy for writing such a great review.

This henna based semi permanent hair color is said to offer good gray coverage from natural ingredients. BDIH certified which basically assures that the product uses botanical ingredients whenever possible, avoids harmful synthetics and no animal testing.

Logona Color Creme Ingredients:

Aqua (Water), Alcohol denat.*, Glycerin, Bentonite, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Extract*, Xanthan Gum, Rheum Undulatum Root Extract, Coco Glucoside, Algin, Law-sonia Inermis (Henna) Extract, Citric Acid, Maltodextrin, Parfum (Essential Oil), Linalool, Limonene

They also carry temporary coloring called Herbal Hair Colours made from botanical ingredients that is also BDIH certified.

For more info about buying and using henna products visit henna hair color.

Comments for Logona Color Creme

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Education NEW
by: write my essay online 

There are so many companies saying their product it made up of all the natural ingredients. I’m not saying they do not use herbal substances, but they still use chemicals in it. About burning scalp, my skin and hair are too sensitive. And trying so many I have reached a conclusion that everyone has different skin sensitivity and if a thing suits someone does not necessarily means that it will suit all others. So make a choice according to your skin before making a desperate decision. and I’m looking for a totally natural hair color product.

to valerie and EWG NEW
by: Anonymous 

Just an FYI the EWG knows nothing about European standards, while they are trying to helpful they will give perfectly clean ingredients a bad score. Ignorance is not bliss. INCI standards require full disclosure of ingredients. When EWG sees parfum which is an essential oil they use it as perfume which is a chemical thus giving a perfectly clean product such as logona hair color a bad rating. All logona products have BDIH certification guaranteeing they are completely chemical free. We have no such standards in place in the USA which in itself is ridiculous. Also please know that these hair colors are not permanent as that would take a chemical.(DUH) They are henna based with botanicals and only semi permanent do not lift or deposit color only coats the hair shaft. The safest hair color possible but you are not going to get permanent hair color results. So cancer patients it is safe

Aweful NEW
by: Anonymous 

Using logona was the worse experience. Not only does it feel like mudd which I could have tolerated IF it worked. I followed the instructions, left it in for two hours and NOTHING! Wasted three hours is my time. On my way with the box and receip to get my money back. I have been coloring my hair for 20 years and will stick with what I know works.

logona nightmare! Beware
by: Anonymous 

Have used really hasrsh commercial dyes for years with no ill effects. getting older, and I thought, wiser, so felt to go for a ‘natural’ solution. Used Logona mahogany. Had bad reaction. Flaky scalp, and my hair started falling out big time, and has not stopped. Very scary and awful experience., Would never use it again. now long hard process pof recovery. only have 50% of hair I had before using this product and it is still falling. Previously had very thick robust hair. Purchased from ebay – beware.

Logona questions
by: Jackie 

I have a few questions
Is Logona PPD free
Can you use any of the products to covet grey hair 30% got black hair without it going orange?

Thanks I am so desperate to find a natural solution to looking yoing!

bad reaction from Logona colour cream
by: Anonymous 

I’ve just had a very bad reaction from Logona colour cream – Nougat Brown. At around 9pm this evening,I applied the cream to my 50%grey/brown hair and within minutes my scalp burned like fire, and i could feel my face itching. It was very frightening as it was the worst reaction i’ve ever had from any hair colour including quite strong semi-permanents, such as Nice and Easy. I had such high hopes about Logona as it seemed entirely natural without any dangerous chemicals. Have washed it all out, shampooed my hair with a very mild shampoo and gentle conditioner and have taken an anti-histamine tablet but can feel my face burning and my right eye feels swollen. Hope this gradually eases off as I have to take my son to hospital early on Monday morning for an surgical procedure. I will return Logona to the company I bought it from, it wasn’t cheap – nearly £20 with p & p. I’ll stick with greying hair for now.

Logona did not work
by: Anonymous 

I used the dry Logona that you mix with boiling water. It did not work for me at all. I followed the instructions exactly. My whites are still white and my browns are exactly the same too. I used the color called natural brown. Waste of my time and money.

Logona is not nontoxic
by: Valerie 

Environmental Working Group website (ewg.org) rates Logona at a 4, which is a moderate hazard; the link to that review page is http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/product.php?prod_id=400203. A 3 is the lowest moderate hazard and a 6 is the highest. Having previously been diagnosed with cancer, I personally will not use this product.

by: Maria P. 

I find that it’s really important to keep Logona hair cream for at least 1 1/2 hours – I keep it for 2 hours and have great color results, even though I have about 40% gray hair! I like “teak” or “tizian”. It’s chemical free, wow!!!

Price for Logona Color Cream
by: MC 

Logona Color Cream is not cheap–I’ve bought it through several different websites, and it always costs almost $20. However, since I have short hair, I can usually get two colorings out of each tube.

By the way, last night I tried a “two-step process” with Logona Color Cream Teak and indigo. It did indeed color my gray hair better than a one-step process (mixing Logona Teak and indigo). I left Logona Teak only on my hair for two hours, then rinsed, then applied a mixture of indigo and Logona Teak (about 75% indigo, 25% Teak) for a little over an hour. My hair came out a darker brown than it does with a Teak/indigo one-step mixture, but the grays were covered better.

by: Anonymous 

A question about price. I checked the prices of various places and it is quite expensive to order for all the sites I’ve checked. What is the average price everyone is paying for the Logona Creme? (I’m very frugal–that is putting it nicely–and haven’t had my hair done at a salon in years, so the prices I’ve checked might be compatable).

I HAVE USED HENNA FOR 15 plus years on my HAIR
by: Kanike 

I have used LIGHT MOUNTAIN HENNA GRAY for coloring my HAIR and GRAY, I am over 50% gray and boy I tell you, it comes out GREAT all the time! It is chem free, I am sensitive..love it, been using it for many years and it’s still great!

Source for indigo
by: MC 

Ann — I purchased the indigo I mixed with Logona Teak from www.mehandi.com. It’s great site for anyone who’s interested in purchasing henna, indigo, etc., and it also has a good forum for people to ask questions of other users. I haven’t used Logona Henna Black because from the ingredients listed online, I wasn’t sure if it was pure indigo or a mix of indigo with other herbal products. By the way, based on things I’ve read at the website I mentioned, I might try a sort of “two-step” process next time I color: I might color first just using the Logona Teak (no indigo mixed in) for two hours, and then mix a little of the Teak in with a larger amount of indigo paste (maybe 80% indigo/20% Teak?) and color for another hour. From what I’ve read, a two-step process like this that many people use with just henna and indigo seems to work well in covering gray. It’s worth a try!

Question for “Logona color creme + Indigo for gray”comment
by: Ann 

Your comment about increasin gray coverage by adding Indigo to Logona Hair Creme, the Indigo powder that you mix, is this from Logona Henna Black Herbal Hair color? I have significant amount of gray at the roots, my natural haircolor is medium brown hair with natural copper highlight so it pulls ‘red’ I plan to use Logona Nougat Brown Hair creme, and would like to add the Indigo powder you speak of to the Logona hair color. I look forward to your response, thanks.

Chemical hair dye on logona
by: Anonymous 

I have tried colour teak, it hasn’t covered my grays at all, they just went little bit yellowish. I was wondering if anyone tried semi-permanent chemical hair dye after logona? If I use it, would it damage my hair or would I have a reaction on my scalp?

Logona Color Creme + Indigo for gray
by: MC 

I’ve used Logona Color Cremes for a few years, most recently using the Teak color. Since the henna in their formulation does tend to turn gray hair orange, I’ve been looking for a solution since I’ve started to get more gray. What I’ve been doing for a while now is to mix powdered indigo with the Logona Teak. I first mix some water with the indigo powder to make it into a paste, then mix it with the Logona. I use about a 50-50 ratio. With my hair, I need to leave the mixture on for two hours. I find that this tones down the orange-y color that I get on the gray from just the Logona. I know that this seems to defeat the purpose of “not mixing” by using the color creme in the tube, but it works for me.

Logona Cream Hair Color
by: Terri 

I was very excited when I found a henna hair color that did not involved any mixing. I purchased the Logona Cream Hair Color in “Teak” along with some of the hair color aids. Such as this clay which you apply first to remove any residue.

I started off by doing a strand test as suggested
on the box. The instruction suggested I leave the hair color on for two hours to process. I waited one hour and thought oh, this is taking too long. So I proceeded to color my entire hair. I waited two hours then rinsed with water.
I was disapointed with the results. My roots were left orange! (which are normally gray) The
rest of my hair color was dark brown. I thought
according to the description, it covered gray hair as well?

Is there really a natural, non toxic hair color
that can cover gray hair?

swimming pools
by: Tera 

Does anyone know what will happen if I go to the swimming pool with hair that I’ve just dyed using Logona hair colour?as worried it might drastically change colour and also that it might leak in the pool which would be vry embarssing.

Tizian nedd less orangey color
by: Anonymous 

I have used Logona for years, first the dry and now the creme. I love the Tizian but I have a lot of grey and it is too orange looking. I tried using the teak creme to tone it down but that doesn’t work well. I also tried coffee and walnut concoction but it didn’t work. I am trying to find a natural product to tone down the brassiness. I have been told to add 10% back henna Logona henna powder to the creme but am hesitant, I don’t want a “cool tone” red.

Logona Color Cream
by: Anonymous 

I have used the Titzian and Teak colors for years after using powdered henna that you have to mix…this is WONDERFUL!! yes you can use it after using powdered henna, just fine! it lasts a long time and is just beautiful, doesn’t burn, all natural

My hair is thick curly and awesome with this product

Logona Color Creme follow up
by: Anonymous 

I am sure if you have only been using henna based colors for that long you could use the Logona Color Creme, that is the coloring ingredient that is in it. I had used a regular color (Wella) and I didn’t even have a problem with a color mistake, but the distributor at Natural Europe said to do a careful strand test before because everyone’s hair is different, also the water is different everywhere and has chlorine in it, and if you go in a pool it can change your color, I’m sure… You just have to be careful!!! I just tried the color (brown) shampoo, and it made my hair glossy and shiny and has a nice subtle nutmeg highlight to it now… I also use the conditioning color cream I think it is called, which is specially formulated to use instead of shampoo after you color your hair and rinse it out. If you use a shampoo it can take out some of the color right away… Anyway, have fun with it!!!

Great posting!
by: Janice 

Great posting, that is a product I have never used, and have often wondered about. I was wondering if you know if I can use it after hennaing for so many years? Perhaps 6-8 weeks after the last henna? Thanks!


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