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Light Mountain Henna Mahogany Review

LIght Mountain Mahogany Hair Color

I decided to use a natural product because I started getting a rash behind my hair the last time that I used a conventional hair dye. I didn’t want to give up my red hair, but I definitely didn’t want to have a full-blown PPD reaction. I used the Mahogany color of Light Mountain Henna. This product is permanent, although the color does change in intensity (starts out super bright then fades to a more natural hue over a period of weeks).

The product itself is a herbal green powder which consists of henna and indigo. It is mixed in your own non-metal bowl with liquid of your choice- the package advises warm/hot water or tea. I have also used it with plain yogurt for a moisturizing effect. It is not really any more difficult to use than a conventional hair color product, in my opinion. The mix will look rather unappetizing (owing to its slimy, olive green appearance) and it will smell like hay. However there is no chemically ammonia smell or burning, and your scalp will not itch, burn, tingle or hurt, even if you leave it on for an extended period of time.

The hardest part is determining how strong to make the mix and how long to leave it on. Strand testing with henna is indispensable, if you don’t like how your strand test turned out for goodness sake don’t put it on your head! Rinsing out can also take a while, owing to the fact that you are essentially rinsing out finely ground plant matter.

The results though, are worth it! Unlike with conventional hair dye, your hair will not be damaged with use. Quite to the contrary, it will be strengthened and will feel much healthier. The color is unique too– there is an unmistakable “glow” of henna in the sunlight. I have tried this brand of coloring in Auburn, Bright Red, Red and Mahogany… and Mahogany is my favorite. There is just enough indigo to drab down the red a little bit.

While this method may take a little hard work initially (experimenting with strand tests and different colors) I am happy with it. I have not had any allergy problems, and I don’t have to worry each time I color my hair whether or not I had pushed my luck with a PPD allergy (or worse, cancer). And I can keep my red hair, my one bit of vanity!


Thanks A for such a thorough review.

Light Mountain Henna contains only 100% henna.

Comments for Light Mountain Henna Mahogany Review

good post NEW
by: Balinder 

You have good experience with light Mountain Henna Mahogany which known as best hair color. So many hair colors in the market but after read this article i feel that this is best one. I must try it and i hope i also have similar experience like you. any way, I’m trying to best essay writing reviews but this website have a lot of beauty products detail for the women.

Fox red box NEW
by: Under the Bigsky mommy 

I recently got a horrible reaction from a chemical dye and decided Henna may be a good choice for me and guess what thus far I am not having any reactions or enduring horrid smell that made my eyes burn. Haven’t rinsed it out yet so can’t say if color in red red or just red but either way I’ll gladly give this a go. Also not nearly as gross or slimy as I thought it’d be and the hay smell isn’t too bad. If you think Henna may be for you, do your RESEARCH first and check out Henna for Hair website very insightful and lots of good information. May in the future try one of the other reds in the Light Mountain Natural Henna line but for now I am okay with this one.

Henna for Grey
by: Val 

Light Mountain has Color the Gray line.
I might try this one to hopefully get great results!

Horrible results
by: Andrea 

I used Henna Light mountain Natural Chestnut color. I let it sit for 3 hours as recomended before applying. I rinsed and used a suave conditioner afterwards. It basically did nothing, my gray was more noticable, and parts looked greenish. I am really disapointed. Did I do something wrong, can someone tell me. I used burgandy color in the past and got just about the same results. ——-Please Help

by: lolita 

DOnt’ know if this henna has any metallic salts my daughter warned me of but I bought it as natural. Lots of work, I thought, compared to prepared toxid dyes, but after a day or so and washing with clarifying shamppo and conditioning—WOW! MY dry hay hair is now softer, gray-covered,shiny and bouncy. Hope it last a while.

Light Mountain (Color the Gray) Dark Brown
by: Patty Weber 

I love the Light Mountain Dark Brown! And it’s 100% organic with no chemicals and no adverse reaction for me. My good friend who cuts my hair and used to color it with the chemical dyes cut my hair today, and she loves how it makes my hair healthy and the less fading on the gray, she wants to know more about it and is considering (finally) using henna and indigo and cassia for her clients! Other hennas contain harsh chemicals so beware, though Light Mountain is all natural, truly, and organic. I rate it top!

extraordinary excellence
by: suzy 

Cruelty free vegan product that breathes new life into you and your hair. The shiniest, healthiest most beautiful hair of your life awaits you. Gray hair requires using red application as the “primer” before applying mahogaony. Easy prep, application and cleanup. I plan to use it for the next 50 years. Happy in Minnesota.

ppd in henna
by: Anonymous 

some of those permanant color hennas has ppd in them.

Natural Hair Dye ?
by: greenbamboo 

I have sensitive scalp and cannot use chemical hair dye. These two products which claimed free of ammonia dn peroxide but in fact cause burning and sensitive reaction to my scalp. 1) Bomigen-S water-activated permanent hair colour powder from Korea 2) Eagle’s Kali Mehandi hair dye black henna from India. Henna turn gray into orange/yellow which look awful. I am still looking around for a safe and natural hair dye which can cover gray effectively.


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