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Light Mountain Hair Color (Henna) – Medium Brown

I decided to try a natural product after many years of experiencing burning & itching of the scalp that I suspected was because of hair dye. Upon researching hair dyes and learning about their toxicity and dangers of PPD, I opted to try Light Mountain. The box indicates that the color will last 4-6 weeks, so I consider it permanent color, although it is strictly 100% Henna with no chemicals whatsoever.

Light mountain was easy to use. It smells like hay/fertilizer, but not as near bad as the chemical smells from other hair dyes. It is a 2 step process. First step is to cover damp hair with the light brown henna for 5-15 minutes. This was very easy and not messy at all. Rinse out, and then for Step 2, you apply the indigo (greenish) henna, use intermittent heat, and check at 12 minute intervals until desired color. I only had to leave on for 12 minutes. Step 2 was a little messy (my first time using), so be sure and put down some paper towels or newspapers and you will be fine. Also…. try and stay in one location while coloring!

The color turned out BEAUTIFUL! Warm brown tone with highlights (golden). Well worth a little messiness for step 2. So far it has been one week, and my color still looks great! I’ll post another review to let everyone know how long it lasts!

I highly recommend this product. I feel so good about using something all natural, and not exposing myself to toxic hair dyes!


Thanks Janet for the review and the great tips. I look forward to hearing about how long the color lasts and if you are still happy with your hair.

Light Mountain has received several good reviews on this site. It’s a great option for those looking for safer hair dye. It’s chemical free. 100% pure botanical hair color. Cruelty free. No animal ingredients. No animal testing. Conditions hair and adds body. Like all henna it is available in warm colors.

Be sure to check out other reviews of this product for even more info.

Also check out henna hair color for tips and info on buying and using henna.

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Natural living for Women guide women to get natural beauty. Women dye their hairs with different colr products made of different camicals which effect their scalp and burn it. That’s why now women prefer to use natural herbal beauty products and light mountain hair color is one of them.

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Follow Up
by: Janet D Baltimore 

It’s been about 5 weeks since I colored my hair with Light Mountain Medium Brown, and my color is holding up very well! I’m starting to slightly notice my roots, but that’s nothing out of the ordinary even with chemical hair coloring. I imagine in another 2 weeks or so I will be ready to color again. I’m very very pleased with this product and will be using it again! Also, I forgot to specify that I used Light Mountains’ “Color the Gray” formula.

Thanks for the update!

Natural Products are Safer
by: Anonymous 

After reading your post, I have to say that it is very important for us to pay close attention to what we are placing in and on our bodies. I had an allergic reaction to some lavender body wash that caused me a visit to the emergency room. I started a natural products website because of this horrible experience. Keep up the good work.


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