Keep close with loved ones with memorial fingerprint jewelry

Death is inevitable. That’s the harsh truth. It is the reality that we cannot escape no matter how hard we try. We want our loved ones to be with us forever, but since that is impossible, we have to face the ultimate truth and deal with the loss of our loved ones. We celebrate their life through the memories we have of them. But what if we could preserve some of those memories? What if we could still have a piece of them with us forever? This is where memorial jewelry can help you turn your loved ones’ signature, fingerprints, inscriptions into jewelry. Through customized memorial jewelry, we can commemorate the deceased’s life and preserve their handwriting, fingerprint, and signature forever. 

Memorial fingerprint jewelry is the type of memorial jewelry in which the fingerprint of the deceased is captured. The memorial jewelry designer will take the fingerprint (you have to capture the fingerprint of the deceased and then send it to the designer via mail) of your loved one and place it onto the metal piece. 

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You can take care of your memorial fingerprint jewelry in the following ways: 

Gold memorial fingerprint jewelry does not need much attention

Mild soap and water can be used to clean the fingerprint jewelry. You can use a jewelry cloth to keep the gold clean and polished. But your sterling silver memorial fingerprint jewelry will require extreme care as it tends to get dull over time. You can take care of the dullness by gently cleaning the jewel with a jewelry cloth. You can also use a cream polish to restore the silver’s original shine. 

Anti-tarnish Square

Always keep your sterling silver in the anti-tarnish square. You don’t have to buy the anti-tarnish square, it usually comes with fingerprint jewelry. The anti-tarnish square will help keep the luster of the sterling silver intact. 

How to remove the tarnish of the sterling silver? 

In case your sterling silver does get tarnished, you can restore your silver’s original shine by cleaning the piece in a mixture of warm soapy water. After cleaning the piece with warm soapy water, gently wipe the piece with an Anti-Tarnish polishing cloth. Use a jewelry dip cleaner if the silver piece is severely tarnished. 

In conclusion, memorial jewelry is precious because of the sentimental value attached to the jewelry. The personalized, custom-made memorial fingerprint jewelry must be handled gently. It should be cleaned regularly and kept in its proper showcase; otherwise, it will get tarnished soon. Always use a jewelry cloth to clean the jewel. Never use a regular cloth to clean the jewel.  


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